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Sebastian is a Character in the Hyperspace RP. He works in the Durandana Book Store on the Mars Ring Three TRAIN Station in Mars orbit.

He collects rare books and other Whole Earth Era artifacts, such as electronics. He is in heated competition with his boss over the collections, and they argue on and haggle incessantly to get something from the other's collection.

He is accompanied by Jack, A small semi sentient hovering backpack that he salvaged the frame for a few years back. Jack is a medium sized mailbox shaped hovering robot, who acts with equal parts intelligence, childishness, and more often then not extremely random sillyness. He is obsessed with locating the Land Of Golden Ice Cream, and believes that ninja's are meeting in the stations park section every so often at midnight. He might be right, but no one will ever believe him. He has a crush on Marci, because she quote "did not treat him like a junker."

Jack and Sebastian get along rather well, although Jack oftentimes Exasperates Sebastian with some of his insane schemes, such as the time he discovered Jack was responsible for ordering Planet-side Pizzas with his money.

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