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This is a list of characters in the fanfic La Révolution, with accompanying biographical information from the fanfic. Those listed are those who are in some way relevant to the primary plot. Actually wait, we crammed pretty much everybody who has a name into this list. They are broken down by the origin of each of the characters.


Board Members

Name Board Counterpart Bio
Allen Black AlastourBlaque Keith's partner and one of his closer friends. A regular at Luna's cafe, he has a daily routine of buying certain baked goods. Allen Black is short with dark hair and brown skin, he has gray eyes and a scruffy chin. He is also fairly skinny when you take into account all the pastries he eats.
Amy Amalgam The lovable, yet scary OTHER assistant of Matrix. She may have ADD. One of the diclonus created by LeVenture. She has a tendency to attack random people and bite the top of their heads.
Angel Sarcasta mgangel1124 Relatively new to the revolutionary group. Her father was killed by Matrix who left her to go work for Ozzal and stole her father's blueprints and modified them to suit his perverted ideas. Got her revenge by cutting off Matrix's pecker. Had a brief censored sex scene with Heero's wife Riza. She is captured by Alan Gabriel and brought to Matrix so he could have his revenge, but she escaped after Matrix's feelings weren't returned in nothing but a lab coat. She is instructed to keep an eye on Yupat and ends up seducing him instead. She apparently likes strawberry sundaes. Has a thing for Roy Mustang and hopes that her tryst with Riza won't be too much of a snag. Discovers that Roy's obsession with Riza is too much of a snag, and calls it off with him. At least she gets to have the best sex of her life with him before it all goes to hell.
April LirpaYamEnujYluj A master of disguises who does undercover field work for the Syndicate. He is also a transvestite, and very good at fooling people about his gender. He claims to be a pacifist who doesn't use guns. Hikki calls him Avril, which tends to annoy him. He saves Cowboy during the raid on Gunsmoke Inc, and helps Cowboy and Angel get away from Asimov during the big fight with the Cool Mexicanos. During the war he uses his array of cute outfits to keep morale up in the base.
Augustus Currency (Mr. Mogi) Currency34 A Psychiatrist that lives in Actonia, is very talented and has worked well with his patients, but has weaknesses for attractive women. He is currently considering firing Falchi for other assistants with bigger boobs.
Band bandnerdswimfan A young priest Trunks encounters whilst escaping Vicious. He wishes to challenge Trunks' DDR score. A member of the Order of the Glass, who has really been acting as a mole for the Order of Iron. He also has inhuman speed. Is killed while trying to ambush Jake Thompson as he joins up with Glass.
Big Z Zenigundam The head troll.
Bruce Herman Bherman Everything about Bruce is big, his hands, neck, shoulders, head, pretty much everything. He is also very muscular and powerfully built, as he owns his own landscaping company. He is a common resident of Lower Actonia who is forceably involved in the riots after Yemman goes berserk. He also agrees to do renovation work on the new Syndicate base and sticks around to help them in a support role once the war starts.
Captain Edward T. Panda Pirate Panda a.k.a. mgangel1124 Apparently is a Panda... and a pirate. Was Captain of the Black Pearl before Yemman, and was sort of his mentor. Presumably died in a flash back. Named after Black Beard. Is said to have Bear like Powers.
Captain Yemman myname One of the original members of the Blacken Syndicate before they were sold out by one of its members. He was caught and tortured for information, and lost his mind in the process. Now he believes himself to be a pirate captain from the country of Yemen. Is killed after flipping out and going on a rampage that starts a big riot, but is resurrected by Matrix as a zombie robot... or something. Teams up with Kazuma to take down the government. The two of them then decided to join up with the Syndicate so they can fight. Is very attached to his pirate hat.
Chief Quetzalxochitl "Q" Holmes Q_chan Chief of Police of the second district of the city of Orly. Keith and Allen's boss. Independently investigates the Order of Glass and is aided by Father Sadar in tracking down the Order of Iron. Develops a nice little thing with Hill when he joins their investigation. Is arrested on suspicion of being in league with the rebels.
Cid cidthekittyisfun Member of the mysterious Order of Glass. Partner and twin to Proof. Witnesses Jean's transformation. Pilots a dual-seat Knightmare frame with Proof, which becomes a much cooler dual-seat Knightmare frame with tentacles.
Clarice Rowe QueenoftheDorks Member of the revolutionary group (the branch of the Syndicate headed by Hikki). Thinks Hikki is unfit to be a leader, but follows him anyway. She joined the Syndicate to try to help make working conditions better for herself as she's been unable to find a job since Ozzal made economic conditions so poor. Clarice gradually takes on more responsibility in the group, basically becoming one of Hikki's advisors. She also gradually develops feelings for Samson that turn out to be mutual. Moved into Hikki's cafe after her house was repossessed. Volunteers to pilot a Knightmare frame during the war. Accepts Samson's marriage proposal just before their big battle with Ozzal's army. Becomes the de facto leader of the Syndicate after Hikki and Samson are both taken out of commission, and is kind of overwhelmed by the pressure until Hikki wakes up and she doesn't have to be in charge anymore. Recognizes and respects Hikki's value as a leader even if she still thinks he's kind of an idiot.
Cowboy CowboyCadenza Another Syndicate member, who wears glasses and a cowboy hat and likes to sing everything he says (at least until Spice gets mad at him and makes him stop). He shows up at a Syndicate meeting with a chello that he swiped from Hagi, whom he finds pretty damn hot. Later he, Angel, and April are confronted by Beck and have to get creative to save their necks. Is an errand boy at the Syndicate base during the war because he doesn't want to get his ass shot off.
Creme Creme Another assassin of Ozzal. Dies in a raid to destroy Hikki's Syndicate group.
DangerCille Cille A future version of Cille who has come back in time and has been working with Landon to try to prevent the disastrous outcome of the war in her time. In the future, she was responsible for the deaths of Landon and several other Syndicate members after giving up critical information to Ozzal. Blaming herself for the failure of the Syndicate, she has come back to try to stop her past self from making the same mistakes. She convinces Landon to allow Ozzal to kill the present Cille, and accompanies Landon when he reassumes control of the Blacken Syndicate to advise the revolutionaries. She learns of Landon's evilness and brings this information to Hikki, Samson, and Clarice so that they can decide what to do about Landon. When Landon realizes that she has "betrayed" him, he kills her.
Da Sombras Shadowstaarr A bounty hunter from The Outlaws Tribe of Toonamia. He often associates with Ozzal as she is able to pay him well. Leads the Cool Mexicanos along with Landon Blaken, who saved his life many years ago. Has a zeppelin. Is obsessed with finding the secret to eternal life. Thinks that Landon is wasting his time with the Syndicate, and wants to off Cille and DangerCille.
