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Episode No. 19
Production No. 119
Air Date May 19, 2004
Sector Virtual Limbo, Forest, Desert, Ice Barrier and Mountains
XANA attack method Prevent Aelita from reactivating scanner memory so Jeremie gets erased like an outdated file.

Frontier is the 19th episode of Code: LYOKO. It aired May 19th, 2004.


At the beginning of the story, Jeremie is working on Aelita's materialization program in the middle of the night. He almost completes it, but in the last moment, it doesn't work. He starts checking to make sure that Aelita connected all the data correctly, and in the process starts an argument with her. He apologizes for yelling at her, but she severes the link.

In the morning, Yumi comes to school to find Jeremie in a very bad mood. After telling her, Ulrich, and Odd about his argument, he decided to go to Lyoko himself and apologize. He gives Yumi the notes, which is a humongous collection. Once inside, Ulrich and Odd bow and step aside, after Odd says in a British voice "Your scanner is waiting, sir." A problem occurs with the virtualization process, and Jeremie is stuck in the Virtual Limbo, basically inside the wires connecting the Lab's interface computer with the Supercomputer below.

Yumi, who is partially to blame for Jeremie's predicament, as she was controlling the Lab computer at the time, goes back to Kadic from the Factory to make sure the teachers don't get suspicious. Meanwhile, Ulrich is left in charge of the computer whilst Odd plays Tetris Annihilator on his Game Boy.

Ulrich informs Aelita of Jeremie's problem, and, ever anxious about him, she agrees to help. According to Jeremie's theories, if she collects enough data from four Towers in the four known Sectors of Lyoko, Jeremie will be able to come back to the Scanners. She can communicate with Jeremie due to the fact their minds have melded inside the digital world.

XANA sees the opportunity to trap one of the most important people in Team Lyoko forever in the Virtual Limbo. After Aelita recovers the data from the Desert, Ice Barrier, and Forest Sectors, it finally realizes where Aelita needs to go next, and sends Blocks to guard all Mountains Towers. Ulrich wants to send Odd into Lyoko to aid Aelita, but cannot control the Supercomputer well enough to do so. Yumi, due to her absence during most of the day, is taken to Mr. Delmas's office by Jim, who caught her trying to get out of the school.

Ulrich returns to Kadic to try and help Yumi, but cannot talk to Mr. Delmas directly, so he tries going to Sissi, who sees the chance to get rid of Yumi forever. Even after Ulrich promises to date her for a month, Sissi refuses to talk to her father to get Yumi out of trouble. Only after Ulrich kisses her on the lips does she agree to get Yumi free of the teachers' wrath.

As soon as Aelita gets enough data, she is granted access to the Virtual Limbo. There, she touches Jeremie's fingers, thus bringing him back to the Factory. At that moment, their minds completely became one, allowing each the other to know their deepest feelings. Thus, they discover their love for one another, although they don't reveal this to one another just yet, even though Jeremie hints it during a conversation between them at the end. Jim is watching from above, rather confused (going "Hmm?" in a stupid tone). Later, Ulrich calls Yumi on his cell phone, trying to explain the situation with Sissi, but she is really angry and hangs up.


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May 13, 2004
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