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The Scanner room.
The Scanners destroyed.

A Scanner is a device that Team Lyoko uses to travel into Lyoko. The scanners are each golden vertical chambers, about eight/nine feet high and two/three feet in diameter. Many cables connect them to the Supercomputer below and the Lab computer port above. Team Lyoko is materialized and virtualized using the scanners; Jeremie or Aelita usually control both procedures to make sure nothing goes wrong. There are three scanners in all.

XANA has on occassions targeted the scanners to prevent Team Lyoko from getting too or from Lyoko by unplugging their cables or by destroying the cabins themseves, this has occurred in Image Problem, A Bad Turn, False Lead and Hot Shower. He has also attempted to deactivate the scanners from the factory interface using different versions of a Polymorphic Clone to ensure total deletion of the team however this program has usually been fixed by Jeremie or Aelita.

People known to have used or operated the scanners

A scanner.
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