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The Desert in season 2-4.
The Desert season 1.

The Desert Sector is a sector of Lyoko. It is also the one with the most dangerous monsters living it it, as most of the creatures can get around. The Desert is made out of a collection of dry, rocky plateaus. There are very little greenery, the only trees being located next to the Oasis. The Desert is sometimes affected by sandstorms, although the only sandstorm ever seen was in Log Book, and it was XANA-induced. The plateaus also has a danger of tilting and/or shaking themselves apart, but this is probably also XANA-induced.

The Desert is made up of two levels: the lower and higher levels. The higher level's plateaus are very large, and all towers in the sector could be found there. Large creatures, such as Megatanks, Blocks, and Crabs inhabit this area. The lower level's plateaus are very small, and small sharp rocks are littered everywhere. There are no towers present here, but small monsters, such as Roachsters and Hornets could be found here.

In The Pretender, XANA possessed Aelita and used her to completely destroy the Desert. However, Jeremie and Aelita manage to recreate the Desert sector between the episodes William Returns and Double Take as it was the first surface sector to make a reappearance.



In the Desert, Coverslips only appeared once in an Oasis in Season 1. It was discovered by Odd (a very big surprise) that it was not water but just a surface layer to hide a tower on the plateau under them. It had an appearance very similar to water.

Under Ground Tunnels

Located in the lower parts of the Desert exist under ground tunnels only seen in Teddygozilla, it has the appearance of a mineshaft, and has a lot of wires that connect to towers (probably the wires of the activated tower in the episode). Surprisingly a Megatank can squeeze in and roll at enormous speed, although it was scratching the walls.



  • In Routine, Yumi and Ulrich almost kiss in this sector.
  • In Seeing is Believing, it is discovered that there are Coverslips in the Desert.
  • The Desert contains the Tower which Jeremie activated to create and support the Clone of William, this has been shown in Double Take and Wreck Room.
  • This is the most frequently used sector.
  • This was the second sector destroyed.
  • This is also the first sector to appear in Code: LYOKO.
  • Team Lyoko mostly use this sector for accessing the digital sea in the Skid.
  • Replika-2 was a Replika of this sector.
  • The Desert is the only outer sector not visited in XANA Awakens.
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