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Super Speed

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The two Ulrichs fight using Super Sprint.

Super Speed or Super Sprint is the power that Ulrich has in Lyoko. It allows him to run at breakneck speeds throughout Lyoko and even allows him to run up walls and propel himself into the air. When he uses this ability he usually leaves a yellow slip stream in his wake, this same stream can be deen when he uses Triangulate. Ulrich often uses this ability to get to his destination faster or to out run monsters. In Season 1, the yellow trail behind him wasn't as evident as in the seasons to come, and he never actually said the words "Super Sprint" before running, so we can see that it wasn't regarded as much of a special power at the time. This of course changed later on in the other seasons, and it was even sometimes referenced by his other team mates that he is faster and should "get there first", like Odd did in Uncharted Territory, when they were saving Aelita; and like Ulrich himself said in A Space Oddity when they had to disable the key to the Destruction Ring Program.

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