Adam Bede

From Egs Mayhem


Brief Description

Adam is dead. And only recently so. How he died is a mystery, even to him. However, he doesn't seem eager to found out, either. And to be honest his life did suck a bit.

After coming to terms with his condition, Adam joined the Reapers, or Psychopomps, with Clare as his mentor. Then they both got bound into DOD service. I guess death sucks too.

Physical Description

Adam died in his early 20s. He had short brown hair, brown eyes and was quite a handsome caucasion guy at the time. So that's his default form. These days he normally "wears" black robes.


Adam is a very normal young man. Horny and a little on the dumb side, though not in an academical way. However, he does have some traits that stand out, namely mommy issues, alcoholism and, I'm afraid to say, a little racism.


Adam has the basic powers of a Reaper, ie, collecting souls, flight, invisibility to normals and shapeshifting. However, he has yet to learn how to make portals.

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