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The Requiem venue contains a plethora of setting material including many bloodlines for each clan and covenent. Our creative members often have their own lineages and custom bloodlines. If you are open to accepting Circle of the Crone PCs as members, please outline your lineage below.

If your character is looking for a sire, childer or connections link its page in the Seeking section.



  • ti Moun - (?) Consists of those who claim to trace their lineage back to Matriarch Madame Akuete Latour. Whether this is actually a lineage or a group of adopted students is debated.
  • Siddhu - (Mixed Clans) Consists of those who claim to trace their lineage back to Patriarch Satish Singh Siddhu. Mortal lineage of the Siddhu family from the Southern provinces of India. Consists primarily of Nosferatu Crones but counts a few other clans among those embraced.


  • Agoniste (Mekhet) The Scribes. are one of the oldest known bloodlines, and are compelled to record the histories of the covenant, as well as the memories of those Crones who slumber in torpor.
  • Alucinor (Mekhet) Possessing power over the dreams and subconcious of mortals and supernaturals alike. For more information see, Bloodlines: the Hidden.
  • Anvari (Daeva) A bloodline that reaches back to medieval Persia, the Anvari are wholly consumed by their affinity for opiates. Those in the Circle find that the narcotic haze leads to a state of transcendent bliss, from which insight and power can be gained.
  • Bohagande (Gangrel) A recent bloodline, allegedly with roots in 19th century North America. Known for good/bad luck and their distinctive auras. For more information, see Bloodlines: the Hidden.
  • Burakumin (Nosferatu) Created in Japan during the height of the Shoguns, the Unclean are taken from the lower castes of Shinto society: Tanners, Maids, and those who handle the dead. Known to practice a potent form of Necromancy.
  • Deux Mains (Any Clan) A small, secretive bloodline of the Voodouisant with impressive magical prowess steeped in the practices of voodoo.
  • Khaibit (Mekhet) An ancient bloodline with ties to Egypt, they were historically followers of the god Set, however, most have forgotten their ancestral ties. (See Bloodlines: The Hidden, pg 60)
  • Serein (Daeva) Possessing an inner sense of balance derived from a resolute sense of utter arrogance, these Succubi are able to maintain a state of serenity in the face of anything that makes the mistake of opposing their desires. (Watch this space for more info.)
  • Vedma (Gangrel, See Ordo Dracul pg 169)

Ghoul Families

  • Children of Nirriti (Ghouls pg 104)

Seeking Character Connections

  • Quitalla Montalvio - Seeking PC connections for characters who lived in, or traveled through, Guatemala and Mexico within the last 50 years. Contact Laura Simpson for more information.
  • Rachel Doucet - Seeking character connections with other PCs, especially those PCs with history in Baton Rouge/New Orleans, Louisiana between 1916 and 1941. Contact Heather Knight for more information.
  • Wise - Seeking Childer for an expanding bloodline. PC ghouls or anyone interested in playing PC ghouls to get involved in this bloodline 'before' it diverges. Bloodline currently flirting with the name 'Dolus' or 'Auctoritas'. Jacob Helmer
  • Mary Sue Skvarcek Daeva, Bahari. Looking for other Followers of Lilith as well as general background ties anywhere from the early 1800's to present. Lovers, friends, enemies, childer, mentors, etc...Shanon Smith
  • Breton Durst Gangrel. Seeking a grandsire and beyond if possible Sire is called eve was a young petite green eyed redhead and somewhere over 50 years old was in Scotland several years ago and hasnt been seen since. any elderly gangrel out there want a long lost grandchilde?...Ian J Philo
  • Violet Deer Nosferatu. Looking for travelling UK residents. Violet has been a resident of Cambridge (UK) for more than 300 years, however she vary rarely travels. She would like to make contact/intertwine historic backgrounds with anyone who may have travelled through or to Cambridge in search of knowledge on a variety of flora. Juliet Hood
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