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XANA-Franz Hopper

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XANA-Franz Hopper is a Polymorphic Clone seen in the episode Franz Hopper. This clone was better at deceiving Team Lyoko than most other clones. It appeared in the Lab, unexpectedly, and gained the trust of most of the team, except for Jeremie, who he singled out, by deactivating towers and upgrading weapons. He used this to his advantage, fostering dissension within the team. He backstabbed the Lyoko Warriors when he disabled their weapons on Lyoko and attempted to trap Aelita for the Scyphozoa. His line, "You're the one who let XANA destroy my diary!" gave away his identity. When Jeremie declared this, XANA-Franz Hopper reverted into a Spectre and disappeared. It reappeared minutes later and tried to suffocate Jeremie by blocking his airways.

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