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Lyoko as seen from the Holomap.

This article is about the digital world. For the code, see LYOKO (code).

Lyoko (pronounced either l'yoh-koh or lee-oh-koh) is a virtual world created by Franz Hopper to be the staging ground for the destruction of Project Carthage (shown in the picture as the yellow sphere in the center). Eventually, Hopper changed the structure of the world so it would serve as a sanctuary for him and his daughter, Aelita, should there be any sort of emergency. Lyoko is housed within a vast supercomputer in the Factory, and only Aelita and Jeremie fully understand it. Lyoko is split into five parts, called sectors. The central sector is Carthage. Lyoko also has four other sectors, the Desert, Ice Barrier, Forest, and Mountain sectors. These were destroyed in The Pretender, Sabotage, Lyoko Minus One, and Double Trouble, respectively. Within Lyoko's sectors are Towers, which are structures those on Lyoko can use to communicate with the real world. Lyoko was temporarily destroyed after William destroyed the core; in William Returns, Aelita and Jeremie used data transmitted from Franz Hopper in Final Round to reconstruct Carthage, and by Opening Act, Jeremie and Aelita had managed to recreate the four surface sectors as the Holomap showed. In The World Network, Lyoko has the appearance of a large grey craggy ball with the network gate at its south pole. Like planets orbiting the Sun, Lyoko (and its Replikas) appear to have a gravitational pull around its outer shell.

Lyoko's outer shell as seen in William Returns.

Lyoko disappeared, for good, after Team Lyoko shut down the Supercomputer in the series finale, Echoes.


  • In False Start, Aelita said that there wasn't any air to breathe and that there were no scents on Lyoko.
  • Lyoko was called Xanadu in Garage Kids.
  • Aelita has also said there are no mirages on Lyoko. What a person sees is real, not an illusion.
  • According to Jeremie, there are only two senses on Lyoko: sight and sound, although this is false as Team Lyoko has felt pain there. And in episode Wreck Room, when William devirtulized Yumi by slicing her head in two pieces with his Zweihander, she emerged out of the Scanners with a Head-ache.
  • In the actual canon, Lyoko is generally uninhabited except for Aelita and XANA. Fans often rework Lyoko into an inhabited world, such as the fanfic City of Whispers, where the people of Lyoko are known as the Telleursians.

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