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This is an archive for featured articles, past and present. They are listed from oldest to latest.


February 2006

Herb Pichon is an eighth grader and the brains of Sissi's Gang. He is the academic rival of Jeremie, and is just as smart as him, if not more. The difference between him and Jeremie is the fact he exploits knowledge for personal gain, wheras Jeremie exploits it to help others. Herb has a big crush on Sissi, and is therefore constantly mean to Ulrich, Theo, and basically everyone.

March 2006

The Ice Barrier Sector is a sector of Lyoko. It is the most difficult one to locate Towers in, as many of them are hidden in caves or underneath the surface of the sector. Numerous monsters, including Hornets and Crabs, inhabit this icy area. XANA's most important plots are usually concealed here. It has virtual water which can be swum across, as Odd does it in one episode.

April 2006

The Scyphozoa is one of XANA's monsters, and the most dangerous. Originating from Carthage, the Scyphozoa pursued Aelita whenever she came to Lyoko during the second season. It used its tentacles to get rid of obstacles and, ultimately, suck out victims' memories. In The Key, it succeeded, but Aelita's memories were restored by her father's self-sacrifice.

May 2006

The teddy bear breaks through the gym wall, terrifying Mr. Delmas, Sissi, and the students present at the Annual School Prom.

Teddygozilla is the first episode of Code: LYOKO. It aired on April 19, 2004, although hardly gave any backstory for the show. The plot of the episode centers on Milly, who, after being insulted by Sissi, asks Ulrich to the school prom to defend herself. After Ulrich sadly denies her request, saying he's going with Yumi, Milly runs away crying and seeks comfort in her teddy bear. XANA later possesses the stuffed animal and attacks Sissi and Jim. Odd investigates the situation and informs Jeremie of the problem, and he goes to Lyoko to assess the situation. Meanwhile, Ulrich tries to contact Yumi, and after going to her house, they proceed to evacuate the school. The bear crashes through the Gym's door, much to Sissi's chagrin, and proceeds to try and kill Ulrich. In Lyoko, Odd fights Roachsters and a Megatank before Aelita deactivates the Tower. The bear is frozen before he can cause too much damage, and after a return into the past, Ulrich agrees to go out with Milly.

June 2006

Lyoko Freak's most recent homepage.

Lyoko Freak is a Code: LYOKO fansite created by Erynn in 2005. It originally was only a forum, but spread to incorporate an information network that had data on the characters, romances, and many other minor features including the lyrics for A World Without Danger, forums, and quizzes on the show. Although it is a mildly popular site, it is not updated often, and when it is, changes are not major. The site changes its format every six months or so for variety. The site sometimes refuses to post messages into the guestbook for no apparent reason. It recently refused to post a link to Code: WIKI for unknown purposes. It also does not list XANA as a character, and many of the shippings are completely made-up and are not actually in the show. The site also contains Erynn's favorite fanfictions and fanart. It remains a popular site today albeit various mistakes and assumptions its administration makes.

July 2006

Our heroes at Kadic

Jeremie's Gang, also known as the Lyoko Gang or Team Lyoko, among other names, is the primary organization dedicated to fighting the vile XANA. Probably originally organized by Jeremie Belpois, the gang currently also includes Yumi Ishiyama, Ulrich Stern, Odd Della Robbia, and Aelita. They have since become very close friends, and often never leave each other's company, which has on some cases resulted in undesirable situations and interrogations. They fight XANA and his attacks by virtualizing themselves into a virtual world called Lyoko. Led by Jeremie, the team constantly must be on guard for potential XANA attacks, whilst making sure their allies at Kadic Academy do not get injured, die, or remember any of the events that transpire.

August 2006

Odd fires a Lazer Arrow.

Lazer Arrows are weapons Odd Della Robbia, a member of Jeremie's Gang, uses in Lyoko to protect Aelita against XANA's monsters. Obviously the most advanced of our heroes' offensive gadgetry, Lazer Arrows are small pointed arrowheads that Odd can fire out of his paw-like launchers that are always attached to his arms in Lyoko. The Lazer Arrows have undergone many changes over time. Originally actual black arrows, Jeremie obviously soon adjusted them to be merely gold arrowheads. Later, he changed them to be silver. Lazer Arrows do ten damage to monsters reguralily, but do infinite amounts of damage if fired into a monsters Eye of XANA.

September and October 2006

A Tower in the Desert.

