Aforementioned Mountain

From Egs Mayhem

The Aforementioned Mountain is a monolithic heap of rock and dirt lurking somewhere in the OOCZone. It is inhabited primarily by OOCMe, though there's usually a member of Lemurteam there. The cavernous innards of the Mountain are inhabited by Labyrinth-esque goblins, including the Goblin King. The Mountain's slopes are steep and craggy, and often covered with sparse vegetation. Its peak is high enough that it's usually capped in clouds, and any who climb high enough to reach it find themselves gazing upon the placid fields of Paradise, whose properties extend to the upper reaches of the Mountain.

The Aforementioned Mountain has displayed an extremely limited sort of sentience, primarily in leaping upon OOCMe when he didn't suspect it and chaining him to its root, but once in defending itself from assault (by transforming into a spire of jagged black rock a la Mount Doom). It's a living symbol of the responsibilities of Real Life keeping VOR away from the computer, willingly or unwillingly.

The Mountain, like most fixed locations in the OOCZone, is a nebulous creature when it comes to continuity. Eternaljwh's forces waged war on it at one point in time, and succeeded in getting about two-thirds of the way to Paradise before they were repelled. To date, this is the only example of the Mountain actually appearing in a storyline canonical to actual characters, but the Mountain can sometimes be seen in the distance from the tops of the mountains making up the Romantically Picturesque Mountains range in LPW.

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