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A Space Oddity

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A Space Oddity
Episode No. 87
Production No. 419
Air Date 11/17/2007
Sector Carthage (Replika 3)
XANA attack method Attempted destruction of the Skid while Odd and Yumi were on board a Space Station.

A Space Oddity is the eighty-seventh episode of Code: LYOKO. It aired on 11/17/2007.


The episode starts with Odd bursting into Jeremie's room warning that Jim and Mr. Delmas are conducting a surprise inspection of the dorm looking for things that could pose a fire hazard. Jeremie asks why they should be worried since there isn’t anything dangerous in their rooms. But Odd is actually worried about Jim and Delmas finding out about Kiwi. Aelita suggests that they hide him in the factory, but Odd refuses to put him there and Jeremie points out that there isn’t enough time. Odd then turns to Yumi and begs her to hide Kiwi for him. But it is going to take some effort from Odd to convince her, and finally Yumi gives in. She hides Kiwi in her schoolbag and leaves the room just as Delmas and Jim come in.

When Yumi comes home she takes Kiwi out of her bag and begs him to be quiet so that Hiroki won’t find him. But her young and curious brother has already discovered her little secret. Yumi quickly hands the responsibility for Kiwi over to Hiroki, as she has to get back to school, but in exchange she has to do his homework for three days. However, she accidently mixes up the instructions that Odd gave her and tell Hiroki not to give Kiwi steamed vegetable instead of potato chips and mustard.

Back at Kadic Academy, the bell rings and Odd runs out of the classroom to find Yumi who is waiting in the schoolyard. Yumi says that Kiwi is being looked after by Hiroki. Odd is not convinced and reminds the group of what happened to his computer pet Jean-Pierre. Odd calls Hiroki to ask how he is doing, and Hiroki says that everything is going fine and continues to feed Kiwi with chips. Suddenly Jeremie announces to the rest of the group that he has discovered another Replika on the Network. Without wasting a minute they all hurry to the factory.

Jeremie virtualizes everybody to Sector 5, but all Odd can think of is his dog. The group then rushes to the Skid hangar. Once there, they are teleported into the Skid, Aelita commences liftoff and she navigates the Skid out of Sector 5. Outside of Sector 5 she dives the Skid into the Digital Sea as Jeremie sends them the coordinates to the new Replika. Aelita starts to drive the Skid through the Network.

Back at Yumi’s house, Hiroki is busy playing video games, and ignoring Kiwi who has stuck his head inside a bag of potato chips. Poor Kiwi runs around trying to get the bag off of his head, but in the process Kiwi is wrecking the living room. After a while, Hiroki decides to play ball with Kiwi.

In the Network, the Skid has made it to the entrance to the Replika. Aelita connects the Skid to the portal, and Jeremie opens it up. A few seconds later, the Skid emerges from the Digital Sea, and Team Lyoko discovers that the Replika is a copy of Sector 5. Aelita drives the Skid into the sector, and Jeremie directs them to a tower in the Core Zone accessible from the North Pole. The Skid descends into the Core Zone and anchors to the tower there. Jeremie prepares the teleportation and asks Yumi and Odd if they want to be teleported. They both say yes, and are then teleported to the real world. Jeremie tries to make contact with them, and finds out that they are on the International Space Station 400 km above the Earth. Yumi and Odd start to make their way through the passageways in search of the supercomputer.

Meanwhile, Hiroki is keeping Kiwi active by playing ball with him. Back at the space station, Yumi and Odd have found a factory assembly line producing little metallic orbs. Jeremie tells the two to ignore them and find the supercomputer instead. Odd tries to touch one the orbs, but Yumi drags him away in fear of what it could do.

Back on Earth, Hiroki is tired of playing ball with Kiwi and tells him to lie down. Suddenly Mr. and Mrs. Ishiyama drive up to the house. Seeing that the living room is a mess and the fact that Yumi’s parents aren’t happy about having dogs in the house, Hiroki takes Kiwi and hides him in Yumi’s room. He then rushes down to clean up the house, but before he even gets started, his parents have entered the room. They demand an explanation to the mess, and Hiroki promises that he will clean it up in no time.

On the Replika, Ulrich is wondering why XANA hasn’t launched an attack yet. But suddenly a red energy ring forms around the Skid and slowly starts to close in on it. Jeremie suggest that they must trigger a key to stop the mechanism, just like before on Lyoko. Ulrich goes out to find the key since he is the fastest.

