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This article is about the in-universe vehicle, if you are looking for the Code WIKI position please see Code WIKI:Skids or if your looking for the episode follow this link.

The Skidbladnir.
The Skid's Cockpit.
The Docking Platform.

The Virtual Ship commonly known as the Skidbladnir or Skid for short, is a special vehicle that Jeremie and Aelita created to allow travel across the Digital Sea. It is supposed to be used when our group of heroes travel through the Internet. In the episode Opening Act, we see Jeremie programming the Virtual Ship on the computer in his room. In the beginning of the episode Skidbladnir, Odd suggested that the ship should be christened Melanie (a girl he was crazy about), however this was changed to Skidbladnir at the end of the episode. In The Lake, the Scyphozoa attacks the Skid in an attempt to destroy it, but is destroyed itself by an energy blast after Aelita activates several towers.

During the construction period XANA attacked the Skidbladnir (in the episode of its namesake) to prevent the group from completing it and entering the Internet. After a battle with William in the hanger, Jeremie managed to complete the core programs of the Skid, thus completing the ship's construction and rendering it fully operational. Later, Aelita recalled the name Skidbladnir from a book about Norse Gods and Myths that was found in the Hermitage. In the book, it was said to be a boat that "could sail on land and always reached its destination, no matter what."

The Skid in the Hanger

During most of Season 4, the Skidbladnir was docked in a room which was created by Aelita. Within the Core Zone of Carthage, it is reached using a special access elevator. Whenever the Skidbladnir leaves the dock, it rises through a port, located on the north pole of Carthage and then exits through one of the tunnels in the Celestial Dome, usually the Desert's.

In Maiden Voyage, it is shown that the Skidbladnir has a cockpit and four Nav Skids (the fourth was probably meant for William upon his liberation), attached to the main body by braces. Each is equipped with torpedo cannons and shields. According to Jeremie, if a Nav Skid was hit while separated from the main ship, the Nav Skid could be "lost at sea", along with its occupant.

The Destruction of the Skid.

The Skidbladnir also has the ability to access Towers. Jeremie invented a program that allows Team Lyoko to access the real world with their Lyoko abilities intact via the Skid.

The Skidbladnir was destroyed by the Kolossus in Down to Earth. The Kolossus smashed the Skid from the Tower to which it was moored, throwing it into the Digital Sea.

In a teaser for The Cortex, the Skid is shown to be reprogrammed at some point in Code Lyoko Evolution.

Functions of the Skidbladnir

  • Energize - A process that allows Team Lyoko to access and leave the Skidbladnir by Teleportation.
  • Rotation - Allows the main body of the Skidbladnir to change position from vertical to horizontal for quicker transport or for accessing a Replika.
  • Cockpit Rotation - Allows the Cockpit to turn 360 degrees so the pilot can observe her surroundings.
  • Skid Cannons - Large cannons on the main body of the Skid that have more ammunition than the Nav Skids.
  • Tower Docking - The process that allows the Skid to attach to a Tower.
  • Tower Release - The process that breaks the Skid's link to a Tower.
  • Translation - The process that allows Jeremie to materialize a Lyoko Warrior from the Skid into the real world (also called "teleportation").
  • Skidbladnir Remote Control - A program created by Jeremie which allows him to control the Skid from the lab.
  • Retro Brakes - Causes the Skidbladnir to slow down.
  • Turbo Jets - Give the Skidbladnir a boost of speed to escape monsters or to break free of the gravitational pull of Replikas or Lyoko.
  • The Digital Key - A function used by Aelita to access the locking system on a Replika's network gate; this program is accessed through a hand scanner in the cockpit.
  • Nav Skid Release - Releases the Nav Skids (pods which Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi occupy), allowing them to attack monsters while the Skidbladnir moves away.
  • Lights - Turns on lights that are positioned on the wings and above the cockpit windscreen.
  • Energy Shields - Barriers that protect the Skidbladnir from harm; they have a limited supply of power but can be supported by transferring large amounts of energy from the supercomputer across the network.
  • Bio-scan - A special scanner which can track down a person's DNA on the Network within the rest of the data in the Digital Sea. This program was created and tested in the episode Hot Shower, and it actually found traces of DNA somewhere on the Network. It has the appearance of a mini Holomap in the Cockpit.

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