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Real Name Taylor
Registration Date February 25, 2005
Rank SwimSage
Regulars Action Discussion, Fullmetal Alchemist


General Board Info

Roy and Riza

Nickname: Angel.

Angel loves RoyxRiza.

Angel was permabanned for hentai-related reasons, but got unbanned.

Angel used to be a board-whore, but has mellowed out some.

Angel is queen of the Motivational Posters thread.

Angel's ultimate anime lesbian fantasy is Riza Hawkeye.

Angel has a problem with not getting into arguments with people. Hey people, here's a crazy idea: if you don't want to get called a bitch, then stop acting like a bitch. Sounds like just crazy talk, I know.



with Boxies as Sweeney and Lovett

Angel has been board-married to matrixman124 for over three years. It really is quite amazing that he hasn't divorced or killed her yet.

Angel randomly adopted OMNI-Enforcer one day.

Angel would so marry _Boxers_ if given the chance. Hell, they might already be married, I don't know. But they has a baby named Optimus Prime. He's bitchin'. Angel stole Kohikki's magic blood and gave herself a transfusion one day and somehow had a baby with Boxers...


Mrs. Lovett






Mrs_Lovett (partner to the alt _SweeneyTodd_)





There's probably more, but I've forgotten them.

[AS] Anime Characters She'd Totally Sleep With

Angel's favorite

Riza Hawkeye- Fullmetal Alchemist

Roy Mustang- Fullmetal Alchemist

Jean Havoc- Fullmetal Alchemist

Greed- Fullmetal Alchemist

Zolf Kimbley- Fullmetal Alchemist

Hohenheim Elric- Fullmetal Alchemist

Major Motoko- Ghost in the Shell

Ichigo- Bleach

Renji- Bleach

Urahara- Bleach

Aizen- Bleach

Chad- Bleach

Matsumoto- Bleach

Kuukaku- Bleach

Yoruichi- Bleach

Isshin- Bleach

Ryukin- Bleach

Lisa- Bleach

Grimmjow (OMAHGAWD GRIMM)- Bleach

Spike- Cowboy Bebop

Faye Valentine- Cowboy Bebop

Straight Cougar- S-CRY-Ed

Holland- Eureka Seven

Dr. Julia- Blood+

David- Blood+

Hagi- Blood+

L- Death Note

Mikami- Death Note

Matt- Death Note

Darlton- Code Geass

Milly- Code Geass

Villetta- Code Geass

Jeremiah- Code Geass

Balsa- Moribito

ZOMG! Travis Willingham!


Angel has a somewhat unhealthy crush on Travis Willingham, the voice actor for Roy Mustang. And by crush, I mean she tells everyone going to a convention at which he's appearing to ask him to take his shirt off.. And by unhealthy, I mean crazy fangirl obsession. And by somewhat, I mean she'd jump at the chance to nail him in a convention bathroom. Yeah, it's probably a pretty good thing that she'll most likely never meet him...

Also, she has an autographed chibi Roy plushie that her friend got her at a convention.


Fictional Angel

Hikki is awesome at drawing.

Angel has a strange compulsion to sign up for every fic anyone makes. All of her characters bear a striking resemblance to each other. Red hair, blue yes, big boobs.

Once upon a time or something, some AD people got bored and created their own shounen. Angel is a nympho dominatrix who works for the evil Meta. She tries to seduce the main character, Samson, in order to steal his pants-eating sword. Hawt, I know.

In the AD fanfic, "La Révolution", Angel is a member of the Blacken Syndicate whose goal is revenge against her ex-boyfriend who killed her father. She castrates him, he comes back with a laser-shooting cyber-wang, hilarity ensues. She also sleeps with Riza Hawkeye in it. Also, she's apparently a stripper and the resident spy-whore of the Syndicate. Which is just the best kind of job there is.

In J-dubb's Bleach fanfic, she's Angelica, the bad-guy skank with the big boobs. Hmm...I'm starting to see a pattern here...

In RayvenSwan's AD Cyberbrain fanfic, Angel is actually a lot less slutty than in all the other fanfics. Still, she likes her innuendo.

In J-dubb's Death Note fanfic, she's Ahren. She's a stripper/hookier/mafia whore. At the end, she does get a happy, non-slutty ending though. Which is nice.

In Furion's Eureka Seven fanfic, her character is Angelina. She likes to hit on men.

In Stewie_Castro's Eureka Seven fanfic, she's Angel Arobin. Likes to show off the boobs.

In Mcdavey's Bleach fic, her character Enkeli has big boobs and gets called a skank a lot.

In the Code Geass fanfic, her character's a Russian princess named Angel Magdeline. She enjoys croquet and spending time with her friends. Also sleeping with guards.

In starscream's Bebop fic, her character Angel likes sex and caffeine.

In Khoasgonzy's Champloo fic, her character Mitsukai runs a brothel.

In JusticeGundam's One Piece fic, she hasn't shown up yet. But she will be fanservice.

In CC-K's Geass fic, she's currently a little loli with the power to make people happy.

In the Battle Royale fic, she hasn't appeared yet.

In J-Dubb and cidthekittyisfun's crackfic, her character Rin is a hooker. Awesome.

In need of a new fic to make yet another character, Angel started writing her own. Sera's a reporter. I promise the story will actually get past the first chapter at some point.

There are a couple of non-board fics in which she is a lesbian superhero with fire powers (Hahaha, flaming lesbian), and just a normal student.

Real-life facts

Sweeney Todd

Angel was name after the actress Elizabeth Taylor. (See info box)

Angel is bisexual, in case you couldn't tell from the list of characters she'd nail.

Angel loves '80's music.

Angel considers her best idea to be the creation of French Hikki in the AD Fanfic "La Révolution".

Angel's favorite movies are Pan's Labyrinth, Sweeney Todd, and The Dark Knight.

Angel's birthday is September 22.

Angel's blood type is O+.

Angel is the youngest of three girls in her family. And out of them, she's the only one not totally batshit crazy.

Angel is indifferent to her job. But she does like training new people on the register, because they're always so nervous and confused. Aww, poor little freshmen. Plus, it's a good excuse not to actually do any work for a whole shift.

Angel is afraid of snakes, spiders, and peacocks.

Angel goes to the University of Oklahoma. On a related note, she went to middle school with Sam Bradford.

Guest Book

Write here, bitches!
  • steals yur bewbs* Muwahahahaha!!!! <333's - Captain-le-fou
  • mgangel is one of my favorite whores in AD. And I mean that in an entirely non-sexual way. - Cille
  • Angel is my ultimate pwning accomplice ^^ - Meatwadmaker
  • *cries* - matrixman124
  • If I was given a chance to do another chapter in La Revolution, I would so put you in that chapter. ---- PokeNirvash
  • Holy crap, you have a guest book! I loooove you, Angel, thanks for creating my awesome fanfic character! -- Kohikki
  • OMG! I haven't signed this yet!! I love j00, skank, and your chat flashing ways. XD Also, running around nekkid in the trenchcoat = HAWT! - anime_goddess05 a.k.a. Rox
  • Looks like you're not as bad as i thought you were...- J
  • Angel is the best board mom ever! I'm not really sure how the whole thing works since I'm pretty sure we're the same age and that is kinda disturbing, but ya know, details. - OMNI
  • Why haven't I signed this yet? I mean, what the hell? Also, I'd totally marry you too. ZOMG LESBIAN MARRIAGE~ -- Boxers
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