Elizabeth Saurie St. Gaurdsmen EdSpikeSesshyGirl Syndicate member from the Gunsmoke branch. Was a member of a refugee group that was wiped out by a military unit under the command of Frank Archer. Seemingly a somewhat reckless, aggressive woman. Likes things "fast and hard." She successfully fights off a massive strike team by herself, but is captured soon after by Legato Bluesummers. Meets Starry Ozzal and is interrogated by Goda before being sprung out of prison by Yoruichi. Is confronted by Archer, whom she nearly killed at the refugee camp, during the Cool Mexicanos fight, and after an intense battle manages to kill him once and for all. Develops a mutual admiration with Spike, who nearly dies saving her during the fight with Jeremiah Gottwald.
Emiri Boxers The bloodthirsty, yet oh so lovable assassin of Ozzal. She's crazeh. Especially when drunk... which is most of the time. Responsible for the murder of Heero. Aquires a somewhat disturbing fascination with Father Sadar after he wounds her during the joint Syndicate raid to free Landon and Raef. Recently quit from Echelon and went off in search of the Syndicate, looking to join. However, she meets with a less-than-welcoming reception and is only able to join the Syndicate after facing off with Mustang and convincing him that she's changed. She does her best to fit in with her new comrades, becoming particularly good friends with Angel, but still joneses for action in battle.
Eric Ominae OMNI-Enforcer Childhood friend of Lucille. He owns a weapons store in Orly. He was also a naval officer who retired after several long years of dedicated and diligent service. He was none too happy to hear of Cille's murder, but is mostly concerned with getting revenge against Mike Vanderjagt for blowing the big playoff game and being responsible for the death of his father. Went off to take care of some unknown mission (which apparently involved the Sham-wow guy), and returned just in time for the Syndicate's big battle with the military.
Falchi FalchBurns Young girl who likes to play DDR. May be related to Amy. Another Diclonus created by LeVenture. Mogi's secretary.
Father John Sadar FurionTassadar Member of the Order of Glass who works with the Gunsmoke branch of the Syndicate until the big throwdown with the Echelon. Apparently good at planning. Walks with a limp. Has had a mixed past. May be more than he appears. Is a former thief. Has infiltrated Comdot Estate to discover Ozzal's intel on the Syndicate. Fights Jake Thompson and Emiri with Samson. May have a relationship with Priestess Nafah. Kaia Namek has an unrequited crush on him. Is feeling kind of conflicted about abandoning the Syndicate while they were all getting arrested and killed. Aids Samson and the Syndicate in fighting the Cool Mexicanos. Decides to disband the Actonian Order of Glass but is convinced by Samson to simply join the two groups together. Provides important information as the Syndicate prepares to take on Ozzal's military. Is killed on the battlefield after saving Kaia and Cougar, but leaves Kaia a letter as his last words to her. This may be the most bullet-detailed profile ever!
Foley S. Goode Foley_is_Good_149 Accountant who wanted to get a job at Hikki's cafe and ended up becoming the quartermaster for the Syndicate in their new base. Is very organized and is never seen without his lanyard pen and clipboard full of lists. Has a remarkable memory for conversations and an unexpected ability to hold his liquor.
The Inquisitor Ghostrek WINBACK's sidekick, though he's actually much wiser than he lets on. His constant barrage of questions seems to make WINBACK angry from time to time.
Goose Maverick Top_Gun Matrix's newest creation... His parents are fans of the Top Gun movie, hence the name. He's been genetically altered to be the ultimate spy. He likes everything for some reason with the exception of random yaoi pairings. He also has a tentacrotch, thanks to Professor Matrix. Goose infiltrates Hill's gun shop, deceiving Hill and Trunks that he is not evil. Tentacrotch is activated by the mention of Tsubasa Chronicles, which makes him think of the yaoi pairing of Kuro x Fai. Is frozen by November 11, but apparently melts and goes on the lam. Shows up again at the GAR Street Bar and joins the regulars in coming to the Syndicate for some action. Is killed by Emiri on the battlefield after his killer-tentacle mode is unwittingly activated by Amy. Comes back as a ghost to be Matrix's dickmuse.
Grant Orochi the_great_orochi An extremely indifferent boy who likes to play DDR. He's friends with Falchi. Very plain and generic looking in appearance. He also participates in the riots.
Harold P. Gottel lgott23 Another resistance member, who is still bitter about having his ass mutilated by Ozzal's guards during a riot a couple years ago. Is impaled by Vicious during an Echelon raid on Trunks' pub, but is apparently captured by Kay El and Zeus, and is to be worked on and improved as a potential ASSBORG! He was, in fact, turned into an Assborg recently. His new name is Got-Ass, at least, according to Matrix. Matrix is recalibrating his cybernetic ass so that he can use it to pilot a mech for Ozzal.
Hedwig Shins? Part of the Order of Glass. Spends most of his free time planning ways to stab and kill Proof, his mortal enemy and best friend.
Heero Yuy HeeroYuy135 A freelance sniper who is a hero in his native country of Babblstan after defeating Ozzal in the Great War. Married to Riza Hawkeye, a former Actonia military sniper; both met after Heero found Riza unconscious with amnesia during the war. Both hired by Hikki's Syndicate group (by Hikki personally) to be a scouting team, eventually joining them. Heero carries around a scoped Karabiner 98 (Kar98k for short) in a case that both of them use, and both of them carry twin Colt M1911 pistols. Is fatally eviscerated by Emiri in Ch. 10; his guts and limbs are used to spell out Emiri's catchphrase: "Who the hell do you think I am?" His wife commits suicide after his death and a brief censored sex scene with Angel.
Hikki Follet Kohikki Pastry Chef and owner of Cafe de Lune after Luna's departure. Leader of the revolution planning group. Is very French and apparently likes to flirt with people he finds attractive no matter the situation. Tends to make reckless decisions when it comes to overseeing operations. Hikki has a strange attachment to Samson, much to Samson's grief. Hikki was infatuated with Van Argeno prior to his death and now feels even more strongly about taking down Ozzal as her guards were the ones who killed him. Has a lot of yaoi moments with Samson. Becomes romantically involved with Lloyd Asplund. Tends to be quite insecure about his role as Syndicate leader, but his comrades support him even though he doesn't always know quite what he's doing. Has been identified by Ozzal as the leader of the Syndicate and "Anti-Citizen One," which makes him really really freaked out. Pilots a dual-seat Knightmare with Samson in the battle against the military. Is broken up about both Samson's engagement to Clarice and Samson's serious injuries during the battle. Dumps Lloyd after the scientist expresses more concern over his smashed mechs than Samson. Is in bad shape after his confrontation with Jeremiah but is rescued by Ein and Tenma. Doesn't really lead anything during the war but decides to call an end to the fighting after seeing all of the Syndicate's casualties. Becomes a helper in the infirmary and develops feelings for Tenma but is actually handling them more maturely this time around.