Towers are devices within Lyoko that allow programs and People to communicate with the real world or influence it. Although mostly used by Aelita as a means to communicate with her friends, they can also be used by XANA, Franz Hopper, and Jeremie to influence Lyoko or objects in Earth. Towers can be activated and deactivated by all of the aforementioned individuals, and sometimes serve as sanctuaries for Lyokons. However, they can be destroyed by monsters, most notably, Megatanks. There are 40 towers in Lyoko, no counting the ones stationed within Carthage. Some of them can be used to go from one sector to another, these are known as Passage Towers.

November 2006

Jeremie loads the Overbike.

The Overbike is one of the Lyoko Warriors' vehicles that Jeremie created in New Order. A well-balanced form of transport, the Overbike is unique from the other vehicles in the fact that it does not normally float; when in the sectors, it commonly rolls around on its single wheel, although it can fly if the situation calls for it. The Overbike is usually commandeered by Ulrich, although Aelita has been known to use it on occasion. It is somewhat manueverable, and is mostly meant to be used with hit-and-run tactics, as demonstrated in various episodes. One laser from a monster usually devirtualizes the Overbike.

March 2008

The biggest enemy known to Team Lyoko, the Kolossus is a colossal monster that looks like it's made up of molten and hardened lava. It has a huge arm which it uses as a sword to attack Team Lyoko and the Skid. Hitting just one Eye of XANA has no effect, although it slows it down for a period of time. In Down to Earth it destroys the Skid with one strike. In order to destroy it, one would have to simultaneously hit the Eye of XANA on its head and its arm. Ulrich managed this feat in Fight to the Finish, thus destroying it.

April 2008

UlrichxYumi is probably the most wide-spread shipping in the Code: LYOKO community. It, as the name suggests, supports the romance of Ulrich and Yumi, and is supported by the show itself as well. Some episodes are even based on it, and one particular scene in Garage Kids heavily hints at it in a more sexual way. Ulrich usually never has the courage to tell Yumi how he feels about her, and neither does Yumi, but in A Bad Turn Ulrich is encourged to tell her by the rest of the team (except for Yumi) but when he gets to her house he finds William all over her and gets angry and leaves. In the episode Routine they have a fight, but at the end they almost kiss, shown in the picture on the side. Also, in Lab Rat, it is shown to be Yumi's birthday, which Ulrich forgets. She states that she never misses his birthday but Ulrich made this up to her by giving her a present (Which was supposed to be a necklace, but Odd got it mixed up with a dog bone he got for Kiwi).

May 2008

A World Without Danger is the theme song for Code: LYOKO. It is heard at the beginning of each episode. Franz Hopper's description of Lyoko as "a world where we will be safe" is a retcon reference to the song. In the show the song was made by the Subdigitals, and one of the Code Lyoko Comics has a concert mentioning this song. The song has two versions, a 45 sec. version used as the Shows theme which consists of the Choras, and another version sung by the Subdigitals with a length of 3:45 min.

June 2008

One of XANA's Robot Army

XANA's Robot Army were products of the Siberian Research Facility and Replika 4. The robots were designed to destroy all humanity. XANA, ever since building his replikas, has assined each replika to build a function of this robot, For instance, Replika 3 was making Cybertronic Brains. The Robots are believed to be late version of XANA's Original Robot in Season 1's The Robots, only with more "muscle" and firepower. The robots had the ability to fire lasers from their wrists. Their weakness was the Eye of XANA plate on their left shoulders. The army was supposedly shut down permanently when XANA was killed in Fight to the Finish.

July 2008

Aelita, real name Aelita Schaeffer (Aelita Hopper in referral to Franz Hopper), Aelita Stones at Kadic, is a human-turned virtual being, and the daughter of Franz Hopper. She is the technical ruler of Lyoko in as much as one exists, one of the leaders of Team Lyoko (though we have not seen her take command in Jeremie's absence), and for the most part the target of XANA's schemes. Aelita is also one of the characters with an unnatural hair color, the other being one of her protectors, Odd. XANA is also her sworn enemy and is after her. She has a relationship with Jeremie.

August 2008

Carthage, also known as Sector 5, is the hub of Lyoko and is spherical in shape, connected to the four sectors by data tunnels. It seems to house much crucial data relating to Lyoko, the supercomputer's functions, and in the past, XANA. It was named after Project Carthage. The walls of Carthage are a light blue and covered in a moving binary code. When Team Lyoko comes to Carthage, they can either take the main elevator which carries them up to an interface panel on Carthage's surface, take the access elevator to their Virtual Ship, or they can travel to a section of the Core Zone if they need to get something there. The interface panel has a direct link to the supercomputer, thus allowing Aelita to help Jeremie recover information from it.

