Clash of the Capitalists

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Act 5- Conspiracies Abound

(Chateaux D'If on a cold, rainy night. Font is in a leather chair, reading and sipping on some very expensive tea right next to the fire)

Font- Servant!

Servant- Yes, my liege

Font- Fetch me Cervantes, I wish to talk to him

Servant- I will fetch him immediately, sir

(A few minutes pass, and finally a hooded man comes out of the door)

Cervantes- I am here, my Lord

Font- Ahh, Cervantes, my loyal Angel off Bankruptcy, I have an assignment for you.

Cervantes- I will do anything to serve you

Font- Good. Excellent. I want you to kill Walton

Cervantes- (stammers) But Sir… Walton… he… he is our president. He has been so good to you.. And me as well.

Font- Do you question me, my tool. I hope you are not having emotions, are you?

Cervantes- No… sir. I… will do as… you command me to. You are… my master.

Font- Yes, and it would be best to never forget this little fact.

Cervantes- Yes, I will leave at midnight

Font- Now there’s a good servant (smiles as he leaves) Ah, yes, one must keep his servants in order… if he plans for world domination… he he he.


(Cervantes sneaks into the chamber of Walton, his knife tight in his hand. He approaches silently from the back of Walton as he is reading in his rocking chair. Slowly, silently, he readies to strike.)

Walton- (still reading) Ah, Cervantes, I’ve been expecting you.

Cenvantes- (Shocked, backs off) Sir… how!

Walton- I had an informant on you orders from Font. I’ve been expect him to do something for a couple of days. And now I see you, the Angel of Bankruptcy, one of the people I trust the most, in my room to kill me. It seems that even our most devoted workers have fallen victim to him.

Cervantes- Sir, I do… I do not know.

Walton- Of course you don’t, I didn’t expect you to. Font, I have reason to suspect, has some sort of powers. They are very arcane to me, but I have seen him, his influence, it is so great. He is planning something… I’m sure of it. Cervantes, please, you must detach yourself from this man. He will do anything for power.

Cervantes- I know, but… but he is too strong. I don’t know what… is happening to me. I feel like… I am controlled.

Walton- Then leave. Go back to your family in your home village. I know you Cervantes, you would never do the things you have been doing: the assassinations, the threats, before Font came.

Cervantes- You… you are right. I will leave… leave Font.

Voice- That won’t be happening

Walton- Who’s there.

(Font steps out of the darkness)

Font- I knew you wouldn’t have the guts to kill this… this despicable old man. So I followed you, and watched. You disgust me, Cervantes. You will be punished so severely, that you will never think anything again. You will be my puppet. My puppet that will kill and destroy at my will.

Walton- You will not do this

Font- Watch me, for I have gathered enough power to do so. Watch in power at my power!

(Font rises his hand at Cervantes, and suddenly he drops to the ground, tortured)

Cervantes- AHHHGH!

(Font stops and Cervantes is on the ground, quivering and shaking)

Font- I have… so much power… pulsing through me. I am unstoppable! HA HA HA

(Walton then leaps up and stabs Font in the chest, which destroys the aura around him)


(Font unsheathes his rapier, and charges at Walton, who has taken his military sword from the fireplace shelf The two clash their blades together.)

Font- Too bad you won’t be alive to see me take over your company. I will make the people of this land buckle in fear at the might of my operation!

Walton- Wal- Mart was never meant to be such a thing! You are disillusioned by you fantasies of power.

Font- No, knave. YOU are the one who was disillusioned. Disillusioned by my lies, by my corruption. You found out too late. And now, you will pay for your ignorance.

(Font brutally attacks, and strikes before Walton can react. Walton falls to the ground)

Font- Stupid old man, you thought you could defeat me. Well, look at me. Look before your master. Look at the man who will take over the Earth.

Walton- Font… You… Fool. You will… be defeated… I swear it. You will… get what you deserve… someday… aahh

(Walton dies)

Font- I think, with the death of our leader, if Is only proper that the successor should be me. Don’t you agree, Cervantes.

(Cervantes lies unconscious on the floor)

Font- Good. No objects, I guess. The people of this land have yet to fear the wrath of Wal- Mart.

Act 6- Shadows of things to Come

(Morning at Mom and Pops Hometown General Store)

Pop- Nikoli, turn on the news.

Nikoli- Bah, I remember when we had to walk 50 miles to get any news- Uphill! You young folks and your news. (Turns on the T.V)


Newscaster 1- Wecome to the 9 o clock news. All the news, at 9 o clock.

Newscaster 2- Isn’t a beautiful day, Martha

Newscaster 1- Why, yes it is John! A beautiful day for…

Newscasters in Unison- CORPERATE CROSSFIRE!

