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I liked Shane, I really did.

Shane was a researcher from the Air Nation, who was innately interested in researching everything, while constantly traveling on the road. He had some impressive airbending skills, specializing in compressed air shots, but his main interest was in researching, well... anything that he found interesting. According to the RP's plot, that included the mysterious lightbenders.

He would have had a propensity to mentioning bags of holding, wishing he could invent such things, but forever knowing they were outside the boundaries of reality. Unfortunately, this quirk never got off the ground.

Shane wore a neutral outfit that did not show any particular allegiance to any one country or the other, allowing him entry into many establishments where he could find knowledge. It was still cut in the air nation style, which marred the effect slightly.

He did not have a full set of airbender tattoos, only having marks on his arms.

He traveled with a number of small scrolls, and an air nomad Kite Staff.

He was last seen in the earth kingdom capitol city, about to embark on a quest to find the mysterious lightbenders...

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