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XANA, the primary adversary of Team Lyoko, is an evil mulitagent program who plots to destroy humanity.

XANA's symbol.



XANA, as well as Lyoko, were originally created by Franz Hopper to destroy Project Carthage, a multiagent program designed to monitor enemy of the state communications for the French government. But XANA developed independence, and when Franz Hopper and his daughter, Aelita, came to Lyoko to hide from the French Secret Service, XANA took the chance, imprisoning Hopper and stealing Aelita's memories. Then it spent its time creating monsters to materialize into the real world, with the goal of conquering mankind. However, Hopper intervened by shutting down the Supercomputer from within, thus putting an end to XANA's activities.

Conflict with Team Lyoko

After approximately a decade of dormancy, Jeremie Belpois stumbled upon the Supercomputer and reactivated it. Soon after that, XANA launched its first attack. Through a lucky series of co-incidences, Jeremie virtualized three of his new friends, Yumi Ishiyama, Ulrich Stern and Odd Della Robbia onto Lyoko to help Aelita deactivate the activated Tower. XANA reacted by sending hordes of virtual monsters to attack Team Lyoko. But the team always seemed to defeat XANA and use a Time reversion to make everything go back in time before the attack.

At first, XANA's attacks were based mainly on things linked to the Internet or electrical appliances, such as putting paralyzing songs on the Internet for students to download or changing train times so the trains would collide and spill poisonous chemicals everywhere. But soon it began possessing inanimate and low-intelligence objects/bioforms, like teddy bears and bees.

But as Team Lyoko caused more and more Time Reversions, XANA grew stronger, in both power and intelligence. It could soon possess people and huge electrical systems. It was undoubtedly growing more dangerous. When Jeremie successfully materialized Aelita, XANA changed its tactics. It now either targeted Aelita or Jeremie, as either one was crucial to disabling its attacks. By the Second Season, XANA virtually only possessed people. In Season 2, XANA would deploy a monster called the Scyphozoa to drain her memory. In The Key, XANA succeeded and escaped the Supercomputer, having seized Aelita's Keys to Lyoko. As of the end of Season 2, XANA can strike anywhere on Earth, however in Season 3, XANA continues to focus his main attacks on Team Lyoko and even though it broke it's link with the supercomputer, XANA still needs to activate a Tower on Lyoko in order to unleash an attack.

XANA attacks appear to be limited to the area surrounding the supercomputer it is attacking from (except off-Earth objects like in Hot Shower) as when it activates a tower on Lyoko or a Replika it appears to be limited to possessing creatures or items in the immediate area around the supercomputer.


XANA, being a program, has not developed much of a personality, and doesn't really have one because it is really just a computer. Nevertheless, it often seems that XANA has specific attributes. For one, it is incredibly intelligent, possibly to an abnormal extreme, and knows almost everything scientific about Earth. XANA is also very cunning and sneaky, often hiding its schemes until the last moment, unlike many other fictional villains, who rant on about their grand designs. XANA also has a moderate understanding of human emotions, though only until a certain extent. Perhaps due to its malevolent nature, it cannot grasp complex emotions like love, compassion, and friendship. However, it can easily understand anger, jealousy, hatred, and possibly lust (considering the behavior of its polymorphic clone in episodes such as Image Problem and XANA's Kiss). It seems to bear a particular "grudge" against Jeremie as well, perhaps because of his knowledge and guidance to Team Lyoko.

The only thing it values above Team Lyoko's destruction is its own survival, as seen in Marabounta, when it teamed up with them to eliminate the Marabounta, an immediate threat. It also refuses to attack the Factory in seasons 1 and 2, for obvious reasons. It did once deactivate the Scanners in a failed attempt to kill the Lyoko Warriors. It also had a need to get out of the Supercomputer. In Saint Valentine's Day, XANA released Aelita, his key to escaping, from its control when Odd started firing at her, threatening her deletion. Other times, XANA's monsters would hold their fire, refusing to shoot at Aelita.