(Fast- paced tecno- rock comes on)

Newscaster 1- In breaking news, CEO of Wal- Mart, Sam Walton IV has beenn found, dead, in his manor. The police said the death was caused by ongoing heart problems that Walton was having for the past year. The CFO of the company, Sir Jacques Font, will succeed him. We now go to Sherly Sillisville, roving reporter, outside of Wal- Mart Headquarters in the center of the Village. Let’s take a look… Sherly?

Sherly Sillisville- Hello Martha, John, we are here outside of Wal- Mart, where Font is making his acceptance speech.

Font- “… And I weep for the death of our beloved leader, I wish I could have done something to help him. But we must move forward, and look to the future of Wal- Mart. I will lead the future!

(All the audience cheers and applauds as Font is named CEO of Wal- Mart. Font waves to the crowd, and the T.V is turned off)

Henry- What do you think this means, Pop?

Pop- I don’t know, but I don’t like it.

Jennifer- Well, I heard some things from Charlie about him, some bad things.

Henry- How are you and Char, anyway

Jennifer- Oh, great, but anyway, he told me that Font is always sneaking around, and he’s always in the company of some man in black.

Pop- Man in black?! That sounds like that guy that’s been closing stores!

Jennifer- Maybe so. Charlie doesn’t trust him.

Nikoli- Why does that wippersnapper work at that forsaken store, anyway.

Jennifer- Its really good pay, and he’s really close to getting to officer status. He tells me that if he gets up there, he would try to stop Wal- Mart’s fishy business.

Pop- Hm, well tell him to watch his back. Wal- Mart has always been dangerous, but they’ve always kept things controlled. With Font as the CEO, who knows what could happen to him. Henry- …Or to us…

(Door opens)

Bob- Howdy everyone! I’m here to fix your light

Pop- Hey, there Bob!

(Bob sits down)

Henry- Did you hear the news?

Bob- What news?

Jennifer- Old Man Walton’s dead. Some Font character is the new leader

(Bob goes pale in the face)

Bob- No… no… it can’t…

Pop- Bob, are you alright

Bob- (Panting) I… really need to go.

(Bob runs out of the store, saying something frantic to himself)

Jennifer- What the heck was THAT about?

Pop- I don’t know, but I’ve never seen Bob get like that before. Its like he heard the worst news.

Henry- You don’t think… that Bob has something to do with Walton… do you. Pop Now how could Bob be related to Walton? He would have told us by now, I think.

Jennifer- Maybe he’s been hiding something from us.

Pop- I don’t know what to believe anymore. All I know is that something bad is going to happen soon. I can feel it in my bones.

Act 8- The Fell Contract

(The mercenaries as they walk though the town)

Gustav- Beurk! This place is huge! But it doesn’t have the charm of our town.

Damien- Gustav, Cold Harbor has nothing on this place. Heck! We don’t even got a tailor in our rotten fleabag town. Which reminds me… (Damien walks towards the tailor) I need to get a new cape


Damien- Ah, lighten up. I’m sure Nutrient Man will agree with me.

(Gustav turns to Nutrient Man, with one hand resting on his broadsword, scowling.)

Nutrient Man- I… think Tambo needs my assistance. (Nutrient Man runs ahead)

Gustav- (Grumbles) Stinkin’ Damien. He’ll never know what its like to be fending for yourself. All he is an exiled prince who thinks that he should get the same treatment as before…

Damien- (Yelling in the tailor shop) Let’s go, Gustav!

Damien- Yeah, I’m coming.

Nutrient Man- My liege, what is your plan, if I may be gifted to hear it.

Tambo- (As soldier) Ah, Nutrient Man, my humble servant. Yes, yes the assignment. We are to obliterate a certain store 3 miles from here. Our power is infinite. We will crush them like flies. I have signed the contract for us that allows us to do this. We will be paid very nicely

Nutrient Man- Can we trust Wal- Mart?

Tambo- Of course. Walton is a good man, I know him… from long ago.

Man on street- Officier sir, I’m sorry to inturrupt, but I heard you mention Walton. I’m sorry to tell you this, but he died this morning.

Tambo- WHAT! Who is the new CEO?

Man- I forget his name… Font was it? Why, do you know him?

Tambo- …Font…

(Flashback from 20 years before all of this)

(Font and a human Tambo are with each other, fighting. Tambo lifts his hands, and a creature of darkness comes out of the ground and lunges towards Font, Font retaliates by pointing his hand towards the creature, sending it flying at the wall, turning it into a puddle of black sludge)

Tambo- You have become very powerful in the ways of Dark Magic, by pupil. Someday you and I will come out of hiding, and we will take over this Earth.

