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Virtual Water

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William and Ulrich fighting above the water.
Aelita looking at her reflection in the water.

Virtual Water is a substance found on Lyoko and Replikas, which behaves similar to normal water. Virtual Water has made appearances in Season 1, Season 2, and Season 4. Unlike the substance of the Digital Sea, virtual water is completely harmless. The presence of virtual water also complements the presence of Virtual Weather on Lyoko. There have been different instances where virtual water has been seen in different sectors.

Forest Water

In the Forest sector, virtual water has been seen in Season 1, Season 2 and Season 4; in Log Book, Temptation and Opening Act, respectively. In each appearance, water surrounded something. In Season 1 and 2, water surrounded at least one Tower, and in Season 4 it surrounded an Arena. While in Season 1, it appeared to be blue. After Moonscoop replaced Antefilms and changed the graphics of Lyoko, the water in the Forest became grey (as pictured).

Ice Barrier Water

In the Ice Barrier, virtual water has appeared in all seasons, except Season 3--excluding the prequel. In the prequel, Aelita escapes Xana's monsters by crossing water by hopping on ice chunks. Additionally, water is also seen in Satellite and Vertigo, surrounding a Tower in an ice mountain in each episode.

Desert Sector

In Seeing Is Believing, an oasis appeared to have virtual water. However, this illusion was then proven wrong when it was found to merely be a coverslip, hiding the tower on the plateau below.


  • Swimming is possible in virtual water, as was demonstrated in Vertigo.
  • XANA's Monsters appear to sink in water, possibly due to being made of metal, as seen in XANA Awakens Part 2 and Temptation.

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