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Real Name Josh
Registration Date November 6, 2004
Rank SwimLegend
Regulars Action Discussion, Other Anime


Totally Listen To This
Here's a spliced rip I made myself (you can't really tell) taken from Bleach 151 + 152:
And here's something you may remember as... The original ROD OVA promo music. Media:rod-firstpromo.mp3

A God Among Gods

Believe it or not, Matrix has had his name as an AIM screenname since 2000. He is an obsessive fan of the Roy Mustang x Riza Hawkeye pairing.

Also, he's a closet pervert that likes downloading doujinshi for free. And he's a cheap-ass internet pirate.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: He coined "bherm." That's right HE did. His most recent word coinage was Dewey's "Loli Squad of Death." And he met Seiji Mizushima, the director of FMA, and Vic Mignogna a.k.a. Ed Elric. And he's king of the Motivational Posters thread. And best of all, he's married to mgangel1124, who pwns all other women. And if anyone asks... he invented the term "Sakujo-gasm"... or at least he thinks he did. You'll appreciate that later on in Death Note... Yea...

This about sums up matrix...


matrixman124 has created several alts on the ASMBs which he infrequently uses:

- Serim_Spikey (main alt)

- DonKanonji

- Robo-Archer

- Legato_Revived

- A Death Note alt...

- TheSpiritOfTheJackal

Honorable Mentions

>__> <__<

matrixman124 <<< rubber duckie

matrixman124 > a well cut slice of ham

matrixman124 > matrixman124 evil twin, evilmatrixman124

mgangel1124 >>>>>>>>>>> matrixman124

"Hard work pays off later. Laziness pays off now." ~ T-Shirt

Guest Book

Say hi or something.

  • *has my way with you* --mgangel1124
  • this dawg is rollin'... on something. but whatever it is, it's made of win. and so is he. - KL
  • I know who your DN alt is. >_> J That's cuz I told you. :| - MM
  • Tentacle Rape :D:D - Alastour T.T - MM
  • You know you like Tentacle rape.. Aresutoru:| - MM
  • Tentacle rape is boring. Matrixman likes tentacle rape. Therefore, Matrixman is boring. I still love you. - Not JusticeGundam T.T LIES! - MM
  • HA HA!!! DEATH NOTE PWNS J00!!! (pwns us all realy...) - J
  • O_o i lurve death note wtf o_O-Shins >=(
  • Hey you have a guestbook! You're awesome and like, super fun and stuff, yay! - Kohikki
  • Hi matrixman!!!!!!!!!! - Cille
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