Jude Hill fool_on_the_hill A British weaponsmith and friend of Trunks. Is actually an undercover agent for MI-6 investigating the mysterious Order of Glass in Actonia along with November 11 and Yomiko Readman. Gets close to Chief Q after joining her investigation into the Orders of Glass and Iron.
I. A. Coaster itsacoaster Comedian senator conspiring with Ozzal.
Istari Erangua IstariErangua One of Istari's best attributes is her own self confidence and downplayed beauty, never flaunting or dressing in revealing clothing. However her looks and smart scholarly appearance are deceiving; you would never think that she bought her art store through her funds made by being the former lightweight champion of the world in vale tudo.
Jake Thompson SportsMaster Famous baseball player turned homicidal killer. He attempted to assassinate the President of Comedia, but ended up killing off his entire team instead when they tried to stop him. He uses both a sword and a bat as his main weapons. He fights Sadar and Samson after they infiltrate Comdot Estate. In Chapter 14 Jake's past is shown, and it is revealed that he is being kept against his will, and that his homiciadal tendencies are a result of a secret serum, and an eye-shaped needle port in his back. The Penguin had plans to save him, but ends up double-crossing the Syndicate instead. In a fight with Priestess Nafah however, Jake overcomes the serum that controls him, and refuses to kill her. Begins working at Hikki's cafe in return for safe refuge. After receiving an invitation from the Order of Glass, he decides to infiltrate the group for the Syndicate. He returns to the Syndicate just in time for the big fight with the Cool Mexicanos. Later he goes on another recon mission to retrieve information on the impending Comedian invastion from Comdot Estate, and is tragically killed by Ozzal.
Jacob the Liar jakobtheliar12 Member of the mysterious Order of Glass. Has skills as a confidence man and very nimble footing. Rides a motorcycle. Trains new recruit Winry Rockbell.
Jean Pierrot pierrot-le-fou Jean is a fairly even tempered person, yet he has a chaotic and slightly insane mind's view of the world and how he reacts to it. It seems that the one thing he really cares about are the people that have accepted him as his friends. During the riots, Samson notices that Jean is just like Emiri, in that he cares very little about human life. After absorbing the destructive blast from a powerful bomb, he is revealed to be a Proxy, and strangely enough the agent of creation. Hangs out with the Syndicate after coming to help his buddy Bruce Herman with renovations to their base.
Johnny Law Johnny_Law Comedian senator conspiring with Ozzal.
Justin Gudamen JusticeGundam A dude who works for The Penguin.
Kay El Kagomes_Luver2789 Intimidatingly tall and merciless, Kay El is the #2 in the Echelon organization, said to be the strongest physically without the need of the B-Stimulant. While Zeus is the brains of the duo, Kay El brings the muscle to their plans. Not much is known about his background, except for the fact that he gets angsty around guns. Very angsty. Despite being an imposing figure, he also has a sensitive side, especially when dealing with innocent people who have been betrayed the way he and Zeus have been. Generally follows his friend's lead but will speak his mind when he needs to.
Kaia namek_kaia Member of the mysterious Order of Glass. Originally from Toonamia and a master of chi, which gives her supernaturally good jumping skills. She also has healing abilities. And a thing for Father Sadar. She is emotionally crushed after Sadar's death, but is comforted by a letter he has left as his last words to her.
Keith Douglas k_dawg_3484 A detective working for the Orly police. His boss is Chief Q and his partner is Allen Black. Assigned to investigate the confrontation between Emiri and the Syndicate, which has ballooned into a more massive plot to incite riots and revolution against the government. He's extremely good at his work. An extremely intelligent, often prying ladies man. However he is currently under investigation by Actiona Internal Affairs. Hei begins tailing him for the Syndicate soon after he is forced to reveal Yupat as his informer to the Order of Glass. Works with Chief Q and her team to uncover the mysteries of the Order of Glass. Is arrested along with Chief Q and Allen shortly before the war begins, and gets by in prison by playing dumb.
Kirara Amour kiraralove Syndicate member who has a fondness for the word Freeman (likely a reference to Crispin Freeman, the American voice actor). Also, a double-agent from the mysterious Order of Glass who specializes in spy operations. Has been exhibiting vampire-like symptoms.
Landon Blaken Blah_canbespanish Soldier and former fiance of Lucille whose family was killed by the military while protesting unfair laws. Left Orly a year ago after vowing to kill Ozzal and liberate the country. Nobody seems to know where he is, although he still seems to be influencing the goings-on of his organization. Reappears after Cille's "death" to take control of the Syndicate again. Has been working with DangerCille, who convinced him to allow his fiancee to be killed in order to ensure the success of the Syndicate against Ozzal. He seems to have become much more hardened and ruthless, and after learning of Cille's escape he propagates the story of her murder as a means of furthering his plans for the Syndicate. It is revealed that Landon is, in fact, part of another organization known only as the Cool Mexicanos and that he is really manipulating the Syndicate for his own devious purposes. He is working with his old partner Da Sombras in a quest for eternal life. He plans to become the great hero of the people, because that's just how awesome he is. After his duplicity is revealed to the Syndicate and they confront him, the two groups battle. Landon is killed by Zeus, but not before realizing that he was wrong to put his own interests before those of the people who looked up to him.
Larry Zorin LAZY17 The unlucky assistant of Professor Matrix. He was the top student in Action U. He was abducted soon after graduating. He really hates his life with Matrix and Amy. He met Raef while imprisoned for escaping again and trying to steal Matrix's tentacle car. Larry is reunited with his friend after escaping from Jake and Emiri. He's feeling pretty crappy about his life and decides that he might be able to be badass if he can help the Syndicate. Is currently helping Lloyd design and construct the Syndicate's Knightmare frames. Is super freaked out when Matrix also joins the Syndicate but has been dealing with it, sort of. Survives Itachi's attack but is crushed to learn of the death of Winry, who he sort of had a thing with.
Liam Green lithium_green A young man with a great analytical mind who works with the Cool Mexicanos. Is entrusted with the eternal life research project when Landon returns to the Syndicate.
Libra Holmes Ghost_of_a_Librarian The proprietress of Ghost's Book Shop, and Chief Q's mother. An older woman who owns and runs a book shop in a rather run-down section of Orly. She is a very kind woman and very fond of her books. She is sympathetic to the Syndicate, and often allows them to use her shop for their covert purposes.
