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A Fan, the Keenfans persona of the Bunny with the same name, first appeared in the KeenFans RP when an off-hand statement of "There can only be one" caused a number of ferocious woad-dyed pictsies better known as Nac Mac Feegle to swarm the thread. A Fan introduced himself formally after rolling the blue midgets into a decent sized Katamari, setting the tone for his existence.

In short, A Fan is a walking repository of bizarre pop culture references, and always appreciates it when those references are understood. Combining his imagination and the awesome power of fandom, he can transform into or manifest anything from anything he is a fan of, with modifications always possible. (This sums up Jesse's power quite nicely as well) He loves to alternate between stabilizing and agitating the chaos around him. He recently managed to do both simultaneously by causing a field of catnip to grow in the vicinity of catgirlized Squata. A Fan appears to have an unexplained vulnerability to the powers of the Artmoogle, and his own powers are largely nullified while he's transformed by the son of a kupo...

A Fan does have something of a temper, though it takes quite a bit, like repeated puntings across the forum, to provoke his ire.

A Fan was briefly deceased , after a loophole in the fine print of the universe caused him to forfeit rights to his physical body. Piebunny led him to the Elevator to Heaven, but the cable snapped due to the weight of his accumlated sin, and his shade is currently sealed in a fetching silver-and-gold gauntlet. After possessing a passing satellite, he was able to reconstruct a physical body using some generic organic material generously provided by the Artmoogle.


A Fan has become:

  •  ! Homsar
  • A Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Blue Mage
  •  ! Dan Hibiki
  • Charade (of Soul Calibur II)
  • Samus Aran
  • A half-mantis
  • A TF energy elemental
  •  ! An anthro-fox
  •  ! Optimus Prime
  • A six-armed young female naga in a Katamari costume
  • A Female Variant 5 version of the above naga, minus the costume
  • A male version of the above naga.
  • Kirby, with Warpstar
  • An interplanar observation probe (Looks like a mirror ball)
  •  ! A shade in a gauntlet
  • A satellite Transformer
  •  ! A weasel
  • I. M. Weasel
  •  ! A hand puppet of himself
  •  ! A catgirl
  • Blue Link
  • A humanoid figure composed of living gold
  • An elvish biomancer
  • A human lawmage
  • A human metamage (Manipulator of others' magic)

(! - denotes a transformation A Fan did not perform on himself.)

A Catgirl

In a comprimise with catldr24, A Fan split his consciousness with his body, which was at the time being hugged by the kitsunefied catldr. A Fan's consciousness formed a new body, while A Fan's previous body could continue to be hugged by (and hug) catldr. The empty mind of the previous body was filled with whatever seemed like a good idea for a catgirl to have. She is therefore affectionate, curious, and has a sweet tooth the size of Saturn. Though most of A Fan's reality sculpting powers were removed from her, she still has the gold-and-silver gauntlet that houses A Fan's soul, which means she can summon him as a shade whenever she wants, usually to conjure up snacks. She can also supersize herself into an eight foot tall anthrosabertooth, especially when asked to share treats.

A Catgirl's Transformations

  •  ! A foxboy
  • An F-16 planegirl, with kitty ears and tail

(! - Denotes transformations not performed by A Fan on A Catgirl)

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