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The rank of Guardian is the second-highest rank of the Code: WIKI Hierarchy. A Guardian has sysop-level powers, and can therefore delete and protect pages and ban users. They are also sometimes called the Elders and the Council of the Guard, among other titles the Supercomputer randomly makes up. Guardians also have their own meeting page: Code Wiki:Sysop Speak which has now been moved to the forums


How to become a Guardian

To become a Guardian, do some stuff the Supercomputer tells you to do, and make sure to follow the rules! If you promote Code: WIKI, you'll also be awarded. If you do something really good for Code: WIKI, you'll receive an award as a certificate of appreciation. You can also become a Guardian if you have a special talent and wish to help Code: WIKI by using it. YOU can become a guardian if you have more than 400 contributions (Decreased by 25 for each roachster you have and 50 for being on security council) or are a vandal zapper, or have been really good to this site.




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