September 2008 - October 2008

Creativity is a Lyoko Power used by Aelita, it allows her to alter Lyoko's landscape, create shields and (when she is a spectre) interface with technology. In the first season, creativity was Aelita's central weapon and shield until she developed the Energy Field in season 3. In season 4, Aelita mixed the energy field with her creativity to create a huge energy shield to defend the Skid, this shield managed to withstand an onslaught by two Megatanks and William. Creativity is also the only Lyoko power to be used when the team have been translated into the real world from a Replika.

November 2008

The Sabre, called a Katana in Japanese, is Ulrich's primary weapon on Lyoko. He uses it to deflect enemy blows and cut them in half. Coupled with his super speed ability, the monsters he faces usually last only seconds. The weakness of his sword is that it's a short range weapon, he might not be able to defeat monsters with their Eye of XANA far off the ground. Ulrich can also throw his saber. When Jeremie reprograms Ulrich's equipment in Double Take, he gives Ulrich 2 sabres so he can increase his battle techniques.

December 2008

Down to Earth is the 93rd episode of Code Lyoko.

Plot:In order to defeat Xana, whom they have vastly underestimated, Jeremie plans to design another multi-agent system to combat him. That, however, is still under development. In more immediate matters, Jeremie has figured out how to free William from Xana, but needs to run his program directly from the Ice Replika supercomputer. Meanwhile, William's parents arrive to visit their son, and the strange behavior of his clone concerns them greatly. Back at the Replika, Jeremie uses some new tricks to stop the Kolossus, allowing Aelita and Odd to reach the supercomputer without worry. However, an army of robotic drones now stationed at the facility complicates matters. With some effort, Aelita and Odd are able to run the program to free William, but their victory comes at a cost: though William is saved, the Skid is destroyed by the Kolossus. Back on Earth, William is able to take his clone's place, pacifying his concerned parents. Ulrich, meanwhile, has to deal with William's affection for Yumi once more. .

January 2009

Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity is the newest Code Lyoko game invented for the Nintendo Wii. The game is rumoured to follow the lines of the Code: Lyoko DS game with clips from the episodes. The game is set in the fourth season as it includes the group's new outfits and abilities, and it will contain the Skidbladnir. As the box image shows, William is one of the main opponents along with XANA. The game was released sometime in November 2007. It was also released for the PSP and PS2.

Plot: Having discovered Xana's Replikas within the digital sea, the Lyoko Warriors set out to destroy them. However, that is made difficult by the fact that each one has a supercomputer behind it which must be destroyed, and each has a boss guarding it. Each end-level boss is a guardian that exists in the real world, and has been built or enhanced by Xana. The warriors must destroy them all if they are to save William.

February 2009

The Factory is located in Boulogne-Billancourt, France, near Kadic. It used to be an old car factory, and was used by Franz Hopper as a base of operations in his experiments with Lyoko and Carthage. The Factory is considered to be Team Lyoko's headquarters.

The Factory is located in the middle of the Seine River, on what appears to be an artificial island. A bridge connects it to the mainland. A manhole on the bridge leads to the Sewers below; typically, members of Team Lyoko come up through this after travelling through the sewers from Kadic. The Factory can also be reached by boat; Team Lyoko used a dinghy in Plagued when XANA blocked the bridge with rats.

The building itself is occasionally used in XANA's schemes; he most often uses the Factory Floor to make things, or attack our heroes. For example, XANA used the machinery there to make a robot in the episodes The Robots.

At ground level is the Factory Floor, which contains the entrance to the Factory Lift. Also on this floor are the machine rooms of the factory. Above the ground floor is the upper level of the factory. This floor is normally accessed by a walkway bordering the inside of the building. The upper level is where the bridge meets the factory, and hence where the characters normally enter. To get down to the ground floor, they swing down on cables. The Lab is the first room below the surface, and it is where Jeremie monitors Team Lyoko's progress on Lyoko. Directly below the Lab is the Scanner Room, which can also be accessed by a hatch from the Lab. The bottommost room is the Supercomputer Room, which contains the supercomputer. It is accessible using a hatch from the Scanner Room.

