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Abelard is a Player Character from the Creation RP 2.0. Abelard is played by Blinkdog. He is also known as Abe, Abbey, Ag, and Red/Big Red by various people at various times.



  • Age: 17
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6' 3"
  • Weight: 270 lbs
  • Build: Broad shoulders, barrel chest, overweight
  • Hair: Dark coppery red
  • Eyes: Green
  • Skin Tone: Ruddy/Freckled

Abelard is tall and stocky, at 6’3” and 270 pounds. He has a frame that can support the added weight, with broad shoulders, a barrel chest and fittingly oversize muscles, but he could definitely do to getting in better shape. He has a slightly chubby face with a ruddy, freckled complexion. He has red hair he wears down to his shoulders, and forest-green eyes. As far as clothing, he likes to wear plain oversize t-shirts without any logo or design, and baggy cargo pants, with a sturdy pair of hiking boots.


Like some sort of unstoppable juggernaut of optimism, Abelard seems incapable of letting those around him feel depressed. It’s not like he’s constantly out to make people happy, he just somehow manages to find ways to cheer people up. The one thing he can’t stand is when someone is down in the dumps but won’t tell him why. Oddly enough, he rarely lets on his own feelings or emotions, and can put on a façade of perfect contentment even during a bout of severe depression. He is chaotic and creative, and has a quirky sense of humor that always seems to come out of left field. Most of the time he is introverted, although while among people he feels comfortable with he becomes incredibly extroverted and active. Left to his own devices, he’d much rather play a video game or read a book than party.


He has had a fortunately bland past, with no history of trauma or strife. He lives with both his parents and his younger brother, who all get along reasonably well. While not rich, they’re not poor by any measure either. Abelard has lived in the same town his entire life, although he has traveled many places on vacation or to visit relatives over the years. He has had decent grades in school, though he has never really applied himself. He prefers math and science, despite having a passion for reading and writing, and no small skill when it comes to drawing either. He has not been markedly active in sports during his life, but he has taken up fencing after entering high school. His large build might seem like a handicap, but he has reach to make up for his increased target area. In addition to his other hobbies, Abelard has been known to enjoy pen and paper RPG's, tactical miniatures wargames, full-contact reinactment fighting (Foam-padded swords, spears, axes ec.), Live-action role-playing games, and target shooting. He is not incredibly skilled in any of these hobbies, he just enjoys them.



At first, his apperance and abilities will not change, but over time he will transform, from the inside out, into a being of cybernetics and machinery. At first the changes will be easy to hide, but as his muscles, skin, eyes and hair change into cybernetic versions of themselves it will become painfully obvious he is no longer merely human.


His powers will develop as the transformation progresses, and his strength, speed, stamina, reaction time, toughness, range of senses, mental capacity etc. will all improve and expand. As his transformation continues, new parts will construct themselves inside of him opening up even more abilities, but all this comes at a cost of his humanity.

Notes and Errata

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