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Opening Act

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Opening Act
Episode No. 68
Production No. 403
Air Date June 19, 2007
Sector Forest
XANA attack method Polymorphic Clone that takes the form of Jim and Chris.

Opening Act is the sixty-eighth episode of Code Lyoko. It aired on June 19, 2007.

The drummer for the Subdigitals (renamed from the Subsonics of the last season), Chris, has arrived at the school to visit his uncle, who is none other than Jim. Aside from the visit, Chris is also scouting for new talent for a concert and is holding auditions in the gym. Both Odd and Aelita decide to participate, but Aelita gets roped into helping Jeremie design their Virtual Ship, which they need to travel into the internet. Aelita's disinterest in the subject convinces Jeremie to let her go to the audition.

Meanwhile, various people try out for the position and fail, including Odd. Aelita ends up coming in too late, but plays her music anyway, which Chris overhears and immediately likes. By the time he makes it back, however, Aelita has already left. As he leaves, a tower activates on Lyoko and a ghost emerges from the mixing equipment.

While the group discusses Odd's chances of getting selected, Milly and Tamiya show up to inform them that Chris has found the person he's looking for, but doesn't know who. Aelita realizes that it's her and takes off to find him, confusing the others. she manages to find Chris, but it turns out to be Xana's polymorphic clone. The clone knocks her out and carries her to the factory, but doesn't bother to be subtle about it and is seen by Milly and Tamiya. At the same time, Jeremie learns of the activated tower and arranges a search for Aelita, quickly learning of her fate from Milly and Tamiya.

At the factory, the clone sends Aelita to Lyoko's Forest sector, where two Krabes and William are waiting for her. Jeremie and Yumi arrive at the factory shortly after, and Yumi heads to Lyoko to stop William. William has the Krabes to follow Aelita while he deals with Yumi. Yumi is able to hold her own against William, though she can't manage to overpower him.

Ulrich and Odd, having suspected the real Chris as being possessed, confront him but discover that he's normal. After giving Aelita's music disc to him, they head to the sewer entrance in the park. Jim and Chris find them just as they make it there, Chris wanting to meet Aelita. With no time to spare, Ulrich decides to drag the two along as muscle, provided they don't ask questions.

On Lyoko, Aelita manages to escape the two Krabes following her, but three more simply appear to continue the chase. Meanwhile, William and Yumi's battle has moved to a small crop of land with a secondary island surrounded by a moat. Several logs act as bridges to the island. Having arrived at the factory, Ulrich and Odd head to Lyoko while Jim and Chris fight the clone. Ulrich and Odd quickly dispatch two of the Krabes chasing Aelita, allowing her to head for the tower. Odd is left to deal with the third while Ulrich sprints towards William.

As Ulrich approaches, Yumi attempts to escape over one of the logs, but William uses a smoke attack to trip her, allowing him to devirtualize her. Ulrich takes over the fight to keep him from following Aelita. Ulrich is also able to hold his own, but finds himself outnumbered when William calls in his personal Manta to assist. Odd quickly destroys it, having dispatched his Krabe earlier, and Aelita's deactivation of the tower prompts William to retreat.

In the lab, Jeremie is once again confronted by Chris and Jim's questions, but is tired of explaining and activates the return trip without telling either of them a thing. After it happens, the audition once again takes place. Odd assumes he'll do better this time, but Chris has already been given Aelita's music disc and wants to hear a live performance. Aelita is confused, as she didn't give it to him, but he explains that one of her friends gave him the disc. Jeremie smiles as he hears this.


  • For some weird reason, while in the scanners, Ulrich, Odd, and Yumi are seen in their new clothes before being virtualized.


  • For some strange reason, this episode has not yet aired yet in France, despite the fact that they've already aired up to episode 82 in France.

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Code: LYOKO episode
June 19, 2007
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