Font- Thank you… master. You have trained me so very… excellently in the ways of evil. I feel it pulsing though my veins. All around me, an aura of darkness…

Tambo- Font, you must control it. That is how you will become a master like me. You must be in complete control of your powers, it will consume you if you don’t.

Font- And what if it does! I will become more powerful that anything that has ever been born. You have held me back, my master.

Tambo- I have only held you back to protect you. You are too valuble to lose. You are my greatest pupil.

Font- No, I don’t think that is the reason. I think you are trying to hold me back so you can continue to be the best. I think you hold me back because you fear me.

Tambo- No… that is not… the case.

Font- Don’t lie to me! I’m just your puppet, your puppet who will be abandoned when I am not needed anymore!

Tambo- …You will continue to serve me. I am your MASTER!

Font- Not anymore! You see, I’ve been teaching myself some new tricks. I will destroy you… master.

(Font and Tambo fling Dark Magic at one another, skillfully dodging attacks. Many expensive CG effects are put into this scene, but because I have no money and/or equipment and/or special effects team, feel free to imagine this scene yourself! Because its pretty cool… Anyways, suddenlt, Font charges a dark aura around him, slowly building it up.)

Tambo-… What… What is that


(Font throws his arms at Tambo, and a wave of total darkness consumes most of the room. Several awesome sound effects are heard. When the darkness clears, both are on the ground. Font is shaking, and Tambo has become a disgusting, defenseless blob on the ground. Font gets up.)

Font- (Pants) You… how could you survive that?! (Pants) No… matter. I will finish you off…

(Font raises his hand towards Tambo, and nothing happens)


Tambo-… You have…used… to much… I told… you… it would… consume…you… and now… you have lost…it


(Stops yelling and smiles)

Well, this is just a minor setback. I will take over the world through other means, and some dad, I will get my magic back. It will be a long process, but I’ll train. But in the meantime, I can always become powerful through my other love… Money. But you Tambo, you are nothing. I will let you live the rest of you days as this pitiful thing. You will wish for death, but it will not come. Goodbye, old master, maybe we will meet again… but I doubt that… he he he

(Font leaves, and Tambo is left there, with nothing for him, but an obsessive burning rage)


Tambo- … Yes, yes I do know him… Nutrient Man, get Gustav and Damien, we will go to this little store. It seems they have a resistance movement going against Wal- Mart, or so they tell me. Let us… discuss this resistance with them.

Nutrient Man- Tambo, your are very wise, but are you thinking to go against our employees?

Tambo- Plans have changed, now go!

Nutrient Man- Yes, my liege

Tambo- (Mutters) I have been waiting for this moment for 20 long years. The day I would destroy the man who stole my humanity, this man… he will pay…

Act 9- The Cogs of War

(Wal- Mart Headquarters)

Manager of Customer Services- Font, sir, I have news fore you.

Font- I hope it’s good

MCS- Well… the mercenaries have not contacted us for quite a while. You don’t think they took our down payment and ran off with it.

Font- If they did, they won’t see the light of day next morning.

MCS- Do you know who their leader is?

Font- No. A man in a turban stood in for their leader and took the job.

MCS- What to you suggest we do?

Font- Get two groups of draftee soldiers. On will track town the mercenaries, and the other will attack that little store. They are the last business, and they must be eliminated accordingly.

MCS- Very good, my lord, I will organize the troops immediately.

(On the Wal- Mart main floor)

MCS- Attention, employees, will all worker draftees report to the barracks.

(Many employees, including Charlie, follow the Manager)

MCS- All right. We are dividing you into groups to do tasks that we need done. Brigs! You and your regiment will attack a certain group of mercenaries that includes a man in a turban. We have just received info that they are in town as we speak. Use the element of surprise, for they are probably dangerous.

Brigs- Yes sir!

(The man goes out the door with 70 men armed with lances, and runs out the door.)

MCS- Officer Charlie, you will take your regiment and destroy Mom and Pop’s Hometown General Store. Destroy any that resist, capture those who don’t so we can interrogate them.

Charlie- But… but Sir! Those are innocent people. How could we do such a thing!

MCS- Do you question Font’s decision?

Charlie- Yes… I mean no…

MCS- Sykes! You will watch over Charlie. If he fails his test, get rid of him. Wal- Mart has no need for traitors.

Sykes- Excellent sir.

MCS- Get moving, troops!

(Charlie regiment runs out the door)

(The Manager of Customer Services goes up the elevator to Font chamber)

Font- Well, did you do it?

MCS- Yes, sir. Charlie is in command of the regiment. If he resists, he will be eliminated along with those small business rats.

