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HerbxSissi is one of the hinted-at romances in Code: LYOKO. It is mostly fantacized by Herb himself, who is extremely obsessive over Sissi, but on some occasions it is shown Sissi may have feelings for him as well, despite the fact she finds him disgusting (in most situations). The primary relationship that opposes it currently is Odd's confused feelings for Sissi, and, unlike other love triangles, both males seem equally matched.

One of Herb's fantasies in Claustrophobia

The first time the romance was hinted at was in Teddygozilla. After escorting Sissi to her dorm, Sissi shoos Herb and Nicholas away. Herb then, smiling, says "Sissi, we thought -" only to be cut short by Sissi, who tells them not to think. Of course, we have no idea what Herb was going to say, but it is possible he was about to ask Sissi to the dance. It is actually never revealed if Sissi or Herb get dates that night, but both seem happy at the dance, so it might be that they went with each other. Sissi confirms this when she indicates Herb and says to Ulrich, who had just arrived without Yumi, "Next time, call me."

Two episodes later, we see Sissi and Herb chatting on the phone about Jeremie and his gang in Holiday in the Fog. It seems Herb is concerned about Sissi's well-being, as he suggests she go to sleep instead of spying on Jeremie all night. She does, but in the process is nearly killed by XANA. Of course, Herb did not know this would happen.

An episode later, in Log Book, Sissi blackmails Ulrich and makes him be her boyfriend, and starts sitting with him during class. Odd notes this, then notes Herb's really annoyed expression a few desks behind. When Yumi finds Sissi's diary and forces her to stop annoying Ulrich, and he moves away from her on the bus they are using to get to the pool. As soon as he does this, Herb sits down next to Sissi, and starts commenting on how Ulrich was annoying her, et cetera. After Sissi looks out the window in sadness, we can see a look of concern cross Herb's face, clearly indicating that he wants her to be happy.

HerbxSissi in Big Bug.

In Big Bug, Ulrich and Odd play a joke on Herb and Sissi by sending them both text messages. The text message sent to Herb seems to be from Sissi, and tells him she loves him and wants them to meet at the Garden Shed. Sissi gets a similar message, saying she should go to the Garden Shed, but Odd does not sign it with Herb's name, but Sissi thinks its Ulrich who wants to share a few private moments with her. She is wronged, however, and, upon opening the Garden Shed's door, Herb jumps out and falls right on top of her, and says he loves her too. She threatens to tell her father, who, naturally, can do nothing about it.

When a clone of Yumi came to Kadic in Image Problem, it convinced Ulrich to go out with Sissi by saying that she was really pretty. Herb then comes over to Ulrich later in the day and threatens to send Nicholas to clobber him. Jeremie gives Herb the sage advice to taking it up with Sissi insted of Ulrich.

Later, in Claustrophobia, Theo comes to Kadic and starts romancing Sissi. This really, really annoys Herb, who becomes very sour towards Theo. Herb even daydreams about him and Sissi kissing, and is interrupted by Theo. Herb even tries to get Theo kicked out of school. Lucky for him, a time reversion at the end of the episode erases all three of their memories, and at the end, Theo starts romancing Yumi.

In the second season, however, Herb starts developing feelings towards Aelita (provoking Jeremie's jealousy), which, much to his surprise, Sissi doesn't like. It is made clear, however, that Herb still loves Sissi, as in the episode Cold War, he suggests they kiss, for they are freezing to death.

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