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The El Cheapo logo.
El Cheapo Industries is a transnational, possibly interplanetary, corporation renowned for its shoddy, shoddy products and lax safety standards. Basically it's like the Virgin Corporation except with more cheap crap. At least one of its subsidiaries (namely El Cheapo Airlines) is owned by ChibiVOR.

Its motto is "We Build Good".


  • El Cheapo Airlines
  • El Cheapo Entertainment Systems
  • El Cheapo Nuclear Power
  • El Cheapo Volatile Chemical Storage
  • El Cheapo Explosives
  • El Cheapo Pharmaceuticals
  • El Cheapo Construction


  • Many of its planes, notably El Cheapo Airlines Flight 13, have crashed on a deserted island in the Pacific.
  • A VR system failed, transporting its user to the island as well.
  • It is rumoured that El Cheapo was partly responsible for Chernobyl.
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