Acerbus Ipsemet

From Egs Mayhem

Loztein's evil alternate personality, and it's a real one to.

Officially given a name on Thursday, January eighteenth, two-thousand and seven, at four thirty-five AM by Mayhemer: Pixelnator.

He's Vengeful, Hateful, and Apparently partially Cannibalistic. (If how he's gotten revenge on Thieves shows his taste in food) Likes to fight, and bleeding others, has no honor. Enjoys stalking things, and makes Cats and other Small animals run away or hide... Except some Dogs who've chased after Loztein a couple times because of him. He also is good at hand to hand combat, Loztein is only good with a Rapier or Dagger. (Judging by Sparring etc...)

He usually only comes out when Loztein gets hit in a fight and his adrenaline gets going from that, sometimes while just running, he's very competetive, Loztein nearly had a heart attack once when running a 2 mile and Acerbus got control. He is vengeful enough to try and bite someone's hand off and stab them for stealing a Pencil.

He'll also come out some dark nights when noone's home and just start stalking around the house, usually ending up in the Garage, Loztein's room, or the Kitchen... And always finds something to eat.

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