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Perverted, lazy, sarcastic, and a real ass.


The Basics of the Basics

Name- Bob. Just Bob. Age- 25. Height- 5'6" Weight- A suffusion of yellow.


Bob wears flowing, sky-blue robes, and a wide brimmed tan coloured hat. His face is shrouded in magical shadow, except for his eyes, which are gold and have a slight glow... That's about it. No one really knows what he looks like under the robes, hat, and shadows, and he isn't telling.


Bob is, to put it mildly, a pervert. A real jerk of a pervert. He seems to actively try to anger women at times. Otherwise, he's fun loving and laid back. He hates fighting, and will only do so if someone else starts it or he deems it funny. Likewise, he'll only use his magic when needed or humorous.


Bob can use a wide variety of magic. Mostly he uses offense based magic, though he knows enough defencive magic to get by. He also is trained in the use of mage sight, which has many applications. This includes seeing through illusions, and seeing through clothing.


Unknown. Apparently he's researching unbreakable curses, though he has yet to say why. Also, Bob is definitely not his real name.

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