Alisa Monroe

From Egs Mayhem

by nokvok

Name: Alisa Monroe
Gender: Female
Ager: 24
Biometrics: Hight: 5'6, Weight: 130 lbs, Eyes: Gray, Complexion: Pale
Appearance: Short, black hair. Sportive-muscular build. High cheek bones, small nose. Averagely attractive.

Alisa tends to keep her thoughts and feelings to herself and interacts with others mostly through the means of etiquette and social rituals, for that she learned to be a cunning liar and to be sensitive for other people's intentions. What does break through most often is a severe case of Individualism. She has troubles not to voice her opinion on orders which she deems senseless or to hold back when she thinks a small personal risk can make a difference. All in all she is not a nice person and mostly concerned with herself, she is not overly bad either, though. and she knows well enough to behave and what other people's expectations are.

Intelligence: High, Dexterity: High, Strength: Average, Constitution: Average

Tonfa, Judo, Katar, Demolitions, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Grenade Launcher, Throwing, Driving light Ground vehicles, Liquid Projectors, Crewman for Spaceships, Environmental suit, Basic Soldier training.

Alisa was born and raised in Olympia, her father was Space Marine (like her Grandfather) and KIA when she was twelve. Her three elder brothers were not interested in continuing the military tradition and instead got ordinary jobs. Alisa however always had been very fond of the military and eventually joined. After the basic training she got further training as demolition expert. Her Combat training is appropriately kept to light weapons. The Tonfa and Judo grips and throws take advantage of Alisa's dexterity and mental flexibility, allowing her to counter, pin and restrain her opponents. The Katar is mainly used for a finishing thrust.
Her Grenade launcher (a 60mm single shot muzzle loader) can shot a variety of grenades, Smoke, Shrapnel, HE, Bean bags, grease, glue gobblers etc. She carries a selection of those heavy grenades in her back depending on which kind of Mission she is on.

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