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Music to Soothe the Savage Beast

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Music to Soothe the Savage Beast
Episode No. 89
Production No. 421
Air Date 11/17/2007
Sector Mountain
XANA attack method Possesion of Sophie, Milly, and Tamiya.

Music to Soothe the Savage Beast is the eighty-ninth episode of Code Lyoko. It aired on 11/17/2007.


The episode starts off with Mrs. Hertz teaching science class. Odd is worried about finding a ticket, but Ulrich states that Aelita had gotten tickets for all of the group. Odd then clarifies that he's bringing along a date, thus needing another ticket, but he is unable to get another one. Ulrich then points out Aelita's evident nervousness as she worries about her future performance as the opening act for the Subdigitals in their concert later that night. After class, Jeremie heads back to his dorm to work on a program, while Odd tries to find people with a spare ticket, finding one that has one, but does not have money, and Aelita, Ulrich and Yumi hang out at the vending machine. Aelita tells him of her nervousness, and both Yumi and Ulrich try to relieve the pressure.

Aelita later leaves for Jeremie's room, and Yumi and Ulrich are approached by Milly and Tamiya asking for Aelita's location so they could interview her. Odd returns to the group and admits his disappointment at finding tickets. Upon learning Hiroki might have a ticket, he goes off to find him. Meanwhile, Aelita tries to get into Jeremie's room to talk to him, but is asked for her signature by Herve and Nicholas, who both show her that she is featured on the Kadic news magazine, and compliments her. Aelita blushes and tries to say something, but is interrupted by Sissi, who hits Herve with her edition of the Kadic news, and is angry that she is in the spotlight instead of herself, as she is still resentful that she was not picked to be the opening act. The trio eventually leave, letting Aelita enter Jeremie's room in peace.

She enters Jeremie's room, where Jeremie is programming away on his computer. She sits down on his bed and confides her feelings that she is still nervous about performing, but Jeremie assures her that she will do fine, and that Yumi, Odd, and Ulrich will be there in the concert for her. Aelita is surprised that Jermeie will not be there, and when she asks him about it, Jeremie explains that he is too busy, and might go when he is done programming. Angry, Aelita throws his ticket down on his bed and leaves, leaving both of them to ponder on the situation, Jeremie looking at the ticket where it lies, while Aelita thinks about if her outburst was needed, worrying on the other side of the closed door.

The scene changes to where Odd tries to go get tickets from Hiroki, but he does not have enough money to meet Hiroki's price for the ticket. Sissi then offers him a ticket if he promises that Ulrich will go to the concert with her instead of Yumi. Odd grudgingly accepts after a moment's hesitation, and receives the ticket. The gang, minus Jeremie, is hanging out at the Recreation Room later, Odd proudly stating that he had finally gotten a ticket, but refusing to elaborate clearly when questioned by Ulrich. Aelita soon joins them and gives them their tickets, the group reassuring her she will do fine and telling her that Jeremie will probably show up, and lessening her anxiety and fears.

The scene changes to later that night to the exterior of where the concert is being held. It changes to Aelita using an eyelash straightener, when Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi come in and converse with her. Aelita asks about Jeremie, but the rest of the group tell her that Jeremie is not here, disappointing her. Aelita then tries to concentrate on the upcoming concert, the group understanding and leaving, Yumi commenting positively to Aelita before she leaves. Odd quickly finds his date, Kelly, and introduces Yumi and Ulrich to her. Just then, Sissi comes toward them, and confronts Odd, angry because Yumi is there when Odd promised that she would not be there. Sissi then snatches the ticket she gave to Odd, and leaves, Kelly leaving also after reprimanding Odd, because she doesn't want to date someone who does business with Sissi, and because he lied to her that he had used his own money to buy the ticket.

Aelita is then bothered by Milly and Tamiya, who were going to interview her about the concert when Sophie, the band manager, stops them, and persuades them to leave Aelita alone so she could focus. Just then, XANA activates a tower, and Jeremie is called by Yumi, who tells her that Aelita was disappointed when he didn't show up. Jeremie tells her that he did not realize the time go by quickly, and that will be there after he finishes a calculation, when the super scan on his computer picks up the activated tower as he hangs up. Jeremie leaves for the factory as XANA sends a spectre to possess Sophie as she heads to the room Aelita is in to fetch her for the concert.