Lucille "Cille" Compton Cille Adoptive mother of Raef, close friend of Luna and Eric, and former fiancee of Landon Blaken. Cille becomes involved in the rebellion after Raef's kidnapping. Having been targeted by the Syndicate's enemies, she is taken under the wing of Straight Cougar, a friend of Landon's and ally of the Syndicate. She is captured by Ryuho during the mass arrests of Syndicate members and sympathizers. While imprisoned she is brutally murdered by Spice, who is under the control of Matrix's latest mind-control drug. Upon learning of her death, a grief-stricken Cougar uses his incredible speed to literally turn back the world, allowing him to come to her rescue and take her to safety. She asks Cougar to train her so that she will be able to fight with the Syndicate. When the Syndicate confronts Landon, she meets DangerCille and learns of Landon's evilness, and must subsequently cope with the emotional trauma of his betrayal and death. She eventually comes to terms with her feelings for Cougar, and they finally open up to each other. (Yay!) Takes on a leadership role as battle coordinator during the war, which she handles pretty well despite the mental and emotional toll it takes on her.
Luna Monegossde MoonGoddess17 Owner of Cafe de Lune. Immigrated from Comedia, close friends with Lucille. Had a small smuggling operation. Suddenly and mysteriously leaves town after Cille's death, leaving Hikki as the cafe's new owner. It turns out she has been working with a small resistance movement in her native Comedia.
Major Tom Taredan Metatronda Chief of Security at Comdot Estate. An honest man who does his duty in spite of the corruption around him. Has been set up by Goda and Dewey as the official military "face" of Ozzal's campaign to turn the masses against the Syndicate. Is revealed to be a Contractor who can summon fire to subdue his enemies. To pay his contract, he sucks his thumb. Having become disgusted with his role in the corrupt government campaign, he has recently told off Goda.
The Penguin PenguinBoss Mob boss. Offers his help to the Syndicate and then double-crosses them. Dies of the Oregon Trail disease.
Priestess Leah Nafah inuyashafan213 The head Priestess of the St. Maria's Cathedral. Has divine powers. Offers protection and forgiveness to Jake Thompson, leading him to free himself from Ozzal's clutches. Later gives refuge to Kira and Emiri after they escape from Comdot Estate. Receives a glass cross from Sadar. Establishes an orphanage for children of those targeted by Ozzal's regime.
Professor M. Matrix matrixman124 Left Angel to work for Ozzal, killed her father and stole his blueprints to suit his perverted ideas. Is the top scientist of Ozzal. Took part in the creation of the trolls. Has two lab assistants. May be criminally insane. He WAS a eunuch as of chapter 8. In chapter 10, he "reconstructed" his ding dong. It is now a laser shooting cyber-dick. Has continued building various abominations like Goose Maverick, who has a tentacrotch, and his newest creation, Got-Ass, the assborg. Feels marginalized after his lab is taken over by Rakshata Chawla and her team, so he leaves Ozzal and joins the Syndicate to help them build mechs. Develops a rivalry with Mustang over Angel, even though he knows he'll never get her back. According to DangerCille, in the future Matrix turns to the Syndicate side and makes a time machine for them.
Proof NoProof Member of the mysterious Order of Glass. Partner and twin to Cid. Is always being attacked by Hedwig. Fanboys Charles Beams. Really wants to pilot a Knightmare frame, and is assigned to pilot a two-seater with Cid.
Raef Compton Maenos The son of family friends of the Comptons, who was adopted into their family when his doctor parents were killed in the war in Babblstan. Was later adopted by Lucille after her parents were killed, in order to circumvent a government ordinance forcing orphaned young men into military school. Was very attached to Landon, and became quite depressed after Landon's disappearance. Unbeknownst to Cille, he followed after Landon and became involved in the Syndicate. Has been kidnapped and since been rescued. Is smitten with a girl in Comdot, who turns out to be none other than Ozzal's daughter Starry. Left the Syndicate soon after to avoid putting her in any danger. Raef has always been very mature and disciplined, and has interests in history and engineering. Recently met up with Larry, who had been with him in captivity in Comdot Estate. Rejoins the Syndicate and is reunited with Cille; later Starry comes to join them too. Handles maintenance work in the Syndicate base.
Real Coolman Real_AirCooledMan Syndicate member. Likes German, yuri, and grumbling about other people's spelling. Is killed during the mass Syndicate arrests.
Roxanne "Roxie" Goldsmith (formerly Godderson) anime_goddess05 A friend of the Syndicate who worked in the coroner's office until being chased out. Known at one point as Anne, name changed because of pressure from the government (see explanation in chapter 25). Revealed as a member of the Order of the Glass in chapter 25, and is apparently immortal because of an incident involving her chevalier (and husband) Solomon. Works in the infirmary during the war. Becomes pregnant just before the Syndicate moves into their bunker, leading her to worry for her child's safety after they are trapped.
Sam Champlan SamuraiChamplooFan A friend of Mugen's and a regular at the GAR Street Bar.
Samson Monroe MasterSamson Hikki's assistant. He's a lot more level-headed then his superior and often is irritated by the unsurmisable logic (and constant sexual advances) of his crazy boss. Samson's reason for joining the Syndicate was to help create a world in which his sister could be happy. In the past he nearly burnt his house down in a cooking accident. Ever since then his sister has taken the duties of cooking. Is captured when infiltrating Comdot Estate with Sadar and is allowed to live by Emiri, even though his escape still leaves part of his arm ripped off. Is captured again during the Echelon arrests, but is rescued by Mustang and Havoc. Moved into Hikki's cafe with his sister. Has developed a romantic relationship with Clarice. Has become disillusioned with the situation since the mass arrests, and is obsessed with investigating the Order of Glass. Confronts Sadar about abandoning the Syndicate. Comes to terms with Sadar after the priest comes to the Syndicate's aid against Landon and the Cool Mexicanos, and accepts Sadar's offer to work together. Nearly dies while piloting a Knightmare frame with Hikki but is brought back to life by Hikki's Haruko-style kiss. Is now engaged to Clarice and slowly recovering from his injuries.
Shatter Shatter1313 One of Bruce Herman's friends.
Shipon Kaaba PokeNirvash Comedia Governor Kimmel's head assassin. Has pink hair that goes to chest, wields a Rickenbacker Bass Guitar, and likes to slap Kimmel. Wears a maid outfit and sleeps in Cryogenic Chamber 40. Attacked Eric Ominae and got killed by him. Loves the band the Pillows.
