Gunnar Birtis

From Egs Mayhem

by nokvok

Name: Gunnar Birtis
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150 lbs
Age: 29
Place of Birth: Geneva
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: brown-green

only mildly attractive, average build man with dark brown hairs and brown-green eyes, he got a tiny scar above the left eye and limbs a tiny bit with his left leg due to a back injury from heaving the victim of an accident. He has no clothing preferences, thus keeps to the standards for the occasion. His hands are sleek and strong.

He’s a pretty average man, with his friendly and his grumpy days, an upbringing which taught him to be polite and an inner understanding which dictates him to be kind and charitable. But he had many experiences with being used as doormat and being caught in the mills of self doubt and guilt. Gunnar learned to keep his distance, which lead to him having troubles to make closer friends. Aside from that he still is kind and caring, though there are some principles now which he lives by. Like ‘Never let anyone else decide for you, never decide for anyone else.’. He also likes to fantasize about doing all kind of heroic stuff, he knows the Military could become ugly, but it’s always been some kind of childhood dream.

Gunnar is Paramedic. He always was somewhat fascinated by Military technology and methods. But Ideological reasons always stopped him from joining. But this reserve Unit is for the better of all mankind… and probably his very last chance.
His childhood was dominated by a bored resignation, rich parents, good schools… He was going to become lawyer or Programmer or something. But when he became witness of a Mecha accident, he was captivated by the Medics and emergency units, and abandoned all his parent’s wishes… and inheritance… by becoming Paramedic. It did indeed pay of for him in a way, he is a much humbler and content man then expected to become, he even has a few medals for bravery and extraordinary sense of duty (civilian medals, mind you).

Giant Robot
Robot name: ‘Iron Bob’ (GM UPR Med 27.23.FJ)
Manufacturer: Gloncere Mechatronics

Short, broad Mecha which looks a bit asymmetrical due to the thicker Left Arm and the muzzle in the right shoulder. It is a good compromise between speed and armor, though the maneuverability is lacking. It has an extravagant Liquid crystal surface, which can be reprogrammed for different patterns, though not fast and precise enough to provide any ‘Chameleon’ effect.

Special modifications:
The Robot was fitted with an additional Emergency suspension Unit, accessible at the back of the mecha, which can hold up to one inured person in suspended animation until proper care can be taken. Some medical sensory and equipment was custom fitted, and the left arm features an especially strong hydraulic.

- Hydraulic Cutter (Scissor like Claws) extendable from the left hand.
- EMP-dispenser (Ballistic Grenades, slow rate of fire, Low Damage (‘Stun’), very good Armour Penetration) in right shoulder.
- UMP 13 ‘Raser Pistol’: Heavy Rainbow Laser Pistol (Shots a mixture of UV, IR and visible light, NOT shooting rainbows . High rate of fire, average Damage, average Armour penetration)

A working machine. Reliable. Configured in a Medical Rescue Variant, spiced up.

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