Font- Excellent. I have seen that kid with one of Pop’s workers. He’s smart, but he let’s his emotions get in the way. Let us see what his emotions will do when he must sacrifice either his life or his love on this mission. He he he. Soon those rebels will be eliminated, and Wal- Mart will control all business in the town. And we will have no more enemies.

Act 10- The Beginning of the End

(Mom and Pops Hometown General Store, afternoon)

Pop- Well, we should close up soon, don’t you agree?

Henry- Yeah, its 5 o clock.

Jennifer- Hey look! I think I see Charlie… and a bunch other … people… with weapons…

Pop- What in tarnation is going on, why would Charlie… do this.

Swipes- (Shopping) What is going on, old man…

Horatio- Swipes, please… but Pop, what… what is going on…

Pop- A bunch of Wal- Mart guys… they’re comin’ here. Charlie’s leadin’ ‘em

Swipes- Excellent… (takes out the katana hanging on her side) Enemies… we will cut through them like butter…

Horatio- Let’s… let’s see what they… what before any… violence… happens.

Henry- I agree, let’s talk to them. I’m sure there’s a perfectly good reason…

(All of the people in the store get some sort of weapon from the store and walk out and meet the oncoming group)

Jennifer- Charlie! What’s all this about? Why are all these men armed?

Charlie- (Gulps and takes out a scroll. Reads) By order of his Greatness Emperor Jacques Font, you’re business will be closed. All of you… must come with us. Do not… resist.

Pop- What grounds do you got for doin’ this?

Charlie- His Emperor does not need one. Font is only looking out for the custom…

Pop- I ain’t bowing down to your stinkin’ Lord. I don’t know what’s gotten over you, but if you continue, I’m prepared to fight for my property.

Charlie- Please… do not fight… its for your own good…

Jennifer- Charlie, I don’t know what’s happened, but please, your our friend. I’M your friend. What are you doing?!

Sykes- (Whispers) Give the order

Charlie- I… I can’t do this

Sykes- Then you will die!

(Sykes is about to stab Charlie with one quick motion, when an arrow hits him, and he falls to the ground)

Henry- (Lowering bow) CHARLIE, RUN!

(Charlie runs to the store while his army rushes towards them. Pop takes out his old sword and shield from his younger days in the service, Jennifer and Henry get up on a table and let arrows fly from their bows. Swipes ruses towards the group, chanting some sort of war cry, while Ricardo goes next to Pop, holding a spear made from a broom shaft and sharp metal railroad spike. Charlie gets next to Jennifer and takes out his sword)

Charlie- I’m so sorry, Jennifer, they were threatening to kill me and everyone in the store if I didn’t capture you all. I should have been stronger. Now we’re all going to die!

Jennifer- (Shooting an arrow) No we won’t, at least your safe though… Now watch my back an d let’s drive them out of here.

(On the frontline, Swipes skillfully dodges the soldiers weapons and with lightning speed swings were blade at the enemy, causing havoc. Pop and Horatio are currently outnumbered 5 to 1, and are heroically fight.)

Pop- Geez! I’ve never seen such a number against so few (Stabs another soldier). Well, at least their not very good.

Horatio- I don’t know, I just think you’re very skilled. I think these guys are tricky… AHHH!

(Horatio is stabbed and falls to the ground)


(Pop then goes into a berserker rage attacking everyone in sight)

(Sykes gets up and pulls the arrow out of his back. He rushes towards Charlie, who has just stricken down another enemy. He lunges towards him, and Charlie turns around and meets his blade)

Sykes- You traitor! I knew you would double cross us for these rats!

Charlie- Their better than you despicable people! I can’t believe I worked for the likes of your kind for such a long time.

Sykes- Such boldness. It’s time to die, turncoat!)

(Sykes stabs Charlie, and he yells in pain. Sykes is about to finish him, when two arrows stick him.)


(Charlie gets up and strikes Sykes, bringing to the ground)

Jennifer- Charlie, are you alright?

Charlie- I’m fine… ughhh… I’ll keep on… fighting.

Jennifer- No, I need to bring you into the store. I’ll get help.

(With Jennifer’s help, Charlie walks into the store)

Henry- Be back soon… I really need some help….

(10 minutes of intense fighting later)

Soldier 1- These guys are beasts! We’ve lost so many men!

Soldier 2- Let’s get out of here! Retreat!

(The remaining 8 soldiers run into the hills)

Pop- (Wounded in several places) Ghaa… we’ve beat um’

Henry- ( Tending to a deep wound in the arm) Yeah… ghezz, I’m hurt!

Pop- Same here boy. You fought well.

Henry- Did anyone die?

Pop- We’ll no, but Horatio and Charlie are hurt pretty bad.

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