Spice E. Spamton spiceweasel228 She was named after the Spam factory she inherited from her parents. Member of the revolutionary group. Wants to get back at Ozzal for closing down her spam factory. Sees Cille as an elitist and is not happy to see her join the Syndicate. Becomes a new weapon for Ozzal, who uses her to kill Cille; when Cougar turns back time to rescue Cille, they defeat Spice, leaving her wounded but alive. Ozzal allows Matrix to give Spice another mission, this time to track down and apprehend Jake Thompson. She comes to find him at the Cafe de Lune, where she is knocked out with a frying pan by Clarice. Echelon members are sent out to find her, but she kills Legato before reverting back to her old self. Is kept quarantined for surveillance for quite some time, but has recently been declared rehabilitated.
Starry Ozzal starryjelly Ozzal's daughter, who is kept out of sight in Comdot Estate because Ozzal is ashamed of her. Is actually a very nice girl who goes around visiting prisoners and offering them food and aid. Meets Raef during his imprisonment, and the two of them begin a secret relationship. Leaves Comdot Estate after being confronted by Zeus and Kay El about Goda's murder, and comes to the Syndicate with her servant Walter.
Surool surool One of Bruce's buddies. Good at grilling.
Trunks Trunks378 Bartender and owner of Trunks' Pub and Dance Dance Revolution Hut. Holds the title of DDR master. However the Pub is burned by Ozzal's Echelon duo. After he discovers his friend Hill is a spy for Britain, he is reluctantly convinced into infiltrating the Order of Glass to uncover more information. Ditches the Order when things start getting dicey and is relieved that he didn't have to be involved in the war.
WINBACK WINBACK A hero with no alias because he can.
Wyatt Matthews Wyotech_material Syndicate member. Says he left the Syndicate but returned due to the situation at hand. In reality, he's now a mole for the police. He reports to Detective Keith Douglas. Is killed by Captain Yemman, whom he once betrayed.
Yupat yupat Reporter for the Orly Review. Is good at getting scoops, but can't publish everything he learns because Ozzal's people monitor everything that goes in the paper. So he occasionally passes on the rest of his information to Keith Douglas. Originally from the Dragon Tribe in Toonamia. Is seduced by Angel, who has been assigned to tail him.
"Angry God" Zeus Shuya_Nanahara Goda's adopted son, Zeus is the #1 of the Echelon organization. A user of the C-Stimulant, a beta which has made him age faster than a normal human; because of his constant usage, he appears to be in his mid-twenties. The reason as to why he is #1 of the organization is as of yet unknown in the plot. He fights Emiri after threatening to burn down Nafah's church. He wields a mace-staff with incredible strength and incredible ease. Though Emiri defeats him, he is able to quickly heal his wounds. Is probably anxious for a rematch. Upon learning of Goda's murder at Ozzal's hands, he turns on her and decides to leave Comdot Estate with Kay El, but not before paying her one last visit to slice her up.


Name Counterpart Bio
Michelle Ozzal Mike Lazzo Tyrannical Head Governor of Actonia. Hates rain. Rose to her position after several years of working her way up through the military. Wants MORE POWER. Has plans to cede Actonia to Comedia and then take the whole place over. When those plans are thwarted she goes after the Syndicate directly. Has a penchant for snacks, especially taquitos. Is quite obese and gross-looking, probably thanks in part to all of the snacks. Has a daughter, Starry, but no mention is ever made of who the father might be.
General Bernice Zoltron SwimMod_Beezo General heading Ozzal's campaign against Rantonia and later Ozzal's army against the Syndicate.
Manny Kimmel Kim Manning Head Governor of Comedia. Is always angered by random stuff, thinks stainless steel is too dull, and loves HBO.
Police Chief Nayru SwimMod_Nayru Police Officer.
Moe LeVenture SwimModLuuv Comedia professor. Is rivals with Dr. Weird.
Trent Torrence SwimTorrent War general. Is always confused.
Crofina Keithford Keith Crofford Former governor of Comedia.
Dino SwimOdin An informant hiding in among Ozzal's security team. Has stayed in contact with Landon.
R. Parsons Richard D. Parsons, Chairman/CEO of Time Warner Inc. Former PM of Actonia. Was overthrown by Ozzal.

From [as] Anime

Name Series of Origin Bio
Alan Gabriel Big O Echelon member. Captures Angel during the Syndicate arrests and beats up Elizabeth when she is interrogated by Goda.
Amshel Goldsmith Blood+ A member of the Enigma Eight. A scientist with an interest in the supernatural who is said to have become a monster himself. Assigned by Ozzal to kill Solomon. Impales Emiri and takes off with Byakuya's body after Emiri and Byakuya's fight.
Anemone Eureka seveN Comes to the cafe with her boyfriend Dominic after they get lost in town.
Anya Alstreim Code Geass Ozzal's Knightmare frame pilot who fights and is defeated by Clarice.
Aoi Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Order of Glass member. Loves reading books, and is a particular fan of Salinger. Helps out at Ghost's Book Shop. Is a hacker and infiltrates army networks during the war.
Asimov Cowboy Bebop Member of the Cool Mexicanos and abuser of the Red Eye drug.
Bartley Code Geass A general in Ozzal's army stationed in Rantonia.
Batou Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex One of Kimmel's henchmen.
Beck Big O Member of the Cool Mexicanos. Is defeated by Angel in a most cringe-worthy way.
Bismarck Waldstein Code Geass One of Ozzal's Knightmare frame pilots. Smashes up Hikki and Samson's Knightmare, critically injuring Samson, but is later defeated by Hikki.
Byakuya Kuchiki Bleach Member of the Enigma Eight and a former Soul Reaper. Assigned by Ozzal to kill the Soul Reapers in the area (particularly Kira, Shunsui, and Nanao). Is dispatched by Emiri when he approaches the base and attacks Kira. His body is taken away by Amshel.
Caine the Longshot Trigun Member of the Echelon. Shoots Father Sadar.
The Captain Hellsing Ultimate An SS Officer who acts as Da Sombras's bodyguard.
CC Code Geass A random girl who has a strange reaction to the sight of a huge pile of pizza boxes being burned.
Charles Beams Eureka seveN A GAR Street Bar regular. Decides to lead ground troops for the Syndicate rather than piloting a Knightmare frame. Is kind of fanboyed by Proof.
Cheese-kun Code Geass CC's huge yellow plushie. Is beloved by many despite being a blatant corporate shill.
Chuck Norris Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos Was PWN'd by Yemman in a flashback.
Dars s-CRY-ed Estate henchmen.