Sophie enters the dressing room, and as Aelita tells her that her that she is ready for the concert, the band manager reveals she is possessed with the tell-tale XANA-eye symbol signs in her eyes and her altered voice. Aelita is then knocked out by her with a jolt of electricity. The possessed band manager then calls Chris and lies that Aelita is sick and therefore unable to perform, so that they would not wonder where she is and look for her. Chris, Ben, and Nico then go onstage and perform "Planet Net" to the cheering fans. As Yumi, Odd, and Ulrich wonder why Aelita is not there as the opening act, they get a call from Jeremie as he running through the park, who tells that XANA has activated a tower and that they should hurry up. They agree and try to find Aelita, finding Sophie holding her as they spot her backstage. Seeing that they have spotted her, Sophie runs off with the unconscious Aelita and the possessed Milly and Tamiya show up.

Ulrich volunteers to distract them, and throws a cloth over them to momentarily confuse and stun them as Yumi and Odd run to the factory. As they leave the building, Yumi informs Jeremie of the situation, to which he replies that he will head her off, looking at the top of the elevator as he does so. It is not too long before Sophie arrives with Aelita, jumping down to the Factory floor without assistance from the ropes dangling from the ceiling. Jeremie leaps at her from the top of the elevator as Sophie comes close to the elevator, but is quickly defeated when Sophie stops his attack with one hand, and tosses him against a metal beam, knocking him out. The possessed band manager then accesses the elevator and virtualizes Aelita to Lyoko just as Odd and Yumi use the elevator to go to the Computer Lab as Jeremie regains consciousness and reaches for the rope nearby him. Aelita wakes up in Lyoko and finds herself on a ring of land surrounded by rock except for two sides, which a Blok and a Kankrelat block in order to keep her from escaping. Finding escape by means of land, Aelita activates her wings, missing laser fire from the Kankrelat, and is about to fly to the tower when a Flying Manta then shoots a laser and clips her wings, sending her back down to the ground. Aelita realizes that she is truly surrounded and there is little chance of escaping as the Blok and the Kankrelat approach her and the Manta flies overhead.

Odd and Yumi arrive at the Computer Lab, and find Sophie working the controls of the supercomputer. They then initiate the "Lateral crossing and pincer" strategy, dodging the electric blast sent their way, and effectively knocking her out. Jeremie then arrives with the rope around one of his shoulder and asks where Aelita is, Yumi replying that she was already virtualized onto Lyoko. Back on Lyoko, Aelita escapes by bypassing the Kankrelat with all three monsters in pursuit, and heads for the tower using the thing land passage, but is forced to stop when the Manta flies past her, turns around, and fires its laser at her. Aelita ducks, and the laser hits the Kankrelat behind her, destroying it immediately. Jeremie asks if she is alright, Aelita replying that this was not the place that she had expected to meet him, but was happy to hear his voice. Jeremie then tries to apologize to her, but she cuts him off, telling him that they will discuss this at another time. Aelita fuses two of her energy fields, and uses them as a sheild to block the two Manta lasers with them, each pushing her back a little until she makes contact with William's sword, which embedded itself into the ground as she was being pushed back, stopping her from going backwards and forcing her to divert her attention, which the Manta takes full advantage of by successfully hitting her in the chest with its laser. William then retrieves his sword using a smoke technique, and flies by with his black Manta.