On the space station, Yumi and Odd have found the supercomputer. Jeremie urges them to take it out quickly, but he says that it must look like an accident since the space station is to well known. Odd suggests that they create some water damage, and both Odd and Yumi search the room for water pipes. But unknown to the two, XANA activates three of the metallic orbs and sends them out to find Yumi and Odd. On the Replika, Ulrich has to overcome one of XANA’s traps consisting of lowering columns. Meanwhile Yumi has found a pipe containing water. But their mission is soon interrupted by the three orbs entering the room. The orbs are armed with spikes, and Yumi barely manages to push Odd away before one of them miss him and strike the wall instead. The two make their escape through a passageway with the spiked orbs hot on their tails. Yumi manages to close a door just in time, and after a few seconds they hear the sound of the orbs striking the door.

Back at Yumi’s house, Hiroki is busy cleaning up the living room. But the noise from the vacuum cleaner drives Kiwi nuts, and he starts to bark and howl. Mr. and Mrs. Ishiyama goes upstairs to investigate the strange sound they’re hearing, and when they open the door to Yumi’s room, they find Kiwi sitting on the floor.

On the Replika, Ulrich continues his race to find the key, going after directions given by Jeremie. He is interrupted by a Creeper shooting at him from the opposite end of the room. Meanwhile Aelita has transferred all of the energy available into the Skids shields. Outside, William shows up and starts to attack the Skid, sending out a wave of energy from his sword. Aelita teleports herself out of Skid to confront William, but in an attempt to take out William with an energy field, she hits the Skid instead; thus weakening the shields even more.

On the space station, the situation is becoming more and more critical for Yumi and Odd, as the spiked orbs are melting their way through the door. Back on the Replika, the destruction ring around the Skid is coming closer and closer, taking out one shield layer. On the ground, Aelita is battling William, and by using her wings she manages to make him drop his sword. On the space station, Yumi and Odd are pondering on what to do next. Just as the orbs melt through the door, Odd decides to open up a hatch leading out into space. The air escaping the space station sucks the orbs out into space. After they have disappeared, Odd closes the hatch.

On the Replika, Ulrich has had enough of XANA’s traps and obstacles, and throws one of his sabers at the Creeper immediately destroying it. Elsewhere in the Core Zone, the destruction ring is just about to destroy the Skid. William uses his powers to retrieve his sword thus knocking Aelita off her feet. Luckily, Ulrich has reached the key, and he has to make a running jump to reach it. He barely makes it to the other side, but the alcove containing the key is closing up. Ulrich uses his supersprint ability, crawls into the narrowing gap and touches the key before he is devirtualized; thus deactivating the Destruction Ring Program. The destruction ring around the Skid disappears.

On the space station, Yumi and Odd have returned to the supercomputer. They find the water pipe and Odd uses a hammer to destroy it. Blobs of water begin leaking out and floating towards the interface on the supercomputer. As soon as the water touches the interface, it begins to short circuit. Jeremie de-teleports Yumi and Odd back to the Skid just as the supercomputer blows up.

Outside of the Skid, William restrain Aelita using Super Smoke and takes her with him. But Yumi and Odd comes to the rescue and chases William away. Jeremie quickly teleports everybody back into the Skid, and Aelita drives the Skid out of the sector and back to the Network. The Replika then blows up. Jeremie breathes a sigh of relief and exclaims: "Mission accomplished".

Later that day, Odd is walking with Yumi to her house to pick up Kiwi. Yumi notices that her parents have returned home, and fears for Kiwi. But to Yumi’s surprise, her parents have come to enjoy having Kiwi in their house. Odd takes Kiwi with him, despite Mr. Ishiyama’s offer to take care of him for a week or so. Just as Odd is about to leave, Mrs. Ishiyama hands him some sushi to give to Kiwi. Odd learns that Kiwi has grown to love sushi with mustard during his stay, and the episode ends with that.


  • The name of this episode comes from the 1968 movie 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Sissi has three pictures from her childhood in her closet - a picture of her as a little girl with her father (who is giving her a piggyback ride), her father having fun at possibly her birthday party, and a picture of her father in a penguin suit along with two other men in penguin suits.


  • After Jeremie puts his mic down, he is shown to still be wearng it in the very next secound.

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Canine Conundrum
Code: LYOKO episode
Air date 11/17/2007
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Cousins Once Removed

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