A-779R "Alexander"

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"Alexander" is a robot from another dimension, specifically the Chrono Trigger RP Author Man created. Unfortunately it didn't go very far, which made me sad.


  • Name: A-779R "Alexander"
  • Age: Approx. 350
  • Era: 2300 AD
  • Race: Robot
  • Appearance: Seven feet tall and very skinny, he's covered in a white, semi-transparent metal. He wears a blue shirt and a pair of blue camo pants, complete with many pockets. He has no facial features, except for a pair of what appear to be yellow lights beneath his faceplate, which are actually sensors that work like eyes.
  • Personality: Quiet and reserved, most would think he enjoys being alone. Actually it's the exact opposite, he enjoys the company of others very much, but tends to be more of a listener than a talker, and only talks when he feels like it.
  • Combat: Usually uses his fists when fighting, but has a built-in laser of the 'Light' element on his left hand. His right hand has an attachment which can mimic most tools, which he can use to fix other machines.
  • History: A maintenance robot built usually for commercial use, "Alexander" was most likely owned privately, since his opting to wear clothes was most likely programmed into him by his owner. After the awakening of Lavos he was nearly destroyed, but was eventually repaired and brought back online once Mother Brain took over. Apparently his reprogramming wasn't as thorough as Mother Brain thought, and he eventually escaped. He has since moved from place to place to keep from being taken again, even though it seems Mother Brain doesn't see him a high enough priority to send anyone after him. He just likes to play it safe. Ever since the Chrono Trigger RP came to an early halt he's been hanging out in a storage area in Mage's brain for unused characters. He's been pretty bored.
  • Other: "Alexander" has had special sensors added to him. They allow him to pick up vital signs; heart rate, body temperature, etc. He can record those vitals and compare them to other living beings in hopes of finding a match based off of irregularities, like heart conditions for example. He can also focus on different sounds based on pitch and tone, and filter out most other noises. He can't filter out everything though.
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