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Dog Day Afternoon

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Dog Day Afternoon
Episode No. 80
Production No. 413
Air Date September 15, 2007
Sector Ice
XANA attack method Possession of a Biker gang.

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Dog Day Afternoon is the eightieth episode of Code Lyoko. It aired on September 15, 2007.


At the gym lockers, Ulrich asks Odd why he did not put on sneakers. Odd says thay he forgot his socks. Then his "little diggety-dog" arrives, socks in mouth. Odd begins complementing Kiwi's intelligence. At the track, Sissi starts to suspect the gang has something to do with "William"'s stupidity. Later at lunch, Jeremie explains how there is nothing he can do about it, but that he did create a program to help protect his activated tower in the desert sector. Odd volunteers to go to Lyoko with Aelita to install the program, and suggests that maybe Kiwi should be virtualized, too. He adds that Kiwi's senses could aid in their search for the real William. Jeremie rejects this idea, but Odd smuggles Kiwi to the factory in his backpack.

When Odd, Jeremie, and Aelita arrive at the factory they notice that a gang of bikers had been there. Odd sneaks Kiwi into the scanner under his shirt. After he and Aelita land on Lyoko, he tells her that he has a surprise for her. When Kiwi doesn't virtualize, he tells her it was nothing. Two Tarantulas then showed up. Odd had trouble balancing on his overboard and falls off. He climbes back up, and when they all return to the real world he begins acting (relatively) weird. They then realize Odd has been fused with Kiwi.

Meanwhile Yumi is pretending to be dating William to get rid of Sissi. Sissi does not believe her, so she follows them around town looking for proof that William being an idiot is Yumi's fault. Jeremie virtualizes Odd and begins working on seperating his and Kiwi's DNA. But the Bikers are possesed by XANA who activated a tower in the Ice sector.

After fighting some Bloks Odd went to the Ice Sector to save Aelita from William. Aelita deactivated the tower and Odd was fixed. Odd then used Kiwi to scare the Bikers off by putting toothpaste on his mouth to make it look like he had rabies.


  • This episode marks the only time that Kiwi was ever (technically) virtualized.
  • In France, bikers are uncommon due to large traffic in the cities.

Preceded by:
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Code: LYOKO episode
Septemeber 15, 2007
Succeeded by:
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