Dewey Novak Eureka seveN Ozzal's main military contact, who was her right hand man as she rose through the ranks of the army. Is loyal to Ozzal despite being occasionally startled by her outbreaks of viciousness. Ozzal kills him in a fit of pique.
Dominic Eureka seveN Comes to the cafe with his girlfriend Anemone after they get lost in town thanks to his crappy navigational skills. Is immediately macked on by Hikki due to his resemblance to Samson.
Dorothy Big O Maid at Comdot Estate.
Dracul "Hawkeyes" Mihawk One Piece Member of the Enigma Eight. Seeks a swordsman of equal skill to fight against. Assigned by Ozzal to kill Father Sadar. Decides that Sadar isn't an appealing enough opponent and fights Zoro instead.
Ein Cowboy Bebop A surprisingly smart Corgi dog who discovers Hikki on the battlefield, helps him out, and accompanies him back to the bunker.
Elian s-CRY-ed Former HOLY member and comrade of Cougar. Uses his surveillance Alter to keep an eye on things for Cougar. Comes to the bunker to help the Syndicate with their battlefield monitoring and communication.
Enel One Piece Member of the Order of Iron.
Frank Archer Fullmetal Alchemist Former high-ranking officer in the Actonian military. Joined the Cool Mexicanos after losing half of his body to Elizabeth in a skirmish with refugees. Believed that Da Sombras (who had the rest of his body outfitted with automail) gave him a second chance at life and revenge. Is later killed for good by Elizabeth in the fight in the abandoned mansion.
Goda Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd Gig Scarred man who works for Ozzal and does a lot of the thinking for her. Is really a member of the Order of Iron, and has been manipulating Ozzal to serve their goals. Also Zeus' adoptive father. Killed by Ozzal for his betrayal.
Greed Fullmetal Alchemist A homunculus who works with the Cool Mexicanos. Reports directly to Da Sombras and also meets with Landon to give him updates.
Hagi Blood+ Attractive man whose chello is stolen by Cowboy.
Holland Novak Eureka seveN Younger brother of Dewey Novak, was recently discharged from the Actonia military. Part of the GAR Street Bar crowd who recently joined up with the Syndicate. Is assigned to pilot one of the Knightmare frames but chooses to lead ground troops with Charles.
"Hot Ice" Hilda Outlaw Star A regular at the GAR Street Bar. Not a fan of tentacles.
Ichigo Kurosaki Bleach Leader of a resistance movement in the Land of the Rising Big Red Dot that led to the creation of the Orders of Iron and Glass.
Isshin Kurosaki Bleach Manic radio announcer in Orly.
Itachi Uchiha Naruto A member of the Enigma Eight. An uber-ninja who killed off his entire clan just to see if he could. Assigned by Ozzal to kill Jean Pierrot. When his prey proves elusive, he returns to Comdot Estate and defeats Zeus and Kay El with his genjutsu after they turn on Ozzal. Later infiltrates the besieged Syndicate base and begins a murderous rampage that is only stopped when Walter overcomes his mind tricks and kills him.
Izuru Kira Bleach Emiri's attendant dude. He's sort of like a babysitter. He also seems to have some healing powers. Feels a great deal of affection for Emiri and agrees to go with her when she leaves Comdot. Joins the Syndicate with Emiri after a skirmish with Havoc. Helps in the infirmary during the war.
Jagara Wolf's Rain Member of the Order of Iron.
Jean Havoc Fullmetal Alchemist Mustang's partner. Joins the Syndicate with him. Has concerns about Mustang's fixation on Riza.
Jeremiah Gottwald Code Geass A former officer in Ozzal's army who was critically wounded in Rantonia and reconstructed by Matrix. Is trained as a mech pilot. Hates the Syndicate because he heard that Hikki was wearing an orange tie in an earlier chapter. Finally confronts Hikki but is melonbombed after an intense fight with Urizane.
Joseph "Jojo" Joestar Jojo's Bizarre Adventure GAR Streeter with mystical Ripple powers, a creative approach to strategy, and a penchant for posing.
Kagetoki Kariya Samurai Champloo Member of the Enigma Eight. A skilled samurai-assassin that usually does jobs for the government of the Land of the Rising Big Red Dot. Extremely skilled with the sword, and also able to summon blasts of energy. Considers Ozzal his "lord" after she employs the Enigma Eight, and defends her against Zeus and Kay El when they turn on her.
Kallen Kozuki Code Geass Annoying mech pilot and fanservice whore who shows up in battle long enough for Hikki to use her mech to blow up Bismarck.
Kamina Gurren Lagann An officer in the Garhalla Department of the Orly police and friend of Keith's who ruins his chances of getting laid. A charismatic regular at the GAR Street Bar. Convinces his comrades there to join the Syndicate with him so they can help the underdog and fight two armies at once. One of the few Syndicate associates who has experience fighting in mechs, he becomes the pilot of one of their new single-seat Knightmare frames.
Kazuma s-CRY-ed Appears to have a rivalry with Ryuho. Teams up with zombie robot Yemman to fight the government. They have decided to join up with the Syndicate, if they can find it. Eventually joins the war and has a great time.
Kenpachi Zaraki Bleach Psychopath and a regular at the GAR Street Bar.
Kittan Gurren Lagann A bartender at Hannah's who works undercover as an officer in the Garhalla Department of the Orly police. Becomes the pilot of another one of the Syndicate's Knightmare frames.
Kuze Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Member of the Order of Glass.
Legato Bluesummers Trigun Echelon member. Uses his mind control powers to capture Elizabeth during the mass Syndicate arrests. Is crushed to death by a still-druggified Spice when he goes to apprehend her.
Lloyd Asplund Code Geass A scientist from the Land of the Rising Big Red Dot. Van Argeno's cousin. 'Befriends' Hikki. Leads the development of Knightmare Frames for the Syndicate. Is more concerned with the state of his mechs than with other people's lives, leading Hikki to dump him after Samson is nearly killed.
Makina Deadman Wonderland New Security Chief chosen by Dewey after Taredan's resignation. Comes to Ozzal's undisclosed location to act as her bodyguard after Zeus and Kay El off Ozzal's body double. Takes no crap from anyone and will not hesitate to draw her sword against anyone who might be a threat to Ozzal's regime. Handles many of the day-to-day administrative tasks for Ozzal and is kept busy attending to the Head Governor's whims. Insists that Ozzal stay safe in her hideout after the war ends, especially after Comdot Estate is targeted by a terrorist bomb.
Lorenz Keel Neon Genesis Evangelion Member of the Order of Iron.
Marie Mjolnir Soul Eater Teacher in Orly who brings orphaned students to St. Maria's Cathedral.
Mimori s-CRY-ed Clarice's sister. Has lots of cats.
