Code Geass: Britannian Assault

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Code Geass: Britannian Assault
Genres Drama, Mecha, Science Fantasy, Mystery
ASMB Fanfic
Writer Kohikki; MasterSamson
Concept HeeroYuy135; Kohikki
Original Run 07-30-2008 - present
Chapters 17 (Chapters of Code Geass: BA)


March 3rd, 2018 a.t.b. 50km SW of Tralee, Ireland 1:30am

From Olso to London to Lisbon, it was all the same - the Britannians had invaded the Euro Universe. And within a month, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, England, Norway, France, Portugal and Spain had fallen in shock & awe of Britannia's power and force. Taking the lessons learned from the Japanese invasion, they did exactly the same - overwhelm the enemy military forces, take out key defense infrastructure, and take swift control quickly before reinforcements can arrive to balance the situation. Britannia also used their superior Knightmare technology to take out the old, outdated Knightmares of the EU.

Out of the debris from the fallen cities of the European universe rose a new hope in the form of a revolutionary group known as 'The Euro Paladins'. With the goal of liberating their home and fashioning themselves as a beacon of hope to the citizens of the Euro Universe, the group sets out to overthrow the Britannian tyrants. After making a name for themselves, they attract the interest of a shadowy benefactor named Servius whose intentions are unclear. Accepting the aid of the man becomes a crucial turning point in the lives of the Euro Paladins and their mission but can he really be trusted?


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