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Aerich is a Player Character from the Creation RP 2.0. Aerich is played by Drayco.



  • Age: 17
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair: Slightly curly dirty-blonde
  • Eyes: Light-blue

Appearance: Stands at about 6'2", weighing in at about 210 pounds, so he's just a bit on the chubby side. He doesn't look the least bit athletic, which is entirely true, and aside from a bit of tone in his legs from years of hiking up and down stairs, he has no endurance to speak of. He has very light-blue eyes, resulting in him often having to squint a bit in bright light, and has untamed slightly curly dirty-blonde hair which poofs out a bit. He also has a small goatee on his chin.

He normally wears a t-shirt with some sort of decal on it, preference going to blues and cool colors, and some form of cargo pants. He almost always wears a blue bandana on his head to keep his hair out of his eyes, and usually wears a "photojournalist" style vest (the kind with a ridiculous amount of pockets), and he normally keeps his sketchpad in the large pocket on the back (and drawing supplies in his pockets somewhere). Oh, and he basically wears sandals year-round.


A bit distanced from most everything around him, so he tends to be a bit of the loner type. What few friends he does have though, he's very close to, and goes out of his way to help whenever possible. He's optimistic to the point it can irritate people, and empathic toward his friends to the level that he's dubbed being an "empathic chameleon". Of course, said circle of friends all are currently on the opposite side of the country. Also has quite prominent ADD, and thus an extreme tendency to daydream and draw in class.


Lives a quiet life with his parents and younger sister. Is close to his family despite spending almost all of his free time in his room on the computer. Recently moved from across the country (not sure where exactly they'll be now), this is his first school year in this new town, and due to his reclusive nature hasn't made any friends yet.

Spends most of his time drawing, playing video games, or on the internet.



Height and overall mass won't change, but he'll become thinner, a bit more toned, almost superhumanly strong and athletic, and grow a prehenstile draconic tail (which will likely take practice to use) and greenish scales over much of his body, along with his feet each having only four toes and both his hands and feet becoming clawed. His pupils will fade into his irises almost entirely, his hair will become a bit straighter and more golden-blonde, and his teeth will become a bit more fanglike. He'll also have retractable draconic wings, but it'll likely take him a while to figure out how to retract and sprout them, as well as how to plain out work them.

The powers he got, listed above, were a side effect of his transformation being incomplete. Upon recapture, he gained the true power he was supposed to have, shapeshifting. He can use DNA stored in his body to turn into various humanoid forms, and can gain additional DNA data to use by ingesting the blood of whatever he wants to turn into.


Other than visible physical changes, he can breath out bluish-white-hot flames, become effectively fireproof and much more tolerant to heat, and he has the ability to "switch" his eyes to see the spectrum of heat-vision. Again, like with the wings, there isn't exactly an instruction manual for the firebreath or the heat-vision, so he'll have to figure those out on his own.

With his powers fully completed, he still retains the ability to breathe fire due to the effective fusion reactor in his torso. The flames are VERY hot, and still have a bluish hue. He is naturally immune to heat and fire both inside and out (thankfully). He has the ability to see heat signatures, however his author can't remember if he even knows how to use it.

He also has minor regeneration, but it's fairly slow-acting. He can recover from most injuries inside a week without medical attention, however major loss of blood is still a danger. He can entrely regrow lost body parts, but it'd take well over a month to do so.

Notes and Errata

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