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Yeah! Smokin! I get that you're going in the more-funny-than-serious direction (for funny anmials) and I think you captured the right mix of that with mysterious.About size most anmials tend to look skinny or fat, it seems. Of course Velocelot is skinny, she's a cat and a speedster. But you got fat and skinny dudes. You need fat lady anmials! And yeah, not just funny ha ha the fat hippo ladies in tutus (although it would be funny to see Hypnopotamus brow-beaten by his wife Hippolyta who then goes to ballet practice and dances gracefully), but big anmials as ladies. The Elephant Ma'am. Night Mare. Consider something like Grisly Bear as a mama bear, with a pair of cubs learning the ropes. Figure out how to make her feminine, but still a big fat-assed bear, and still able to scare the pants off the other wildlife.Of course, I still think Tasmanian Daredevil should have six boobs.

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