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The version of Ciennas that appears in The Massive Flaming Plane Crash Thread.

He is the same as before, but without the transformation at the hands of a demigod. He is not wearing his armor, as it was destroyed upon his entry to the thread. He was sent to investigate the nuclear explosion that happened on page 6, and used El Cheapo Airlines Economy Class Tickets to reach the island.

Have you ever been shot out of a ridiculously large cannon in the general direction you want to go? yeah, that's El Cheapo for you.

At any rate, in spite as such setbacks of having his armor and luggage destroyed (One on impact and the other by double laser), Ciennas has managed fine on the island so far... assuming he doesn't need to be repaired. He's kept his orignal goal in mind always, and has been trying to offer as much help as he can, while asking questions.

So far he's met with reasonable success, and has almost managed to introduce himself to everyone on the island. He's on good terms with Lia, and has offered to give protection to Cameo while she was shrunken from the effects of a certain soda.


(There will be a picture of him right here eventually. In the meantime, there is a word description. White hair, Blue eyes, slim athletic build, about 5'8 130 Pounds, but still having the same distribution of healthy weight range.)


As a robot, Ciennas has a high durability rating, and his strength and endurance are much higher then a normal humans. His self control with this is astonishing. He has a bullet deflection system incorporated into his head to protect his brain case from projectile weapons. This causes his hair to fly up in a rigid sunburst around his head. He can also perform medical scans on biologics, and is adequately trained to treat them.

He also has a remarkable sense of hearing.

Recently He acquired a plasma cutter from the remains of the 'Doomness maintenance crew. No one is sure how.

Their is one other weapon system on him, But I'm not telling anyone until such a time as he would need to use it.

He has a highly advanced sensor suite on him, but currently most of it is disabled from some sort of strange interference from something he can't quite identify yet.

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