Motoko Kusanagi Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Detective working in the same department as Keith.
Mugen Samurai Champloo A GAR Street Bar regular and Sam Champlan's best friend.
Nanao Ise Bleach One of the guests at Bruce's house party. Gets booze spilled on her book by Shunsui while reading in the jacuzzi.
Norman Burg Big O Member of the Syndicate who guards their meeting place. Killed by gunfire during the raids on Syndicate hangouts.
Rakshata Chawla Code Geass An accomplished scientist from the Land of the Sacred Cows hired by Ozzal to take over Matrix's job. Runs the lab with an iron fist and hardly notices that Matrix is there. Designs Knightmare frames for Ozzal and is pretty peeved when Ozzal lets them all get smashed up.
Ritsuko Akagi Neon Genesis Evangelion Scientist working for the Cool Mexicanos. Has a proposal for eternal life involving Tang.
Riza "Hawkeye" Yuy Fullmetal Alchemist Former Actonian soldier turned Babblstanian war hero turned freelance sniper. Married to fellow war hero Heero Yuy. Was engaged to Roy Mustang, who proposed to her during the war, but was taken in by Heero after being knocked out by a pipe bomb during the 2nd Battle of Hollangrad. Commits suicide after Heero's death and a brief censored sex scene with Angel. Is still fixated on by Mustang, which gets in the way of his current romantic pursuits.
Roger Smith Big O Agent of Internal Affairs sent by Lunge to montior Keith Douglas.
Roronoa Zoro One Piece GAR Street Bar regular and power napper. Has a crappy sense of direction. Gets into a fierce swordfight with Mihawk but makes it back with only a few scratches, which are easily slept off.
Roy Mustang Fullmetal Alchemist Commander of a unit in the Babblstan war and Riza's former fiance. Comes to Orly to find her after losing her to Heero. Confronts Emiri after learning that she is responsible for Heero and Riza's deaths. Decides to join the Syndicate after coming to terms with Emiri. Is given the title of General and takes over training of ground troops as the Syndicate prepares to face Ozzal's army. Becomes interested in Angel but is kind of blindsided by the news that she banged his former fiancee. Has to try to figure out how to handle things with Angel and keep the Syndicate's fighting forces whipped into shape. Develops a rivalry with Matrix after he defects to the Syndicate. Succeeds in romancing Angel, until he calls her Riza (twice) during their night of passion without realizing it. Is subsequently dumped and has to figure out what to do with himself now.
Ryuho s-CRY-ed Former HOLY commander and current Echelon member who arrests Cille and beats up Cougar. Appears to have a rivalry with Kazuma. Is angry at Ozzal for breaking up HOLY. Sees Cougar as a traitor for aiding the Syndicate.
Sanji One Piece GAR Streeter who becomes the Syndicate's resourceful cook.
Saya Blood+ The schoolgirl accompanying Hagi.
Scheris Adjani s-CRY-ed Former HOLY member and comrade of Cougar. While at HOLY she was in love with Ryuho, and still thinks of him from time to time. Uses her Alter power to help heal Cille and Cougar after their escape from Comdot Estate. Thinks the two of them might have a thing goin' on. Comes to the Syndicate's aid during the war and tends to the injured.
Schwarzwald Big O Former leader of Actiona's branch of the Order of the Glass. After Sadar's decision to join up with the Syndicate, he went screaming into the night, spouting conspiracy theories.
Senji Deadman Wonderland GAR Streeter and Deadman also known as Crow. Dies defending Hikki from Jeremiah Gottwald.
Shou Tucker Fullmetal Alchemist A scientist doing research on the secret to eternal life for the Cool Mexicanos. Was working on a project with a Philosopher's Stone that turned out to be unsuccessful.
Shunsui Kyouraku Bleach Guards Bruce's house while he goes to find his girlfriend, Sarah. He continues guarding the house from the jacuzzi, in a passed-out drunken stupor dreaming about how pretty Nanao looks in a bikini. He and Jean Pierrot beat up the Umbrulos squad when they come to arrest everybody at the party.
Sid Soul Eater A friendly zombie that Jacob knew.
Solomon Goldsmith Blood+ Order of Glass member and Roxanne's fiance. Gave her his blood so she could survive mortal wounds. Recently married Roxanne; at the time of the war, they are expecting a child. Becomes the Glass group's leader after Sadar's death.
Sousuke Aizen Bleach A Soul Reaper who used to work with Roxie, Solomon, and Kira.
Spike Spiegel Cowboy Bebop GAR Streeter who's good with guns and shares a mutual admiration with Elizabeth. Nearly dies defending her during the war. They've spent quite a bit of time together during his recovery period and enjoy playing games involving firearms.
Straight Cougar s-CRY-ed A former member of the military's disbanded HOLY unit for Alter users, who still works independently within the military while pursuing his own aims - which include helping the Syndicate by providing intel and generally being awesome. He's obsessed with speed, bad with names, and definitely someone you want to have on your side. He watches over Cille in the weeks following Raef's kidnapping, and leaves her notes that keep her from falling into the wrong hands and guide her to the Syndicate. After Cille is murdered, he turns back time to rescue her, and returns with her to help the Syndicate fight the Cool Mexicanos. Their feelings for each other have finally culminated in a nice little love scene in the snowy woods. Fights and delivers messages around the battlefield during the war. Is concerned that Cille pushes herself too hard. Starts going on nightly supply runs outside the bunker, until he is trapped outside when the escape hatch must be locked down. Current status is unknown.
Tres Trinity Blood An android who originally worked for the Cool Mexicanos. During the epic fight in the mansion, he joins the Syndicate after a forced shutdown courtesy of Hikki. Has lots of handy gadgets built into his body. Has recently had half his torso blown off by Kimbley but is rebuilt by Winry. Despite his lack of emotions, he seems to feel bad after Winry is killed.
Umbrulos Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd Gig The leader of an armored mobile unit of the Echelon. Is sliced up by Shunsui after blowing up Bruce Herman's house and trying to take his pool party hostage.
Urahara Bleach A member of the Order of Glass. Apparently has medical skills, and aids Cougar after his pummeling by Ryuho. Asks his friend Yoruichi to rescue Elizabeth after she is seemingly forgotten by her Syndicate comrades.
Urizane s-CRY-ed Former HOLY member and comrade of Cougar. Helps Cille and Cougar escape from Comdot Estate with his watermelon Alter. Is a slob. Rescues Hikki from Jeremiah Gottwald and sacrifices himself like a total boss.
Uryuu Ishida Bleach Member of the Order of Glass. Warns Kazuma and Yemman not to senselessly attack Comdot Estate.
