Alex Stark

From Egs Mayhem

by nokvok

Name: Feline (or Airman?) Alex Stark
Age: 25
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Job: Marine, Feline (or airman? not sure which it would be), Ship guard. Defending the ship from possible boardings, aiding the security with hard cases and in general caring for a secure and ordered feeling on board.
Theme Song: Responsibility by MxPx

Appearance: Alex is about 6'4 and obviously fit. His hair is brown and for practical reason short. Dark brown eyes and a nice tan add to the handsomeness of his face. For that fact he often is put at representative duties, like the bridge watch or honorably guards for important visitors from the other ship. When not in duty, he tends to wear simple button up shirts and shorts along with sandals. It looks a little beachy.

Personality: Alex is generally cheerful, chummy guy, loving the fun side of live as balancing element to his more serious job. He likes to experiment with new things, so about every other week he find a new hobby to try. Cooking, painting, computer games... at the moment he is learning to play the violin.
The Zen-like philosophy is fix part of his live, though he likes to keep it private.
He's Relationship-resistant, though that doesn't stop him from trying his luck with the ladies. And he's not too unsuccessful.

Skills: Alex is a trained Marine and a such knows how to shoot and fight. He's a good Marine, but not the best in either category. To his training counts the usage of vacc suits and movement in Zero G and Vacuum.
All in all he is rather a Jack of all trades, but with no skill being exceptional.

Background: Alex Stark is no one special. Born to normal Parents raised as normal kid, joining the Militants for no special reason. Always having lots of friends.
He didn't rue this decision, he likes his job and his live so far.

Other Important Facts: - His Parents are regularly urging him to find a girl to marry.
- There are a few Ex-girlfriends who are kind of not fond of him, and he usually tries to avoid them.
- Due to his duty roster and open personality, his circle of friends is in constant flow, friends come friends go.

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