March 2009

In the episode Code: Earth, Jeremie finally perfects his program to materialize Aelita into the real world. The code used for this program is EARTH. The code can only be used inside a neutral Tower. For the program to be launched, Aelita has to go to the center of the lower platform in a tower. When the program starts, Aelita rises to the middle of the tower and the binary codes around her begin to whirl around and break up her virtual structure. She then vanishes completely and appears in one of the scanners. Code: Earth is a complex program, and programming it wasn't easy, nor was it 100 % safe. The smallest error could bug up important programs pertaining to Aelita herself. This happened in the episode Just in Time, when the Annex Program was bugged up due to a typing error when Jeremie tested Aelita's materialization program.

In Season 2, Code: Earth was mentioned a couple of times and in Season 3 the program became useless as Aelita had regained her human memories and could be devirtualised just like any other Lyoko Warrior.

April 2009

To cover up the fact that William disappeared from Earth after Xana took control of him, Jeremie created a clone of William. The clone was supposed to act just like William did so that nobody would suspect his absence, but the clone has often exhibited very dull-witted behavior and often requires Team Lyoko's supervision. It also doesn't understand any figures of speech making it very difficult to talk to it. The clone was created at the end of the episode Double Take. XANA managed to take control of the clone in Wreck Room after Jeremie's program to get William out of Lyoko caused the Tower creating the clone to malfunction. Since it is a program, its memory is unaffected by a return to the past.

The clones stupidity sometimes lead him to make mistakes that threatened the secret of Team Lyoko, in A Lack of Goodwill the clone accidently revealed that he wasn't the real William to Milly and Tamiya and then lead them to the Lab where he promised them a discussion with Jeremie about Lyoko.

At the end of Down to Earth he is deleted so the real William can take his place.

May 2009

Odd Della Robbia is a member of Team Lyoko and possibly the most popular among fans for being kindhearted, carefree and funny. He calls himself a ladies' man, but the females he's dated would say the opposite. He likes the color purple, and wears it on most of his clothes. He is one of the Lyoko Warriors and one of Aelita's closest friends, and possibly more than that because he kisses her in Season 4, though this may be just part of his flirty personality. XANA is also his sworn enemy, and he doesn't like Sissi's stupid and childish behavior, but probably wants to like her.

On Lyoko, Odd's virtual incarnation is that of a catman, his weapons are Laser Arrows and his vehicle is the Overboard, one of his favorite hobbies on Lyoko is nicknaming the monsters he destroys.

June 2009

In the fourth season of the show, Lyoko is recreated, allowing the group to continue tracking XANA. Traveling into the digital sea in Jeremie's latest creation, a submersible ship called the Skidbladnir, the group finds a number of "Replikas", which are single-sector recreations of Lyoko. Each of these Replikas is controlled by another supercomputer, which is in turn controlled by XANA. To stop XANA once and for all, Jeremie devises a way to materialize his friends at the site of these supercomputers with their Lyoko abilities intact, giving them the necessary firepower to dismantle them, all while continuing to battle the evil William. The group has new outfits and weapons to accompany the new season. William is still controlled by XANA, and acts as a barrier on Lyoko, in the Digital Sea, and on the Replikas. He is eventually freed, and in the second-to-last episode, Franz Hopper gives up his life to help in stopping XANA. XANA is defeated, and the group finally turns off the supercomputer.

July 2009

The Energy Field is a special power that Aelita developed in Season 3. Using that attack, she can fire a ball of energy that can destroy a monster, even without hitting the Eye of XANA (the exception is a closed Megatank). Two energy fields combined in Aelita's hands can slow down a Megatank's beam and if they strike the beam simultaneously, it shatters it like a piece of glass. In the episode Skidbladnir she shows the ability to combine two energy fields into one huge one. When Aelita is a spectre, her energy fields seem to have more power than on Lyoko, as when she fought against the army of robots, one energy field caused a powerful explosion that destroved several of the robots, whereas on Lyoko, her energy fields can only destroy one monster at a time.

August 2009

Jim "Jimbo" Morales is the P.E. teacher at Kadic, and hosts most extracurricular activities such as the Robot Competition, the Annual Skateboarding Tournament and soccer practice. He is very suspicious about Team Lyoko, and thinks they are up to "no good". He sometimes almost catches them in the act, and was a member of the Lyoko Warriors (though was never scanned into the Supercomputer) in Code: Earth and False Start, before unfortunately getting his memory erased. He is also the campus supervisor, as well. This job is very important, because he actually likes the kids that he has to look after, and he wants to keep them safe, in the best ways he can think of to protect them all. As a running gag in the series, beginning with the second season, any situation Jim is involved in will inevitably lead him to relate it to a former job of his. However, rather than proceed to explain, he will refuse to go on ("I'd rather not talk about it.") and change the subject. Failing that particular gag, something (or someone) will usually interrupt him or a different excuse will prevent him from continuing.

