From Egs Mayhem

by nokvok

Name: Hasn't one yet (Thinks of itself as "The thing in the center", is called "Fluffy" by most)
Gender: None
Age: a few hundred years
Race: Demon-Demon-Animal Hybrid, Semi-Sapient, Uncontrolled

Physical description: A 2 yard long, 4 foot high main body with 8 legs and 4 main tentacles. Hard to see due to its inate ability to blend into its surrounding. It looks like some kind of Scorpion but without tail and claws, and instead 4 strong and flexible tentacles and a large front mouth. Its feet are as well clawed as padded - like a cat's, but with tiny, claw like hairs which allow to cling to walls and ceilings.

Abilities/weapons/powers: Defensive: Fast Chameleon blending (hard to see when moving, almost impossible to spot if standing still (think of the Predator Movies); an inch thick semi-metallic Natural Armor plates, offering immense protection against Physical attacks, as well as Heat, Acid, Frost and most Energy weapons; somewhat fast and evasive (around 30 y/s (67mp/h) max if running, half that if clinging to walls, quarter that on ceiling). Offensive: 4 yard long tentacles, each one strong enought to lift a Small car, a clawed "hand" allows basic manipulation like grappling and wielding, but no manual dexterity; can spit acid (3 yards) which dissolves almost every non-magical material, allowing it to dig tunnels, break down walls or escape armored prison cells; the teeth are hyperdense metallic crystals which cut almost everything, allowing it to chew even well armored prey; Pounces 15 yards. Miscellaneous: Sense of smell rivalling a shark's, smells blood in dozens of miles distance, can distiguish people/demons/even stones by scent; Regenerates most injury within a few hours, regrows limbs within a week; clings to walls and ceiling.

History: It was created on a foreign realm by greedy Technomancers seeking for a new addition to their stock of Biological weapons. (Un)fortunately it proved to be quite resistant to Magic Control, as well as treacherous and callous. It escaped during a test on a barren world and lived on by hunting the dangerous wild life... until one day it investigated the wrong cave and found itself in a strange cavern, almost smashed by a subway train It wandered this strange and confusing world for a few days... finding the inhabitants (humans) inedible, aggressive, and smart too, so it hid until its hunger grew too strong and it began to wander again... finding that meanwhile a lot of new prey had arrived... not humans, and maybe edible. It was one of the earliest arrivals and still does not really understand what happened. Aside from bestial instincts like eating and hiding it is capable of basic emotions like hate, joy, revenge and thankfulness. It also can produce some very primitive thoughts and solve problems like an ape or dolphin, but is not capable of using a language... but may be it can learn to understand a few simple sentences.

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