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A revolutionary group created by Landon Blaken after his parents were killed by the Actionia military for protesting against Ozzal's unjust laws. The Syndicate consists of a menagerie of people (mainly AD board members) who share a similar hatred for Ozzal and the corrupt Actionia government. It is assumed that their eventual goal is the overthrow of Ozzal and the creation of a fairer government. Now, if only they could get their act together. Oh, and according to a chapter by mgangel, they disguise themselves in Mardi Gras outfits, but this has yet to actually happen in a chapter....

Syndicate Members

Name Counterpart/

Show of Origin

Landon Blaken Blah_canbespanish The man who founded the Blacken Syndicate. Has been missing for almost a year, during which time he has apparently been working on his own nefarious schemes as the true leader of the Cool Mexicanos (who are apparently after the secret to eternal life). Reappears to reassume control of the Syndicate along with DangerCille, whose knowledge he is using to become more powerful before he bumps her off. After his evilness is revealed to the other Syndicate members, they confront him, and he is killed by Echelon leader Zeus during the resulting altercation.
Hikki Follet Kohikki French baker and de facto Syndicate leader during Landon's absence. As Landon is dying he entreats Hikki to lead the Syndicate to victory. Hikki usually doesn't really know what he's doing, but he is bolstered by his friends and eventually grows to accept his leadership responsibilities.
Samson Monroe MasterSamson Comes to the Syndicate to serve as an advisor to Hikki, and has become his right-hand man (and unwilling love interest). Wants to create a better future for his younger sister. Prone to anger and emoness, but very driven to see the Syndicate succeed.
Clarice Rowe QueenoftheDorks Joins the Syndicate at the same time as Samson. Tries her best to maintain order and keep Hikki in line.
Spice Spamton spiceweasel228 Syndicate member who wants revenge on Ozzal for destroying her family's spam factory. Is captured by Ozzal's forces and given the Stimulant drug, after which she attacks Cille in prison and is subsequently sent out to track down Jake Thompson. After being defeated by Hikki's team at the cafe (and later squishing Legato), she returns to her old self. She is kept on hiatus from Syndicate missions for a while so she can be observed, but she eventually rejoins the group in support roles.
Harold P. Gottel lgott23 Syndicate member who wants revenge on Ozzal after having his ass mutilated by her troops. Is captured (or sliced up, or something...) during the big raids and subsequently turned into an Assborg by Matrix.
Angel Sarcasta mgangel1124 Relatively new Syndicate member whose father was killed by Ozzal's head scientist (and Angel's ex-boyfriend) Matrix. Can always be counted on to whore herself out for the good of the group.
Captain Yemman myname A veteran Syndicate member who has believed himself to be a pirate captain ever since his mind was warped during an unfortunate torture experience. Is killed after going on a berserk tank rampage, but is resurrected as a zombie robot or something. Is now teamed up with Kazuma and spends a long time trying to find his way back to the Syndicate before finally stumbling upon the war. Has to convince Kirara and Clarice that he wants to atone for his earlier rampage before they let him rejoin the team.
Cowboy CowboyCadenza Syndicate member who likes singing and playing his stolen chello (at least until it gets smashed up during a raid). He still has his chello case, though, and hopes to one day obtain a new chello. Provides support inside the bunker during the war because he doesn't want to get his ass shot off.
April LirpaYamEnujYluj The Syndicate's resident undercover agent, scout, and transvestite. Claims to be a pacifist, and prefers doing recon work to fighting.
Real Coolman Real_AirCooledMan Syndicate member who likes German, yuri, and grumbling about other people's spelling. Is killed during the Syndicate raids.
Elizabeth Saurie St. Gaurdsmen EdSpikeSesshyGirl Member of the erstwhile Gunsmoke regulars, an extremely capable, aggressive, and reckless woman who's good with her guns. Is captured during the Syndicate raids, and gets out just in time to join her comrades for the showdown with the Cool Mexicanos. Develops a mutual admiration for Spike during the preparations for the war and is pretty broken up when he almost sacrifices himself to save her.
Wyatt Matthews Wyotech_material Syndicate member who is really a mole for the police. Is killed by Captain Yemman, whom he once betrayed.
Norman Burg Big O Member of the Syndicate who guards their meeting place. Killed by gunfire during the raids on Syndicate hangouts.
Heero Yuy & Riza "Hawkeye" Yuy HeeroYuy135 / Fullmetal Alchemist Married freelance snipers who join the Syndicate's cause after being hired by Hikki. Heero is killed by Emiri, and later Riza commits suicide. Their bodies (or what's left of them) are taken to Matrix's lab.
Raef Compton Maenos After Landon left his fiancee Cille and her adopted son Raef, the boy followed after Landon and became involved in the Syndicate. Has since dropped out to pursue his secret courtship of Ozzal's daughter but rejoins the group after Cille returns following the mansion battle. Helps coordinate the refurbishment of the Syndicate bunker and acts as maintenance chief while the group is stationed there. Is friends with Larry and has to deal with his freakouts about Matrix and tentacles.
Lucille "Cille" Compton Cille Landon's former fiancee who is brought to the Syndicate by Straight Cougar after Raef is kidnapped. Is captured during the Syndicate raids and killed by Spice, but Cougar turns back time to rescue her. Everybody still thinks she's dead, though, until she and Cougar make a reappearance at the big showdown with Landon. Cille has received combat training from Cougar and has her father's Mateba revolver, but she is still very inexperienced at fighting. She takes an administrative leadership role during the war, using her preparatory studies of Ozzal's war history to coordinate the Syndicate troops on the battlefield. She also makes several strategic decisions and supports Hikki's proposal to withdraw from the war.

