Christopher Smith

From Egs Mayhem

by nokvok

Name: Christopher Smith
Age: Appears between 30 and 40, hard to tell.
Height: 5'11"
Build: masculine, muscular. 170 lbs.
Sex: male
Species: Human (pure)

Appearence: very Handsome and Charismatic, dark Eyes, black Hair, healthy tan. Allmost allways wears Business suits (the expensive ones)

Personality: Arrogant, cunning and Manipulative. A smooth Operator deluxe and a callous selfish bastard. He is however not Sadistic or cruesome for fun. He likes to appear as Gentleman and very collected but can easily fake hurt pride or justified anger if he seem's fit.

Abilities: Arcane Magic (powerfull, talented), Devine Magic (evil, pact), filthy rich and appropriate influencial.

Prophecy Place: Oppression

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