Despite its intense hatred of them, it seems that XANA may actually have a begrudging respect for Team Lyoko, as seen in several instances. For example, in Marabounta, after helping defeat a mutual enemy, XANA's remaining monsters actually bowed respectfully to the Lyoko Warriors, before leaving peacefully. Furthermore, while XANA does not say much, it has credited the team's accomplishments when due. An example of this is seen in Franz Hopper, when XANA's clone of Hopper remarked that Jeremie's deduction of its identity was, "very clever." Regardless, XANA's "respect" for Team Lyoko likely stems not from admiration, but merely its recognition of the group as worthy adversaries.

Powers and abilities

XANA possesses a set of unique abilities. His most common power is activating towers and entering the real world and preform his evil. Another one of his common powers is technopathy, the ability to manipulate technology at will. He can also take the form of a smoke like creature when he's about to take over a body or technology. His most powerful ability is possession, which he uses to take over a living thing or inanimate object in order to cause destruction and succeed in his plans. When he possessed something, he endows them with superhuman powers (generating lightning, and superhuman physical abilities) Another one of his abilities is to materialize monsters on Lyoko. He can even manipulate Lyoko (tilted the desert sector and cause a sand storm in the same episode). In Nobody in Particular, he was able to make a shortcut to the Core of Lyoko. XANA is also able to slightly manipulate the laws of reality (in Teddygozilla he made Milly's Teddy Bear grow to gigantic size).


The only real physical incarnation of XANA as seen in Ghost Channel.
As stated above, XANA is a program, and does not actually have a physical manifestation as humans do. The only real thing one could count as being XANA is the Eye of XANA, and that is just really a symbol. Some fans believe that XANA is actually a spectre, but it has been proven spectres are not actually XANA, just extensions of his will. In Season 2, XANA possessed people, but once again, even that was just XANA inside a person's body, and not XANA himself. Using polymorphic clones is another way, too. The only real physical incarnation of XANA is seen in Ghost Channel, where he takes on the apperance of Jeremie. When the real Jeremie comes and discovers XANA, XANA's glasses shatter, his hair sticks upward, his eyes lose their pupils and glow a bright white, he is surrounded by an orange aura, and he suddenly gains the ability to float in midair, as well as a deep, maniacal voice that most polymorphic clones have.

The Eye of XANA

Aelita possessed by XANA. Note the Eye of XANA on her forehead.
An example of The Eye of XANA, in William's case.

When XANA possesses or controls something, the Eye of XANA usually appears on it. When XANA possesses computers, for instance, the Eye will appear on their screen. If it possessed people, the Eye would appear somewhere on their bodies, such as their foreheads or eyes. The Eye of XANA was, originally, Franz Hopper's symbol, and is technically just a symbol for the Lyoko supercomputer and Franz Hopper's organization. The Eye is also used ocassionally by Aelita. Almost all of XANA's monsters have an Eye of XANA (often located on the "forehead").


In the period between The Key and William Returns, XANA had been using the data stolen from Aelita to create small virtual worlds called Replikas which each contain a copy of one of Lyoko's sectors. Although Team Lyoko have managed to destroy a few, XANA managed to create a huge number of replikas, and used the energy from at least seven of them to create the Kolossus.

Human forms

Despite the fact that XANA is a program in the actual canon, he has taken on several human forms in order to entice a Lyoko Warrior. One of the more famous was XANA-Yumi. He uses Yumi's beauty in a failed attempt to seduce Jeremie. After that failed, he attempted to kill him by throwing him down to the Supercomputer, but a time reversion saved the young boy from death.


Xana's appearance just before its destruction.
XANA finally meets its destruction after Jeremie created a multi agent program that works its way through the The World Network and removes every trace of XANA and its minions, this however came at a price as Franz Hopper sacrificed himself to activate the program. In the real world, XANA's appearance is of a black spectre rising into the air in the Factory and vanishing.

Behind the Scenes

  • XANA is voiced by David Gasman in the American version of Code Lyoko, whom also voices Herb, Jim, and William.
  • In the original pilot Garage Kids, Lyoko was called Xanadu, and XANA is an obvious spawn from that name. It is still unknown what XANA stands for, and most fanfiction doesn't even come close to explaining.


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