A future version of Cille, nicknamed DangerCille, comes back to help the Syndicate defeat Ozzal. Landon kills her during the confrontation with the rest of the Syndicate.

Straight Cougar s-CRY-ed Former HOLY member and friend of Landon, who uses his military connections and general awesomeness to aid the Syndicate as he can. Becomes more involved in the rebellion after he takes Cille under his wing, having been asked by Landon to protect her should she ever be in danger. After rescuing Cille from Comdot Estate, he realizes that he cannot return to the military and resolves to join the Syndicate full-time.
Jake Thompson SportsMaster A former baseball player who was extorted into killing the members of his own team, and then turned into a powerful weapon for the military's Echelon unit. After being freed from the influence of the A Stimulant, he left the Echelon and came to the Syndicate. He is actually a very even-tempered man and helps Hikki around the cafe. Is killed by Ozzal after volunteering for a mission to gather critical information from Comdot Estate.
Emiri Boxers Formerly Ozzal's assassin, driven by bloodlust and the joy of killing. Her encounter with and later defeat by Father Sadar led her to question her homicidal ways, and she decided to leave the Echelon and join the Syndicate after being declared a failure by Ozzal.
Izuru Kira Bleach Emiri's partner and manbetch. He cares for her very much and left the Echelon with her to join the Syndicate.
Roy Mustang Fullmetal Alchemist Flame Alchemist and former military man who originally sought out the Syndicate looking for news of his former fiancee Riza Hawkeye and her husband Heero Yuy. Joins the Syndicate after confronting Emiri, whom he holds responsible for their deaths. Leads the Syndicate's forces during the war.
Jean Havoc Fullmetal Alchemist Mustang's right hand man, who joins the Syndicate along with him.
Kenzou Tenma Monster Brilliant brain surgeon who has been on the run from the government and finds his way to the Syndicate during the war. Rescues Hikki and becomes a valuable part of the medical team at the bunker.
Foley S. Goode Foley_is_Good_149 Accountant who becomes the Syndicate's quartermaster when they move into the bunker.

Syndicate Allies and Sympathizers

Name Counterpart/

Show of Origin

Eric Ominae OMNI-Enforcer Friend of Cille's family and also of Landon Blaken. Isn't directly involved with Syndicate dealings, but knows how to contact Landon and was asked to watch over Cille. Spent a long period of time on some unspecified personal mission and returned just as the Syndicate was beginning its battle with Ozzal's army.
Libra Holmes Ghost_of_a_Librarian Proprietress of Ghost's Book Shop, who makes her shop available to Syndicate members for their covert purposes.
Dino SwimOdin An informant in Ozzal's security team.
Bruce Herman Bherman Bruce is a common resident of Lower Actonia who is forceably involved in the riots after Yemman goes berserk. He gets involved with the Syndicate when his landscaping company does some renovation work on their new base, and pretty much ends up staying there.
Jean Pierrot pierrot-le-fou A regular citizen of Orly, and also a Proxy. Hangs out with the Syndicate after coming to help his buddy Bruce Herman with renovations to their base.

See also The Order of Glass and The GAR Street Bar Regulars.

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