Jessica Crenshaw

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Jessica Crenshaw is the woman responsible for making sure the Giant Spaceship Thing o' Doomness stays in a stable orbit above the earth, rather than becoming a large crater on the surface of the earth.

In a largely ironic twist, she herself suffered a drop into the ocean from the 'Doomness after it got shot. She was hauled off the ship by none other then Jeremy Housing, a private on her repair team that she has for some reason taken an immense dislike to.

So far, she has avoided death a grand total of three times, of which only one has happened while on the island.

Current Status

Jessica sustained some serious injuries after the Alucard crashed into the ocean a couple of miles off the coast of the island she washed up on. So far it seems to involve a rib fracture, although it just might get worse as time goes on, unless she is either made to take a break, or is healed in some fashion.


Jessica currently has a utility belt, where she keeps various tools and other implements to help her with her job. So far she has revealed:

  • A tool pouch, containing a screw driver and an exacto knife at least, although it would be a safe bet that there would be some other tools in there as well.
  • A couple of laminated cards, which she was told were the emergency plans of the 'Doomness. They are completely blank.
  • A roll of medicinal cloth bandages
  • Some painkillers
  • A one band walkie talkie for communicating with her maintenance team

She has more things in her possession, she just hasn't used them as of yet.

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