September 2009

The Scyphozoa originated from Carthage, making it possibly the first monster to come into existence, as it is by far the most important. The Scyphozoa, unlike other monsters, levitates instead of walking or rolling which is likely to allow it to travel between the sectors (see below). Its tentacles' main function is to pick up victims and steal their memories or possess them. The Scyphozoa mainly goes after Aelita, but it also stole Yumi's Genetic Code so she couldn't rematerialize in Missing Link. The Scyphozoa has not captured any of the male Lyoko Warriors, except for William in the episode Final Round. It wraps two tentacles around the victim and renders the victim immobile with a red aura, then it places three of its tentacles at the victim's head: two at the temples, and the last one at the forehead. It first appeared in Unchartered Territory when XANA captured Aelita and took her to Carthage.

October 2009

Elisabeth "Sissi" Delmas is a mean, conceited, spoiled and popular student at Kadic. She often pesters Team Lyoko, most of the time to win Ulrich or Odd's affections. However, it seems that her actions toward Team Lyoko is an attempt to gain attention and respect from them, as she admits in Holiday in the Fog, much to her tearfulness. She is also the daughter of Jean-Pierre Delmas, the principal of Kadic, the boarding school she attends and lives in. She even has her own room there. Although she doesn't seem to have any true friends, she is seen through most of the series hanging out with Nicholas Poliakoff and Herb Pichon who normally follow any orders she gives them. Throughout the series, Sissi has been both a help and a hinderance to Team Lyoko's fight against XANA such as in Ultimatum and Lost At Sea, she is also shown to have some medical knowledge. In Echoes, the team accept her as a friend and she casts away Nicholas and Herb.

November 2009

The Virtual Ship commonly known as the Skidbladnir or Skid for short, is a special vehicle that Jeremie and Aelita have created. It is supposed to be used when our group of heroes travel through the Internet. In the episode Opening Act we see Jeremie programming the Virtual Ship on his computer in his room. In the beginning of the episode Skidbladnir, Odd suggested that the ship should be christened Melanie (a girl he was crazy about). Aelita retrieved the name Skidbladnir from a book about Norse Gods and Myths that was found in the Hermitage, which was said to be a boat that could sail on land and always reached its destination no matter what. The Skidbladnir is docked in a hold (which was created by Aelita) within the Core Zone of Carthage, and it is accessed by a special access elevator in a access hall in the Core Zone. Whenever the Skidbladnir leaves the dock, it rises through a hole, located on the north pole of Carthage and goes through one of the tunnels in the Celestial Dome. In Maiden Voyage, it is shown that the Skidbladnir has a cockpit and four Nav Skids (one probably meant for William), these Nav Skids attach to the main body by braces. Each is equipped with torpedo cannons. Jeremie said that if the pods were hit while they were detached from the main ship, the pod could be "Lost at Sea" along with its occupant.

February 2010

Comet VG724 is the name of the comet that was blown appart by XANA in Hot Shower. XANA used a military satallite to blast a large chunk off the comet and direct it towards earth where it would fall and destroy The Factory and the surrounding area (namely Kadic and possibly Yumi's House.) XANA however was forced to destroy the chunk with the satellite due to the fact that if the comet had struck, it would have killed Aelita and destroyed his chances of finding Franz Hopper.

August 2010

Theo Gauthier is a member of the eighth grade. He came to Kadic in the middle of the semester. He was first seen in the episode Claustrophobia, during the late afternoon soccer game between Ulrich's team and Herb's team. He immediatly began flirting with Sissi, and because of this Herb immediately began despising him. Herb memory of this was erased by a Time Reversion, and, luckily for him, Theo's was too. At the end of the episode, Theo offered to walk Yumi home, provoking jealousy from Ulrich. Theo is not seen after this episode because of the non-linear plotline of Season 1, and he is seen making only a few cameo appearances in Season 2, Season 3, and Season 4 possibly because the writers decided to introduce William as Ulrich's competitor for Yumi's heart.

April 2012

Code Lyoko Evolution is the upcoming fifth season of Code Lyoko, set for release in 2012. It was announced on the official Code Lyoko Facebook page by Moonscoop that the show will be renewed for 26 episodes, more information was said to be provided at a later date. The series will also be live action with the real world scenes being filmed on location in Boulogne-Billancourt, the scenes on Lyoko however will remain animated. According to information released from Moonscoop, the series will feature the return of XANA as well as new territories and equipment.

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