Van Argeno Blood+ A regular patron at Cafe de Lune, he thought Hikki was pretty and was revealed to work for Ozzal. Is killed by Ozzal's guards after a highly satisfying tryst with Hikki.
Vicious Cowboy Bebop Member of Echelon. Is killed by Kira while his partner Zeus fights Emiri.
Walter Dornez Hellsing/Hellsing Ultimate Starry Ozzal's personal butler. Takes messages to Raef. Is seriously injured by Zeus and Kay El after they discover him sneaking out of Comdot Estate. Goes to the Syndicate with Starry. Defeats Itachi after being drawn into the ninja's nightmare world and defeating the jutsu through his hardened willpower.
Watari Death Note Bartender at the GAR Street Bar. Has to lay low after the bar is busted up by G-men.
Winry Rockbell Fullmetal Alchemist Assistant of Roxie the coroner. Handy with tools, especially wrenches. Has gone to the Order of Glass with Roxie and is being trained by Jacob the Liar. Wants to help Lloyd and Larry with the Knightmare Frames. Might be Larry's only shot at a girlfriend, until she becomes one of the victims of Itachi's nighttime raid on the bunker.
Yachiru Kusajishi Bleach Kenpachi Zaraki's lieutenant, who finds Goose Maverick wandering around in an amnesia-induced stupor and invites him to stay with her and Kenny.
Yoko Gurren Lagann A stripper at Hannah's.
Yomiko Readman Read Or Die OVA An MI-6 operative investigating the Order of Glass. Has kind of a crush on her associate Hill.
Yoruichi Shihouin Bleach Badass cat-ninja-chick who gets Elizabeth out of prison. Is unaffiliated, but is friends with Urahara and occasionally does favors for him.
Yurika Dojima Witch Hunter Robin Waitress who waits on Cille at Harry's.
Zolf J. Kimbley Fullmetal Alchemist Psycho alchemist in Ozzal's army who can blow people up with his hands. Fights and is presumably killed by Tres.

From [as] Comedy

Name Series of Origin Bio
Dr. Weird Aqua Teen Hunger Force The other Comedian professor. Shoots steam out of his nose and owns an invisible taco ray.
Dr. Girlfriend The Venture Bros. Head of the Comedia division of the Order of Glass.
Georgie Crayon Shin-chan Child prodigy and the youngest member of the Comedian senate. Is very interested in acquiring new territory for Comedia.
Killface Frisky Dingo Comedian senator conspiring with Ozzal. Is very irritable and doesn't seem to like Ozzal very much.
Phantom Limb The Venture Bros. Comedian senator conspiring with Ozzal. Thinks that her proposition is worth considering.
Xander Crews Frisky Dingo A billionaire playboy whom Ozzal accuses Killface of fixating on.

From Other Anime

Name Series of Origin Bio
Alex Rowe Last Exile Clarice's hot angsty brother.
Duo Maxwell Gundam Wing A novice Intelligence Officer for the Preventer Agency and a close friend of Quatre. Follows his friend into the investigation of the deaths of Heero and Riza.
Fred Luo Outlaw Star A guy who was rumored to have hired Da Sombras as a bodyguard at one point.
Gauron Full Metal Panic! A terrorist working with the Cool Mexicanos. Is killed during the big mansion fight.
Gene Starwind Outlaw Star Leader of the Outlaws Tribe in Toonamia; he was witness to the assassination of Tom 2.0.
Hei/Black Reaper Darker than BLACK An independent Contractor who is employed by the Syndicate. Has a fondness for ramen.
Huang Darker than BLACK An Associate of Hei's.
Kenshin Himura Rurouni Kenshin A skilled samurai who fights with a reverse-blade sword and never seems to kill anyone. Has a mysterious background but seems to be trying to atone for past sins. Joins the Syndicate with the GAR Streeters.
Kino Kino's Journey A patron of the GAR Street Bar. Has a talking motorcycle. Decides to leave Orly after learning of the Syndicate's defeat.
Lord Il Palazzo Excel Saga Member of the Order of Iron.
Inspector Lunge Monster Representative of Actonia Internal Affairs sent by Comdot Estate to inspect police corruption charges. Suspects Keith of being in league with the rebels.
Mao Darker than BLACK An Associate of Hei's.
Mikuru Asahina The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya A very cute, busty girl notorious for wearing maid outfits, playboy bunny costumes, waitress costumes, and basically anything Haruhi forced her to wear.
November 11 Darker than BLACK A Contractor working for MI-6 in Actonia (and the leader of the team). Has the power to freeze any liquid and must smoke as recompense. Comes to Libra's aid after Hill asks him to keep an eye on her.
Quatre Raberba Winner Gundam Wing A novice Intelligence Officer for the Preventer Agency. Finds out that the deaths of Heero and Riza were actually an assassination attempt by the Actonia government.
Relena Darlian Peacecraft Gundam Wing Former leader of the Winged Tribe in Toonamia who was witness to the TomTwo incident. Is currently the Prime Minister of Babblstan. Survived the Great War between Babblstan and Actonia.
Ryu of the Wildfire Ronin Warriors Leader of the Warriors Tribe in Toonamia; was a witness to the Tom 2.0 assassination.
Tamaki Ouran High School Host Club Solomon's brother. Apparently looks just like him.
Tom 2.0 Toonami host Chief of Toonamia; he is deceased, believed to have been killed by Tuxedo Mask. However, Yupat discovers that he was actually assassinated by Da Sombras.
Tuxedo Mask Sailor Moon Leader of the Sailors Tribe in Toonamia; he is believed to have fled after the Tom 2.0 incident.

From Other Sources

Name Show/Movie of Origin Bio
Alfred Pennyworth Batman Bruce Wayne's trusty butler.
Bruce Wayne Batman A billionaire from the Land of the Stars and Stripes who keeps a vacation home in Actonia. An associate of Sadar's who lends Jake a stealth suit and some gear when he goes to infiltrate Comdot Estate.

Original Characters

Name Bio
Anne Monroe The younger sister of Samson, she's been responsible for taking over her mother's duties since she died. She cares a lot about her brother and takes care of him, despite being 7 years younger than him (she's 14). She is also an excellent cook. Was home-schooled in the cafe by Clarice and accompanied the Syndicate to their bunker.
Sarah Bruce Herman's girlfriend. Is worried about him since he didn't come back from a big landscaping job.
Marc Russell A Comedian solder driving a truck in the caravan that gets hijacked by the Syndicate.
Horace One of The Penguin's henchmen.
David Some guy who worked at the Orly TV station until Ozzal fired him during Hikki's broadcast.
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