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Lost At Sea

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Lost at Sea
Episode No. 77
Production No. 411
Air Date August 28, 2007
Location The World Network
XANA attack method Stranding Yumi in the Nav Skid while attacking her with Kongres.

Lost at Sea is the seventy-seventh episode of Code Lyoko. It aired on August 28, 2007.


The episode opens with Odd and Ulrich meeting up with Aelita after class, Jeremie soon joins them (after falling asleep on his keyboard) and begins to tell them that he had thought of a way to try and bring William home, they are suddenly interrupted by Hiroki who asks to talk with Ulrich. The others head to the lunch room while Hiroki takes Ulrich to one side and tells him that he has a secret crush on Milly. Ulrich advises him to talk to her about her interests, Hiroki then believes that if he found a big story for the Kadic News then Milly would be crazy about him, when Ulrich questions about the type of story, Hiroki sneers sinisterly and leaves.

Ulrich meets up with Odd, Aelita and Jeremie in the lunchroom where he tells them about Hiroki's little crush. Jeremie then continues to explain about his new program, which Aelita has to simplify for the others to understand, she states that when a person is virtualized, they leave a digital trace and that Jeremie's new program was going to try and track that trace to find William and suggests that the team trys it out that afternoon.

At the vending machines, Yumi is reading over some work and goes to the machines to get a drink, leaving her bag behind. As she is pre-occupied with the machine, Hiroki sneaks past her and begins to rumage through her bag, he pulls out a black book with a flower decoration on it and is about to leave when Yumi turns to see him with the book, he quickly stuffs it up his jumper and runs with Yumi chasing him. Outside the lunchroom, Odd and Ulrich are walking and discussing Hiroki and Milly when Hiroki himself barges past them with Yumi in hot pursuit. Ulrich then bends down and picks up the black book which Hiroki appears to have dropped and asks if its Odd's who says its not his.

In the forest, Hiroki is hiding amongst the trees to catch his breath, when appears he's lost Yumi, she grabs him and orders him to return the book however he finds that he must of dropped it, angering Yumi further. Ulrich flips quickly through the pages of the book and stops when he sees a photograph of himself, Odd also spots the photo and asks if the book belongs to Yumi, Ulrich states that its her diary and that Hiroki must have taken it which explanes why she was chasing him. Odd suggests that Ulrich sees what Yumi really thought of him, Ulrich however angrily refuses and states whatever was in the diary was Yumi's business and that Yumi and him were just friends, Odd asks if that was true and Ulrich reveals that he wasn't actually sure if it was.

Later that day at the end of class, Odd and Ulrich meet up with a frustrated Yumi, as Ulrich is about to return the diary, Jeremie and Aelita appear and tell Yumi about the upcoming mission. Ulrich tries again but is interrupted by Hiroki who tries to appologize to Yumi who states that until he returns the diary, Hiroki could consider himself an only child. Odd takes Ulrich to one side and asks why he didn't return the diary, Ulrich states that he was going to fix it so that Hiroki finds the diary so that Yumi wouldn't be mad at him anymore and instructs Odd to hide the diary in the woods by the garden shed while he fetched Hiroki, Odd then states that he would get Kiwi first so he could walk with them.

Ulrich finds Hiroki in the courtyard and tells him that he saw Micheal Riley raking leaves earlier and that he may have raked up the diary by accident, Hiroki then runs to the woods with Ulrich behind him however they dont see that Yumi has spotted them and is slowly following them. In the woods, Hiroki is digging through leaves when Odd joins them and states that Hiroki would find it soon enough, Kiwi then appears and Odd puts him in his backpack ready to take him back to the dorms. Hiroki then finds the diary however when he opens it, he finds that the pages have been torn out and at that moment Yumi appears and sees the broken diary in Hiroki's hands and states that she will never forgive him for this, Odd then states that it was all together when he hid it.

Later that afternoon in the factory, Jeremie virtualizes the team into Carthage where they board the Skid and dive into the Digital Sea. Jeremie enters a CD into the interface and uploads his new program to the Skid, he alerts Aelita that she should be recieving new co-ordinates however the program suddenly bugs up and causes the sonar to go offline, Jeremie then instructs the team to turn around as it was to dangerous without the sonar. As the Skid turns around, the network turns red and Jeremie announces three Kongres were heading straight for them. Aelita releases the Nav Skids who fly straight at the oncoming enemy, Yumi then quickly manages to shoot one down when Ulrich manages to deal with one chasing Odd. Odd and Ulrich then team up and destroy the final one, Aelita recalls the Nav Skid however Yumi's Nav Skid doesnt return. Jeremie scans the nearby area for Yumi but can't find her, when Odd asks if she was eternally virtualized, Jeremie states that in the battle log, her Nav Skid wasn't destroyed, he then tells the team to return to Lyoko so he could run a repair program much to Ulrich's anger.

In the lab, Jeremie tells them that he will work quickly on the repair program and Aelita tells Ulrich that she will call him as soon as they find something. In the network, Yumi's Nav Skid is floating idly in the current with a large dent in its side, inside Yumi is calling for help as she watches her power metres quickly deplete. In the park, Ulrich and Odd are sitting down while Kiwi is digging by some trees, a few moments later, Kiwi appears holding a large wad of papers in his mouth and Odd quckly recognises it as Yumi's diary and states that Kiwi must have taken the pages and buried them thinking it was a game. Yumi is almost out of power and is cold with fright when a Kongre suddenly appears out of nowhere and attacks her. Yumi attempts to shoot it down but doesn't have the power, she then reduces her shields to give herself enough power to fire and with her last shot, she manages to destroy the Kongre. In the Lab, the Kongre's destruction is suddenly recorded and Aelita and Jeremie manage to find her location and state that she may have fallen into a Network Access Point. Aelita quickly tells Ulrich and he and Odd begin to quickly make their way back to the Factory.

Yumi is cold from loneliness and suddenly begins to think of fond memories of her and Hiroki, of how they spent time together at the pool and used morse code around their parents, she then remembers the last words she said to him about her never forgiving him for her diary. In the Lab, Jeremie localizes Yumi and the team take the Skid back to the Network to collect her, Aelita pilots the Skid into a hub and they hurridly race for her location. Elsewhere, Yumi is fleeing from another Kongre and suddenly crashes her Nav Skid, causing it further damage and leaving it immobilized. When Yumi thinks the Kongre will finish her off, it speeds away to join a new menace, William in a new Nav Skid. William fires and Yumi braces for the end however the Skid rises between them and takes the bullets, Yumi's Nav Skid is then taken back on board the main body while Ulrich and Odd use their Nav Skids to battle William and the Kongre. Odd quickly takes out the Kongre and the two seperate to confuse William who follows Odd and allows Ulrich to fire torpedoes directly into his Nav Skid causing it to disintergrate. The team then return to the Skid and then home.

That evening, Yumi returns to her room to find the diary pages on her bed, a few moments later, Hiroki appears and begs Yumi to forgive him. Yumi tells him that she was foolish to punish him over something as stupid as a diary and she thanks him for returning, Hiroki is shocked at seeing the missing pages (which he didn't find) and happy that Yumi is good with him again. Outside, Ulrich climbs down from watching them in a tree and walks away from the house, smiling and the episode closes.


Preceded by:
The Lake
Code: LYOKO episode
August 28, 2007
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Lab Rat

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