Alexandra Panidra

From Egs Mayhem

by nokvok

Name: Alexandra Panidra (Alex or Pan)
Age: 23
Gender: female

Appearance: 5'8"; 144lbs; Long red hair, usually stuck up to a knot with a golden hair-needle; green eyes. Muscular but not athletic. She is not the beauty queen, but not the swamp monster either. She barely uses Make up and mostly wears Shirts and Jeans, sometimes topped with a selfmade wool jacket. A large Silver amulet showing a Goeats head and a snake as well as various silver rings and and bronze arm rings make her appear someone Punkish.

Powers: A raised witch*, she recently discovered that she indeed held strange powers: She is able to conduit several Rituals and spells: - A Spell (1-2 Seconds) which blinds for a few seconds. - A Spell (1-2 Seconds) which forces the Victim to Immediately follow one short order (i.g. "Drop it!", "Freeze!" or "Duck!"). It is a reflex only, the Victim never looses its free will. - A Spell (3-5 Seconds) which induces Pain (mild/medium, quite resistable) - A Spell (4-7 Seconds) which induces Sleep (Normal, but dreamless sleep, sleeping persons are easily awoken with mundane means) - A Spell (10-12 Seconds) which reveals the Victims most surfaced Thoughts to the witch. - A mini-Ritual (20-25 Seconds, requires a stone) which causes the Victims Muscles to painfully contract so that he is unable to move but free to talk and percive. - A small Ritual (2-3 Minutes, requires hair, fingernails or blood from the target) which allows to determine a Persons whereabout, the further away the harder and the more unprecise the Ritual gets (10 miles is easy, 1000 is really hard, 10000 quite impossible). - A Ritual (10-12 Minutes, requires the Victim to be present) which purges the Victims Memories of a certain amounf of time (i.g. "the last 2 days"), no specific Memories can be erased (thus not "Everything you saw here"). - A Large Ritual (2-3 hours, Requires the Targets to be present) which protects or purges the bewitched from Mental influence like Hypnosis, Mind spells or Mind altering drugs! The Protection lasts 33 hours.

All those spells have in common that they could be warded off with enough will power, allthought that is very very hard. Of course that is not really magic, but a form of Telepathy which she channels this way. She is constantly working on finding more spells and rituals, allthought this prooved to be hard work.

Background: Alexandra was born and raised in Northern Germany by her mother and Grandmother, both "witches" of an old pagan faith which resolves around the power of the Human mind. There were no problems concerning her believes since her Mother told her early not to talk too much about it. All in all she lived a normal youth, with all the little dramas and joys. At the age of 19 she took part in an student exchange and went to the USA. Quickly finding friends she did well and prolonged the exchange. It was a year ago when her gift began to minifest.. It started insuspicious with a blinded Mugger, but quickly became apperant when she let her room mate sleep through the afternoon and drop a hated girl in pain, just pay saying the spells she allways had used with no effect before. Of course rumors spread, a few called it "cool", but even more were afraid. It took some weeks until Aesir confronted her and asked if they could perform some test and offered her a possibility to train and controll her abilities... Alexandra curious and indeed a bit lost which such kind of powers agreed and after she finished her Exam (Computer Sience) with an average she agreed to spare some time on the Blue Valkyre... that was only a few weeks ago,

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