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The Columbia University Book Review is an undergraduate publication of Columbia University in the City of New York. The paper is administered by a dedicated group of students who write, edit and publish it on a bi-weekly basis. While primarily concerned with book reviews the magazine pursues critiques of a vast array of interdisciplinary arts.

Founded at the begining of 2006 the Columbia University Book Review hopes to start publication by the begining of April this semester. Distribution is planned to start at central campus and spread outward pending budget and printing constraints. Our ultimate goal is serve Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and other affliated sources as time progresses as well as online subscribers around the city.

The Columbia University Book Review is dedicated to open operations and collaboration with our readers. We have placed our current work as well as our future projects here open to comment. Unlike many other campus publications are articles are supplied solely by staff writers as opposed to the magazine taking general submissions. This does not mean that you cannot have your work published with the Columbia University Book Review but only that we ask that contributors serve on a staff position in the process. This allows for the paper to pool its contributors editing ability as well as better allocate our limited resources.

The Review Site

This site serves as both a communication center for our writers and editors as well as a outlet for discussion of past and future articles. The most recently published issue of the Columbia University Book Review is available under Current Issue and is available for discussion under the discussion tab located in the upper left hand corner. Articles can be reached and discussed in the same manner.

We keep a running archive of past issues and articles located at Archive. If you're having trouble finding a particular article you can use the search box located to the left margin. To check out more articles by a given author you can go to their page for a list of their published work.

We are open to your general comments and suggestions which can be located and created at the Suggestion Box. If your interested in joining the Columbia University Book Review check out some more information at Join Us. You can also check out our plans for future publications at Future Issues where articles undergoing editing are located.

You may have noticed by now our site has a distinct resemblance to Wikipedia. They're both created via MediaWiki software. Wiki's are the future of information technology and community collaboration. We encourage you to take advantage of this software and post comments to our articles. Many of our pages have been edit locked to prevent vandalism but their respective discussion pages will always remain open to our readers. If you have free time please click on some of the advertisers located below, they help to fund our site.

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