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Yolanda Perraudin

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The Nurse in the Infirmary.

Yolanda Perraudin, in Season 1 Dorothy Perraudin, unofficially known by fans as the Nurse, is the Nurse at Kadic, which is a very important job, as XANA's attacks or target the students at the school in one way or another. When strange epidemics strike (like the ones in Amnesia and Killer Music), she usually has no clue what to do with the strange "illnesses". However, Time Reversion usually saves the day (and erases her memories in the process). She runs the Infirmary, as she is the only person who works there.


  • She is possessed by XANA in Tip-Top Shape.
  • During the first couple of episodes, fans thought that she was Jeremie's mother due to similair apearances. This is later proven to be false.
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