From Egs Mayhem

by nokvok

Name: 'Dimitri'
Gender: male
Age: 24
Build: 5'11, 175 lbs

Dimitri is looking older than he is, a full beard, weather stained skin, a few small scars on the left cheek and forehead... his left leg seems to limp a little when he walks. He's not overly muscular, but handsomely fit. He usually wears business suits or similar high class clothing.

Dimitri is a patriot. Defending Russia and it's people... 'The last unstained people on Earth'... from any threat, from the inside or the outside. He's highly intelligent and a cold and logical planner and does not hesitate to sacrifies human lifes to reach the goals he deems worthy. He is also quite charismatic and good liar and actor, but prefers to corner his opponents with facts and force.

Russia had been lucky, the huge size compared to population had kept fatalities from Ragnarök down. The Monsters caused by Odin's eye could be dealt with effectively by the Military. Right now most of the Russia's population lives in the big enclaves which once were the larger cities. Fortified with huge walls and connected with the old railways, both maintained and controlled by Dimitri's men. In the chaos of Ragnarök, Dimitri sized control of almost all business in Russia. Mining, Power, Railways, Construction, Communication... nothing happens without one of Dimitri's companies involved. He prevented some nutjobs proclaiming themelf Czar and support the old president, which however did not stop Russia to turn more into something like a dictatorial Communism once again... but right now Russia has more pressuring problems. Both Japan and the Holy Roman Empire prepare for a major clash... and the remains of Russia are in between.

Controls enormous economic resources and holds influence over the highest positions in Russia. He is a brilliant logistician and strategist who was born for Intrigues and power games and knows how to use everyone for his own plans advantage. Dimitri built up a espionage network which still needs to grow and is mainly focussed on defensive espionage, but there are agents located all over Europe, Asia, Africa and Russia. He personally does nor seem to hold any G-human powers, even though there are rumors that his insight into human nature has to be kind of supernatural.

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