Jeremie sends both Odd and Yumi to Lyoko as Aelita informs him about William's presence there. Aelita dodges a laser from the Blok, and tries to hit the Manta with an energy field, but it dodges. William makes another round to attack Aelita on his Manta, but is distracted when Yumi's fan slices his arm. Odd comments at Yumi's impressive shot as William comes towards them, but then notices two Kankrelats behind them. Noticing their predicament at their situation in which they are unable to help Aelita without their vehicles, Yumi informs Jeremie, who programs the overboard and the overwing right away. William comes within their range and fires a laser, but they dodge, Odd dodging an additional laser from one of the Kankrelats as well. Yumi deflects some more lasers from William's Manta. Yumi tosses one of her fans at William, but he dodges, and she and Odd both take to the skies when their vehicles appear, Odd dispatching both Kankrelats easily.

The scene goes back to Ulrich is dodging electrical firing courtesy of Milly and Tamiya. Ulrich grabs a wooden pole, and knocks both of them out by using the pole for stability when he uses the force of motion provided by his running to kick them both to the ground. On Lyoko, Yumi is avoiding laser fire from William's Manta, and both of them continue their digital duel in the sky. Yumi throws her fan, but William dodges it again. Yumi then leads William to a tunnel in a hollowed-out rock, dodging laser fire in the process. As William, along with his Manta, leave the tunnel, and is promptly attacked by Yumi, who was hiding at the mouth of the tunnel. William deflects her attack with his blade, and his Manta fires a laser. Before it could hit her, however, Odd flies by, using his shield to absorb the laser attack.

Back at the computer lab, Sophie awakens and manages to snap the rope tightly bound around her in a matter of a few seconds, approaching the unsuspecting Jeremie. Yumi and Odd manage to score a hit on William when he is on his Manta, causing both the monster and its rider to barrel-roll down. Yumi and Odd celebrate, but their vehicles disappear, courtesy of Sophie's inerference. William and his Manta appear again, chasing them both down, leading Odd to comment that they are going to have to "change the music". Back at the concert, Ulrich is knocked down, possibly from an electrical hit, and Tamiya is about to finish him off with two electrical blasts, but Ulrich grabs a mirror and deflects the electricity, knocking them right back at the sender.

On Lyoko, Aelita was just about to reach the tower when she is forced to run the other way due to the other Manta. Attempts for her to destroy the monster prove fruitless, as the Manta dodges it due to its aerodynamics. Aelita dodges a laser from the Blok, and she destroys it with an energy field, clearing the path. The Manta appears behind her again, and Aelita is shot from behind, sending her into the hole in the ring of land to her doom, Aelita managing to avoid being eternally virtualized by clinging onto the edge of the platform as the Manta flies overhead. Yumi and Odd try the "Trampoline spinning-top action" move, and they manage to separate William and the Manta with Yumi hitting the bottom of the Manta with both of her fans. William supersmokes just before he hits the ground, and devirtualizes Yumi as she is recovering from the attack. However, he is put out of commission when both of Yumi's fans return and devirtualize him. Odd then looks at the freely flying Black Manta and jumps on it, controlling it using his claws.

At the backstage in the concert, Milly fires at Ulrich, who ducks to avoid the electrical blasts. The electricity then goes over the band's head, and they start playing "Break Away", figuring the electricity to be special effects. On Lyoko, Aelita pulls herself from the gap, and prepares herself as the Manta heads for another round. She deflects some blasts before her energy fields dissipate, leaving her defenseless. Just before the Manta deals the final blow, Odd comes up on his newly-controlled Manta and destroys the other Manta. Aelita activates her wings, and flies with Odd towards the tower, which she deactivates just before Jeremie and Ulrich are fried by electrical attacks, as the Subdigitals finish playing "Break Away".

Jeremie launches a Return to the Past, and the scene changes back to where the concert is held, Jeremie coming this time. Aelita reveals that her stage fright is lessened due to being at the location before. Jeremie then tells her that there is no way that he would miss the concert for the second time, and Aelita forgives Jeremie for yelling at him, as she was under a lot of pressure and nervousness. Aelita then performs as the opening act for the Subdigitals as the band approving of their choice, the fans and the group cheering and dancing, and Sissi even enjoying herself to Aelita's remixed music as the episode ends.


  • Aelita finally performs with the Subdigitals.

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Cousins Once Removed
Code: LYOKO episode
Air date 10/27/2007
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Wrong Exposure

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