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Ulrich Stern

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Ulrich's previous Lyoko outfit.
Ulrich Stern
Age 14
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Residence Kadic Academy
Lyoko Form Samurai
Weapon(s) Sabre
Lyoko Powers Triplicate

Super Sprint Triangulate Fusion

Vehichles Overbike Nav Skid
Romances UlrichxYumi, UlrichxSissi, UlrichxEmily
Voice Barbara Weber-Scaff (English)
Marie-Line Landerwijn (French)

Ulrich Stern is a member of Team Lyoko and the unofficial leader. He is a quiet and shy person by nature, quite the opposite of his best friend, Odd, whom he is roommates with. He is one of the Lyoko Warriors, and one of Princess Aelita's closest friends.


Ulrich is 14 Earth years of age and attends Kadic. He boards at the school, sharing a room with his best friend, Odd. A shy and quiet student, Ulrich often draws the attention of many girls, but is best known for his romantic relationship with Yumi. Ulrich, in his spare time, usually plays soccer or studies, as his report card isn't one to brag about. He also suffers from Low Self Confidence, mostly because of his parents, whom are extremely hard to please, as seen in Zero Gravity Zone.

On our fair planet, Ulrich is quite athletic, like Yumi and Odd, and is a practitioner of Pencak Silat. He is good at one-on-one conversations and convincing people to do things, as he did to James Finson in End of Take, and is very nice to most of the other students. Because of his relationship with Yumi, however, many people are mean to him, such as Theo and William. Ulrich is also constantly pestered by Sissi, the principal's daughter, who wants to be his girlfriend, much to his disgust. However, it is sometimes implied that he also has feelings for her. For this fact, Herb dislikes him very much, and in one episode even sent Nicholas to beat him up for going on a date with Sissi (after being blackmailed by her). Any fight that could have occurred, however, was stopped by Jeremie, who insisted Herb take it up with Sissi instead.

In other instances, Ulrich is known to put Sissi's obsession with with him to good use, such as when he needed to get Yumi out of the Principal's office, or when he used Sissi as a spy to expose that William is scared of spiders.

In Lyoko, Ulrich is the only one with a short-range weapon, that is, his Saber. This digital sword can strike enemies in their Eye of XANA or be used to deflect Lasers. Ulrich has been known to use his body as a shield to protect Aelita if needed. In the virtual world Ulrich can also use Super Speed, which can greatly improve his katana's range of attack and defense, as well as a special technique called Triplication, which creates two clones of himself to fight alongside Team Lyoko. These clones die in one hit from a monster, however. With his clones, Ulrich can also Triangulate a monster, creating a triangle around it, confusing it, then striking out at it.

Ulrich's old real world outfit

After Jeremie updates the teams virtual equipment in Double Take Ulrich's samurai uniform is switched for a yellow and brown body suit (similar to William's) which also contains 2 Katanas for extra attack power. Other than that, like the rest of Team Lyoko, he also received new clothes in the world. During Season 4 Ulrich's silent and sulky attitude remained relatively the same, but the difference is that with William under XANA's control, he had no real competition against for Yumi's affection, which decreased the drama cases he usually causes like in he did in Vertigo and Marabounta when he sulks for looking foolish in front of Yumi. In that Vertigo, it is revealed that Ulrich is scared of heights, which William uses to his advantage to to tease him. Later that episode after a Return to the Past, Ulrich takes the high road and admits he has vertigo, and that it's better than William's Phobia of spiders.


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  • Ulrich is, by far, the most muscular and physically developed member of the group. A few fans have nicknamed him "The King of Spandex".
  • Ulrich, like most of the others, uses a skateboard to travel to the Factory.
  • Ulrich despises Sissi, or, at least, just doesn't like her, mostly because she is a selfish, spoiled brat and is always chasing him.
  • Ulrich's last name (Stern), Odd's last name (Della Robbia), and Jeremie's last name (Belpois) can be heard in Exploration.
  • In The Chips Are Down, Ulrich was temporarily banned from the team after Jeremie and the others found out about him activating a time reversion. He was brought back into the group after he confessed that his actions were selfish and disrespectful. There is a dramatic irony in this, as others of Team Lyoko have used the Supercomputer to their advantage.
  • Ulrich was on the Kadic soccer team in a few episodes of the first season, most notably Zero Gravity Zone. In the second season, there is no mention of the team or Jim's coaching job, so it's likely that the team was disassembled.
  • Ulrich was the only one seen in virtual form in the pilot, Garage Kids
  • He is William's rival.
  • He took down the Kolossus all on his own.
  • In the episode Hard Luck he is seen in green boxers.
  • Ulrich is the only one gain a new weapon (his extra katana) in the fourth season; the other members of the group received theirs in the 2nd-3rd seasons (Odd gaining over 10,000 lazer arrows, Yumi gaining an extra fan, and Aelita's energy fields)
  • Interestingly, in season one whenever he was devirtualised, he was not shown coming out of the scanners. The only exception to this is in Killer Music.
  • He played the keyboard in the Pop Rock Progressives.
  • Other than William, Ulrich is the only member of Team Lyoko who has not piloted the Skid.
  • He saves Yumi from falling into the Digital Sea multiple times.

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