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Lyoko Warriors

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Team Lyoko in season 1-3 on Lyoko.
Team Lyoko in season 4 at Kadic.
Team Lyoko in season 4 on Lyoko.

The Lyoko Warriors is the team that consists of the primary protagonists of Code Lyoko. They battle XANA over and over again on Lyoko and are constantly trying to attain more knowledge about Aelita, Franz Hopper, and XANA itself. The Lyoko Warriors are also usually at odds with Sissi's Gang, who seem to dedicate their time to annoying them. Their headquarters is the Factory. They must keep the Factory and Lyoko a secret, for fear of getting expelled from Kadic and being asked questions and/or arrested by the French government.

Current members

The in-show incarnation of the Lyoko Warriors consists of six teenagers.

  • Aelita Schaeffer- Undoubtedly the most important member of the Team, as she is the only one who can deactivate the Towers which XANA uses to attack the earth. The vast majority of the Team's objectives concern her.
  • Jeremie Belpois - Jeremie is more often than not the team's main leader and strategist, as well as their source of intelligence.
  • Ulrich Stern - The quiet, reseved member, who usually maintains a serious demeanor. Also, Ulrich is arguably the Team's most skilled fighter. In Season One, Ulrich was the apparent leader of the Team, but in later episodes, this role is often divided among the others.
  • Odd Della Robbia - The lighthearted joker of the team, and the one who seems to have the most fun fighting on Lyoko. Despite his carefree attitude, he has taken command of the Team on occasion, especially in Marabounta.
  • Yumi Ishiyama - The oldest and most mature one of the team, that is, the one who offers common sense when the others are too incompetent, afraid, or stubborn. She is also Ulrich's love interest.
  • William Dunbar - The newest addition to the team, William is immature when it comes to fighting XANA, much to the annoyance of his team members. In his first battle on Lyoko, he was possessed by XANA and destroyed the Core of Lyoko. He was a general for XANA's army until he was set free by Team Lyoko in the episode Down to Earth, but he was not trusted to return to Lyoko in Fight to the Finish.
  • Kiwi - the only nonhuman member of the Team, and Odd's dog. Though an animal, Kiwi has displayed an unusual degree of intelligence, and has proven useful to the group on occasion. Kiwi is also something of a mascot for Team Lyoko.

Temporary members and aides

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