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by nokvok

Name: K7-62-9 'ASU' model gold 3.6 ('Samara')
Sex: n.a.
Age: 0.8
Hair: n.a. (You could say bold)
Eyes: n.a.
Build: Height:150cm , Wide:50cm ,Weight: 175 lbs.

Appearance: K7 is a robot.. or more precise the Artificial Intelligence which is the Core of said Robot. As 'Autarchic Surveillance Unit', short ASU, it looks rather compact. Somewhat smaller as a Human it has no legs, but hovers on an energy field. Three flexible arms are at mid hight of the cylindrical torso, in a 120° arc from each other. There is no Head or Neck as such, though at around 2/3rd hight, there are three small bulges which house sensors of all sorts. The casing is a dim Yellow and feels hard and very though to the touch, there are three normally hardly visible drawers of sorts which holds various equipment. There are no internal weapons and no microphone or speakers are visible, though it clearly can hear and talk.

Meta: Well, no.

Mundane Abilities: Observations, Forensic, Criminology, Law, Psychology, Electronics, Scanning Tech, Surveillance tech, Communication tech, Mathematics, Body Language, Fast draw, Guns, Metallurgy, Physics, Mechatronic. K7 also wields a Security Clearance of lowest Level and a Limited Law enforcement right, both granted by the Registration. It is relatively silent and sneaky due to its lifeless self, and it is repairable, doesn't bleed, doesn't breath, Doesn't eat, is immune to Poisons, diseases and all other metabolism hazards. It however is... with a big effort of a brilliant hacker... re-programmable.

Powers: - Flight (between 1" and 10' high and up to 20y/s fast) - Radar (5 miles range) - Radio (100 Miles range, Scrambler, Jammer, Tight beam) - Visions:VL, UV, IR, Telescopic (100 times), Microscopic (100 times), 360° vision, enhanced Time sense (Eye's faster than that of any human, even of that of a fly or bird) - Hearing: 3-90 000 Hz, Parabolic (20 times), Noise filter (excellent). - Chemscanner (Close range scanner to find simple and average explosives, poisons, acid and the like) - Bioscanner (Blood sample scanner to find Matches in the DNA database; no 'analytical' skills though.. hence no Meta Gen testing!) - Radscanner (Long ranger Energy detector. Weapon fire, hidden Power units, Radioactives, etc.) - Robo strength (Yay for Throwing humans 20 yards through the air or bend thick metal poles.) - Light Armor (Hand guns, carbines, and most rifle rounds are no problem. Lasers, rockets and vibroswords are however very well able to defeat the Armor)

Personality: K7 or 'Samara' how it names itself secretly is, as newest ASU model, an advanced AI and thus almost as complex in psychological structures as a human. 'She' prefers to think of herself as female, though it indeed does not make any difference, and she doesn't even feature many 'classically feminine' Personality traits. 'She' is very observant and endlessly curious. Learning is her greatest joy, since all her skills are copied standard programs. She is far from naive, and compassion or some such not indented in her programming. She is quite correct with her Job and Duties. Of course she had the usual identity crisis... is her real purpose the one her creators planned her for? Is it her place to decide what to do with her life? If not, should it be? If yes, what would she do? Does she count as Human considering her creators were humans? Well, those are questions she is asking herself a lot. She does consider Humans to be equal of Value to any other sentient being, and a sure way of winning her over is to treat her alike... she does not make big of a difference between Metas and non-Metas, except the legal one.

Background: Samara was 'born' around 40 weeks ago. The first 30 weeks of her life were dominated by learning and being instructed. 'Raising' an AI is quite similar to raising a child, and so she has 'her' AI specialist ('Alex') as a kind of parent figure. The training was mostly meeded to activate the Cognitive abilites, to let neuronal structures grow and to make sure the Personality would fall withing the acceptable parameters. Since her 31th week she is 'Mature' and thus legally a Sentient, independent being with all rights. Of course she decided to Work for the Registration which after all decided to order her and thus allowed her life. She signed a 2 years contract and since six weeks is an official Registration Officer. She is responsible for Observations, Appraisal, Interrogation.

Her current assignment is a patrolling course in Smallville which leads past all registered Meta's houses. Once a day she rings everyone's doorbell and demands to see the ID and asking for any plans to leave the town for a longer period of time. She 'Lives' her eight hours spare time a day in a small room without windows or AC. She keeps herself occupied by logging into the Local Info-net per radio. Her plans for the future are as of yet unvocalized, too small is her understanding of the world still.

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